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Best thing I've seen on Netflix in a while.
If you don't mind subtitles, this show is excellent. The lead character oozes charisma, the stories are interesting and well-told, and a mystery drives everything. It's everything I love in a show, and you will too!

Ted Lasso

Surprisingly Fantastic!
When I saw the ad for this show I thought I would check it out because I was a soccer fan. I wasn't expecting much but a screwball comedy, but thought it might be ok. I was SO wrong. This show gets better every episode. The show kind of "sneaks up on you" with its quality. You find yourself rooting hard for Ted, the incurable optimist, as he tries to positively impact the cynics around him. In a world without a whole lot of optimism, this show is a breath of fresh air. I can't wait to see the rest of season 1 and look forward to more seasons. Bravo!

La casa de papel

Best show since Breaking Bad?
Every now and then a show slaps you in the face and says, "I'm great! You MUST watch me!" This is such a show. From the very first episode of season 1 you will be hooked into the intricate, fantastic plotting. The action is fantastic, but as the show grows it is the relationships that give it such ongoing force. Every actor/actress is marvelous. Hard, funny, impulsive, vulnerable in turns. It just grabs you and doesn't let go. I thought that it couldn't get better after season 2 then it DID! Wow. If this had been an American show it would have won dozens of Emmys. Just try it. You'll be glad you did.


TV Show that is Oscar quality
I have just finished watching the final episode of Broadchurch and I must say it is some of the best television drama I have seen in the last 5 years. Everything about this show is top-notch. The writing and acting are excellent (even though I did not know any of the actors). If this were a Hollywood movie, I would say that at least three roles deserve Oscars: The mother of the murdered child, and both detectives. The cinematography of the setting of a seaside town is gorgeous. The music is some of the best and most haunting TV music I have heard. It matches the emotion perfectly throughout all 8 episodes. I don't remember a TV series in which I was taken on such an emotional ride. The viewer is made to feel the grief, despair, betrayal, anger, rage, disbelief, paranoia, enduring love, and hope to the same degree that the characters experience them. Any viewer, especially those who have children, will be moved by this story. The emotional payoff in the final episode was like a punch to the gut. If you like TV that "stays with you" for a while, I highly recommend you make the investment in this show.

Ray Donovan

Best family drama since The Sopranos?
I watched the first episode of Ray Donovan without knowing much about the plot or characters. Liev Schrieber is fantastic in the lead role and is reminiscent of Tony Soprano in that he is a dark, violent lead male under constant stress who is protective and nurturing of those he loves, while at the same time projecting an aura of violence and danger to those who would cross him. One scene, where Ray menaces a man who double-crosses him is particularly chilling. The supporting characters are also very solid. Paula Malcomson, (Ray's wife Abby) under-utilized in Deadwood is here allowed to flex her acting muscles in several scenes with Schreiber. Also in the show is the great Jon Voigt, who plays Ray's father. The conflict between them is set up right away in this first episode and one senses an Oedipal confrontation coming somewhere down the line. Most series start out weak and get better as the show grows and develops. This show, however, started out with a bang. If it gets BETTER it will very soon be the best show on television.


An underrated great film
This film is not just my favorite war movie, but my favorite film, period. This is not so much a war movie as it is a movie that explores the yearning of a downtrodden people to fight and die for a cause in which they, too believe. There are 5 or 6 scenes in the film that are sublime. The scene in which Shaw (Matthew Broderick) and Tripp (Denzel Washington) discuss carrying the regimental flag is understated brilliance. Another scene in which the 54th march to battle between the white soldiers and earn their cheers chokes me up every time I watch it. If you have not seen this movie before, you have missed a hidden gem. Make a point to see it UNCUT and you won't be disappointed.

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