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The Drop

Brooklyn underworld
It is a crime drama devoid of action of any kind. It's more character driven. Director is to be applauded for giving a crime drama without usual dose of gun , bare knuckle fight scenes. Tom Hardy is the present day Charles Bronson. His rugged looks and eyes do the rest. Though I am a lover of aderline pumping action movies, I watched this movie fully because all the lead actors gave excellent performances. Animal lovers will give thumbs up for the film.

When a Stranger Calls

Decent predictable thriller
Simon West has given us a clieched' thriller . However, this is movie does not have bad language, even though involves teenager does not have any inappropriate visuals and hardcore violence. Camille Belle is a pretty young teenager asked to babysit children of a wealthy couple and goes through a horrible night with a manaic stalker. The reason for targetting this young girl might be ransom; but the ending is somewhat done in a hurry. Simon West could have made this thriller much better given the scope. Saving grace the movie does not drag.

Battle: Los Angeles

Visually thrilling
In the lines of Schwarzenegger's super hit " Predator " a good sci fi action thriller. However shaky camera has been annoying and I have literally cursed Paul Greengrass for introducing shaky camera and quick cuts which is followed by few other film makers. This is the only reason I am giving 5.

The Marine 3: Homefront

Better than expected
One of the good B grade action movies . With less profanity and controlled violence, this movie does not stray from the main story line. An antagonist felt wronged by the Corporate system turns into violent rage targeting rich . I wonder how SWAT team easily gets shot by bad guys they are supposed to undergo training to maneuver however fall easy prey to bullets. Mike the Mitz is good. There are couple of intense hand to hand combat scenes . Scott Wiper has given a watchable action thriller with shoe string budget. There is no sex which comes as a breather . Technically well made.


Think twice before honking impatiently
This movie's average performance may be attributed to release time when Covid 19 scared the hell out of people whereas this movie is scarier . Russell Crowe is brilliant portraying the disturbed violent man and at slight instigation, the devil in him manifests to the extent that lives do not matter. What began as a little harsh exchange of words turned into a deadly nightmare for a single mother with her boy despite the little fellow warns her mother but in vain . Road rage does not exclude literate or illiterate because it brings out the beast in you. The only minor flaw when Crowe's character is going on violent killing spree, Police do not seem to act swiftly in spite of high tech communication and tracking devices we have. The main 3 characters, the man, scared mother and her little son give excellent performances. Russell Crowe's eyes are truly menacing.


Highly underrated master piece
I don't know how many times I watched this movie. But everytime I found something new. It is highly unfortunate that this movie was not appreciated to the extent it should have been and it is really puzzling its poor box office performance . Does our audience lack sense of fairness and ethics in appreciating a story which tells us how inhumane we had become and tries to bring hope amidst all the injustice happening around us. It has so much relevance to present day affairs. Rosemund Pike deserves an oscar for her outstanding performance and Christian Bale, Wes Studi and each member of supporting cast became the characters themselves as such there is no artificiality in their performances. Director Scot Cooper can never think of making another thought provoking one like this. His earlier " Out of Furnace " had substance ; however this one is unmatched. Technically very well made. For cinema lovers, this movie is a treasure which has strong characters like " Blood Diamond " " Last Samurai ". Can we wish another collaboration between Cooper and Bale ?


A brilliant political contemporary thought
I fail to understand why this outstanding movie was not a box office hit. How, a political thought or ideology make an individual loose one's values can not be better brought out than in this movie. And the world is still addicted to misplaced loyalities.

The Hard Corps

Though I am a fan of Jean Claude Van Damme, his recent outings except Expendables 2 and Enemies Closer have been regrettably disappointing. After watching first 10 minutes of the movie, I wished movie would end soon. Van Damme, who treated us with electrifying fight scenes in movies like No where to Run, Universal Soldier, Hard Target, Maximum Risk , The Quest etc. , is slow in action sequences and the fights look more staged . Though he is not old like the later ones, he lacks energy . He seems physically in good shape ; but struggles in action quotient. If you are not a die hard fan of Van Damme, you can safely skip this.

Hard Target 2

Scott has tons of potential but under utilised
Jean claude van damme hunts the hunters. This sequel the protagonist himself becomes the hunted. Filmed in lush forests of South East Asian jungles, this movie has moments of thrills and Scott Atkins not only has good physique and acrobatic talents but is capable of giving convincing performances. He has yet to get a solid good action story like A listed actors i..e., Liam Neeson, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Matt Damon etc. Hollywood, I feel, is still under utilising this actor's potential. I wish him he would get solid stories to showcase his combat skills.

The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Musgrave Ritual
Episode 4, Season 1

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle a master of all subjects
Another brilliant story brought to screen by Jeremy Paul's good screen play. Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke are one of the few pairs who have fantanstic on screen chemistry and being a huge fan of them both, my appreciation will be superlative degrees only. Here we have a dose puzzle and Mathematics which makes another interesting story among " who done it " type of stories. I personally feel " Return of Sherlock Holmes " being the best among other seasons.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Crooked Man
Episode 5, Season 1

