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Marnies Welt

low budget but charming
I saw the movie the first time at the International Animation Film Festival in Annecy 2018. This fun trip had me and the audience laughing and giggling throughout (apart from some sad moments in the middle). Last week I took my sons to see it with them together. They also enjoyed it and we give this one a thumbs-up. It's not the acme of computer animation (it's a german low-budget-film) but immensly charming and entertaining and the texture looks amazing in the close ups. Definitely worth watching for everybody who likes "Paddington" or "Wallace&Gromit".

Missing Link

Actually I like stop motion films, but this one didn't catch me. Missing Link is plagued by over-simplified caricatures of protagonists and even worse antagonists. The lack of depth reaches into its comedy too, with a joke repertoire that seems to restate itself over and over again. The first act introduced some interesting characters and had some funny moments, but by the end I was fairly disappointed because there was no growth from there. The impressive stop-motion animation was brilliant, but the combination with CGI destroyed the specific charme of handmade stopmotion.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Did we see the same movie? Why all these bad reviews? I was pleasantly surprised of this film after the disappointing first part. It took the trailer funnies and expanded on them. There's your expected internet jokes and memes, all integrated well into the retro characters from your favorite video games. The part, however, that really stuck out to me was the amazing story underneath all the humor. Movie tells a heartfelt tale of friendship, letting go, and the true bonds we make with those we love. Also loved how all the extra characters from other games and films were integrated in without damaging their respective stories and/or morals previously established.

Christopher Robin

back to childhood memories
I loved Winnie Pooh since I was a little girl. This movie bring me back to childhood memories and gave me a sort of nostalgic feeling. It made me think about a lot of things. The script is very well written and the stuffed animals are really cute. Pooh reminded me, that there is more to life than working forever and that doing nothing often loads to the very best kid of something.

Incredibles 2

boring 200 million dollar trash
I am not a fan of these us-american superhero stories. Little boys may like this and aduld but simple minds, who enjoy to be a superhero for two hours to compensate their tiny whatever. I hoped my kids will like it, but it didn't touch them too. It had some charming moments but as a whole I felt, that I have seen similar variations of this stuff several times before. The story is too predictable and I really hate it, when the showdown is much too long, that's boring. And all this is animated in stunning 200 Million Dollar perfection. Expensive trash.


This movie didn't touch me. The story is boring and the characters are not catchy enough. Only the Animation is amazing, but that is not enough to have fun with the whole family.

Early Man

no sports please
To me there was definitely too much of this soccer theme. Some funny jokes but mostly lame slapstick humor. For adults the story is a bit predictable and generic. Not the best Aardman movie but the stop motion animation is excellent as always.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

not funny
This is a really poor slapstick comedy. - The story is boring and predictable with mostly flat and unfunny jokes. The only good thing is the proven distinctive animation. But that's the minimum we can expect of a 80 million dollar production.

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