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Cold Canadian Crime series
Based on Giles Blunt's crime thriller novel series. The TV series has done great justice to the novels. Now that it's wrapped up, I feel empty. There won't be any more Cardinal and Lise to watch. The final series was fitting finale. Billy Campbell with his somber portrayal of detective Cardinal has done a great job here. Loved Karine as the no-nonsense, cool headed detective Lise. I can't imagine this series without them. Gonna binge watch the entire 4 seasons..

Thank You

Perfect drama with a social message
I first watched this drama after I became Jang Hyuk fan.. This is one of my favorites of all times. Fell in love with cute Bom who is an innocent child with HIV. This series showed us the hardships faced by families with Aids, the perfect redemption of Min Ki Seo when he enters Bom's life. It's a beautiful emotional drama. I loved it so much.. Have watched it so many times. The title theme of gumapsumeida is a tear jerker with its deep meaning. Gong hye jin as always shines in this. She is one of the best Korean actresses and most of her dramas have a social message. Kudos to her for doing such dramas where you tackle sensitive matters like single motherhood, aids. A must watch.

Seulgiroun Euisasaenghal

A light hearted life story
Life's definition is very different for every one. In this drama we get to meet 5 characters who have been friends since medical school. Unlike the other medical drama which usually go for dramatic, suspenseful and depressing tone, this drama went for a light, musical feel. It's a success. This show hits all the right notes with its ensemble cast of musical actors, best direction and great script. So what if the series has no specific theme to it? How will it be different from other kdramas then? The series derives its distinct identity in this only.. It tells several mini stories through the eyes of these 5 characters. Loved their musical jamming. I felt envious that I never got to make such a gang of friends. Can't wait to see season 2. Shin won ho has done it again. Exceeded all expectations.. After all he has given us the Reply series, and Prison Playbook. Aloha... 😘😍


Stellar revenge drama
I love Jang Hyuk and became a fan after watching his dramas like Thank you, Beautiful Mind and Fated to love you. Initially I was reluctant to watch Money Flower as it was a revenge drama and that is not my cup of tea. However, when I started watching it, I must say I was blown away by the acting prowess of Jang Hyuk and Lee Mi Sook. It must be said here that Jang Hyuk is terribly underrated in Korean dramas. This man has such a broad acting spectrum. Through out his drama career he has done a variety of roles with perfection - comedy, action, thriller, melo. Money Flower was a series where he shone the most. As it was in this series he portrayed his feelings with his eyes.. It was only in his eyes you could see the anger, grief, despair, and need for vengeance.. The entire time when keeps his identity concealed he is walking around with a mask on his face. Never allowing anybody to see his real self. A character so driven to seek revenge that he uses his love to accomplish that. Money Flower had it all. Stellar acting by the cast, great direction, haunting soundtrack. The script may have been a bit flawed but the loose ends were nicely tied. This series is a must watch for the kdrama lovers.

Naui Ajusshi

A True depiction of human lives
My mister has to be one of the best kdramas of all the time with the perfect script, dialogs, acting and music. This show makes you believe in all the good there is in this world. Park Dong Hoon and lee ji an are actual people surviving and living their lives. There was nothing fictional about this drama. Each and every character here is based on actual people. Each episode is a tearjerker and the OST will leave you feeling very emotional. However, it also teaches the values of lives which many of us tend to either forget or ignore. Koreans do really know how to make life stories and I bet no other industry does it better than them. Kudos to the entire team involved in this drama. Thank you.


Myriad of emotions
This has been of the best Korean dramas. This show has done perfect justice to portraying human lives. The journey of life and death has been depicted with delicate beauty. Each episode leaves you feeling emotional and so in tune with life that you become even more grateful. The lead pair's chemistry is just beautiful. The slow burning romance of moon cha young and lee kang with beautiful cinematography and lovely OST is just like 🍫. This drama lives up to its name in every essence. A must watch of you tend to like intensely emotional drama.

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