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A Wish for Giants

Beautiful Cinematography & Score!
This is what indie film can be! The look and direction of the film by Don Swanson is excellent and accentuated all the more by the haunting score by Mark D'Errico. The two leads, Naysa Altmeyer and Alexa Mechling, shine in their parts and Conner McClain does a nice job as Derrick considering the material he was working from as the writing is this movie's weak point. The plot around Derrick gets muddled and a lot of his dialogue is just bad, which brings me to the writer and producer, Aaron Dunbar. He gave a Q/A after the screening and managed to never really mention anybody that made his book into a movie for him; needless to say I was less than impressed. However, despite a few pitfalls, the production and cast of A Wish for Giants raises this film beyond what it easily could've been and is a shining example of what independent filmmaking can be!

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