Is Sherlock Holmes agonostic?
Jealousy can ruin both perpetrator and victim - a well told story of human's basic instinct of jealousy . We see character of Sherlock Holmes a cold man without emotions but of high intellect. Whether he believes in God or not has never been revealed and it is subtly given to our understanding that he is aware of Scriptures which we can see at the closing of this episode he tells Dr . Watson to refer II Book of Samuel. In another story, he tells a man " there is a upper court where you will be answerable to your deeds". This story has also pitiable victim . An interesting character study is Sherlock Holmes though fictional it unfolds lot of human dimensions. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with his experience in India brilliantly incorporates his Indian experiences into some of his stories . A tons of appreciation to be given for Production Designer who gives us 18 th century furniture , streets, people , society etc in a very believable fashion.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Greek Interpreter
Episode 2, Season 2

Is Holmes justified of his prejudice against women?
A chilling story where greed and infatuation can lead to cold blooded murder of an innocent man. We see true stories crimes of passion frequently where both man and woman resorting to unimaginable cruelty for the sake of adultery - killing members of their own family. But it is astonishing to find such things did happen in 18 th century. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote several stories based on the events happened during his time. Since I am a die hard fan of Mr. Brett , it will be a cliche' admiring his work. But Mr.Charles Gray - Bond Villain - has been convincingly impressive of playing Sherlock's brother Mycroft and he proves he is no less than his on screen brother of Sherlock Holmes .

The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Six Napoleons
Episode 7, Season 1

Human side of Holmes
This is one of the very best performances by Mr. Jeremy Brett. We usually see Sherlock Holmes cold as ice with no emotions to the persons involved in any case and merely treats them as subjects. However, human side of Holmes surfaces at the end of this episode when Inspector Lestrade Played nicely by Mr. Colin Jeavons admires him from the bottom of his heart that moves Holmes almost to watery eyes. Many have played Sherlock Holmes ; but Mr. Brett lived Sherlock Holmes with equal contribution by Mr. Edward Hardwicke as Dr. Watson and their on screen chemistry was flawless. I understand in real life too, they were good friends.

Gangster Squad

Old school action movie.
The world would be a better place if we have Police officers like John O Mara and his team with a non corrupt Chief Bill Parker who beats all the odds and gives free hand to a team of honest and dedicated cops. Period setting is worth mentioning. Josh Brolin as a tough Sarge delivers good performance and so are other actors in their respective roles. Action sequences are well executed and especially the climax fight between John o Mara and Micky Cohen is brutal and realistic. Stunt Coordinator Doug Coleman has done his job credibly . Director Ruben Fleischer has given us a good movie . It is unfortunate even in those days some police and Judiciary are corrupt . Technically very well made.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Ever energetic Tom Cruise
A mile stone in Cruise's action movies. Proceedings do not drag. There is humour, good action scenes, breathtaking photography and death defying stunt scenes especially Tom Cruise climbing Khalifa towers. Paula Patton , Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg are quite a team . Though the climax a bit over stretched it does not derail the thrill. The stupendous success of this movie set of interesting sequels with Tom Cruise doing "impossible" stunts mostly by himself. Man age does not deter him from dare devilry. Had Paula Patton and Jeremy Renner appeared in subsequent sequels, it would have been treat. However , Rebecca Fergusson compensates their absence.

The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes: The Illustrious Client
Episode 5, Season 1

Humane side of Holmes
No one can replace Mr.Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holms with his eccentric mannerism of an intellect and Mr. Edward Hardwicke who shared best on screen chemistry as Dr. Watson . Baron Gruger the actor played with perfection sophistication obscuring his lustful sadism. Though this case is not challenge to Holmes' wisdom , he utilises his rapport with underdogs to help his case which is refreshing to see his character not ultra super intelligent but smart. The way he shows his emotions to Kitty in his own way conveys a softer side of Holmes which he deliberately hides. An excellent character study and it is enjoying to see Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke episodes any number of times and each time we find something new in Mr. Brett's portrayal . Surely, Mr. Brett is one of the best actors in the century. He lived his character and so did Mr. Hardwicke.

Safe House

A very good action movie with a very bad photography
Would some one please tell DOP Mr.Oliver Wood his camera work spoils the entire movies (Bourne series )? Though Safe House reminds Bourne sometimes, it is Denzel Washington who steals the show with good supporting by Ryan Reynolds. Kudos to the entire team ( except Director of Photography ) giving an outstanding action movie. Ravi charles.

Run All Night

It was much much better than " Taken " series
I really do not understand why this movie did not fare well. Liam neesan, Joel Kinnaman and Ed Harris gave one of their best performances ever. Despite being a brutal action movie, it did have some values. Among the four Liam Neeson - Jamue collet Serra colloboration, I would rate Run all Night the best. Good camera work and effective background music. Crisp editing. Ravi Chatles.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

It does not deserve bad reviews
The first Jack Reacher might have had more grey cells. The second one is fast paced and with a huge relief, no bad language and no inappropriate scenes An old school action movie with good casting. One might have had very high expectations since Edward Zwick being the Director and might have looked forward to something like The Last Samurai and Blood Diamond. Though it did not match up to that level, it was neither disappointing. I was very apprehensive to know Oliver Wood as Director of Photography. However, his camera work did not torture us like in Bourne series. Ravi charles

Jason Bourne

Bad camera works mars good action piece
Yes. I do agree. Mr.Greengrass is good at giving good decent action thrillers. However, as most observe that his two earlier Jason Bourne ( Boune ultimatum and Bourne Supremacy ) movies had the most annoying camera work ( the director of Photography Oliver Wood is obsessed handy cam which irritates our eyes). Therefore, I request Mr.Greengrass if he is going to make another action movie, please focus on the camera also. Ravi Chares.

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