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Basic Instinct 2

Accurate Ratings
I concur with the 4.3 rating average on here. The way the movie came on set it up for doom. Much of the dialogue was weak. Too many years passed to do a good part 2 to this movie. Luckily it was only $2, which is more than the movie is worth by about 88 cent.

Midsomer Murders

A Catchy Description
Got suckered in by the description. Good thing the movie was only $2 so if I toss it into the burning fire it won't be that great of a loss. The background music and entire atmosphere reminded me of Benny Hill. It wasn't impressive at all.

In the Cut

Catchy Logline
The logline makes you think this movie is awesome and the only thing awesome is the logline. It does get good at the end but it takes too long to get good, and all of the slow/bad you have to endure outweighs the interesting parts. The characters were poorly developed. The sisters' relationship was weird, hinging on the taboo. Meg Ryan looked dirty and funky throughout the movie, as well as her sister. The relationship with the student made no sense. The attempts at racial slugs made no sense, particularly since the movie was so subpar. I was actually surprised Mark Ruffalo took on such a disappointing role.

In the Tall Grass

The boy said, "Hey, are you coming?" And I went and watched it and shouldn't have...


Good but really bad
This is one of those bad shows that you still have to finish each episode. The idea was good but the execution was horrible. That includes the writing, the casting, the acting, and the annoying dream flashbacks that were supposed to be symbolic but were merely a nuisance.

American Son

Straight Outta Creativity
This movie/play was dumb and dumber.

That is the end of my review--have to keep it thin and without much content or thought, just like this alleged movie.

A Fall from Grace

Hire Some Wriiters Now Please
Of course, since it's Tyler Perry, a certain group of dedicated loyals will flock to watch anything he puts out and say that it was great, when in actuality, few of his product can even knock on the door of being labeled great or even good. A Fall From Grace is right up the TP alley. The acting was pretty subpar. Grace acting was good until too much emotion had to be displayed, and she failed horribly. The lawyer was just pitiful.

The storyline was all over the place once he tried to throw in a twist, and it didn't make sense and lacked any type of cohesion. This is the prime reason TP needs to hire writers; he's not a good writer at all, and popularity doesn't mean good.

He's the black representation in Hollywood right now and as long as black people think this mediocre work is good, we will never get any real movies of substance. The ending was a storyline for an entirely different movie, so it really failed at being a plot twist.

Did anyone catch the shade he threw on millennials though? Maybe that's why the lawyer was so inept, lol.


Jus' Turrible
Man, they know they shouldn't have made this movie.

In the infamous words of Charles Barkley, "Jus' Turrible!"

I Spit on Your Grave 2

Not as Good Watching the 2nd Time
The first time I watched it I feel in love with the movie. The second time, not so much. It's still a good movie but Jemma Dallender is really aggravating to suffer through when she screams/raises her voice. They should have chosen a better actress. There is a more haunting storyline over the first, but it doesn't add up because of the poor acting job by Jemma.

You're Next

Hope Not
The final girl trope is so played out. We know who's going to not be next early on. Duh. Cop shoots her and she still lives. The twists were supposed to be shocking but were elementary. So was the acting, elementary. Such a sucky movie.

Girl, Interrupted

I don't even know if the rest of the movie is good. The first 30 + minutes were unbearable and I just refuse to waste time watching another entire movie that isn't worth it. It's boring as heck, from scene to scene. They tried to have Jolie acting crazy to liven it up and it didn't work. The jumping flashbacks and flashforwards are nerve wrecking.

The Hitcher II: I've Been Waiting

By the grace of God is the Only way to Finish
By the grace of God is the only way to finish a movie like this. I'm actually amazed that I did I fact finish. Everything about this movie was just bad. The actors/casting; the acting; the suspense; the storyline; the writer; the direction; the camera angles; the settings. All bad. The hitcher didn't even have the mysterious aura t make the movie serious. Moreover, I cannot stand this final girl nonsense, esp. when the final girl is the reason everybody else dies. Maggie made her boyfriend stop and pick up a random stranger and of course he dies but she gets to live. Moreover, the movie ended so dumb. She was still guilty at the end because everybody was dead who could vouch for her innocence, which means she would be a fugitive with no defense that can hold up in a criminal court, that is unless the judge and jury show prejudice and privilege on her behalf.


A 5 for getting Through it
I give the movie a 5 because the corniness does allow you to finish. The movie is so bad that certain parts have you laughing just due to the badness. This could have easily been a 2 star. Oh yea, we are tired of the stereotype black child with no dad. We've seen it and it is not the reality of every black child so switch up the narrative. I think Marlon is now too disconnected from the black community and now his efforts will probably always fall short.

Deadly Switch

Man they tripped out
The people who wrote and produced this movie sorry. lol. It could have been a decent movie but they lose may stars for that horrible ending. I could even deal with the wack accents and other errors but that ending. I don't get why everyone is comparing the plot to Get Out, like that is the only movie where they've ever saw recruiting.

Guava Island

Couldn't have been any worse
This movie, or should I say VH1 music alleged video, just couldn't have been any worse. Glover is really not that creative a genius as people make him out to be. This movie suck!

Indecent Proposal

Indecent Movie
Movie was pretty dang boring. The moral is women want and desire money over the man and over love but she comes back because it wouldn't feel right to have an indecent woman in this Hollywood movie, though she is. And it wouldn't feel right to not have the man take her back because this movie is a fantasy. I thought I was missing something all these years and could have gone the rest of my life without seeing this boring stuff.

The Wrong Babysitter

3 for Finishing
I give it a 3 because I finished it. I don't know how I finished it either. It was part comedy, poor acting all around, poor script. It felt like some trust fund baby was bored in his room and decided he would make a movie and this is the result.

Beneath the Leaves

Beneath Me
Beneath the Leaves is beneath me. The actors aren't that good but the entire plot is simple but confusing, confusing because it's uninteresting, uninteresting because it has no real point.


Fav Serial Killer Movie
This has to be my favorite serial killer movie. An excellent execution of setting and mood, building up fear and anxiety. I've watched it many times. I must admit, it might be a little boring at times but it's a good boring that keeps you focused instead of losing focus. Good cast as well, even the young and old Michael Mageau was a good casting job.

Uptown Saturday Night

The Combo
The combo of Poitier and Cosby is in some sense, untouchable, as portrayed in Uptown Saturday Night. Cosby is a genius when it comes to comedy mixed with an element of drama and thriller.

Let's Do It Again

A pure classic. Bill Cosby always keeps the laughs and storytelling coming. It's no difference for this movie. Oh, and it doesn't hurt to have the beautiful Denise Nicholas either. Very funny and enjoyable movie. Put it in your collection if you are a true movie buff.

All About the Benjamins

Epps in his Prime
This is Mike Epps in his prime. I believe his best work, like Tucker in Money Talks. Sometimes you just have it for a movie and they had it for this one.

Money Talks

Best Work
I think this is Chris Tucker's funniest movie, even funnier than Friday. He was hilarious in here from the beginning.


Black Mafia
Because Hollywood and America only glorify nonblack gangstas, this movie was a must and long overdue. The Madame Queen's story needs to be told over and over again.

Oprah Winfrey Presents: When They See Us Now

The interview skills of Oprah was very mediocre on here, almost childish. All she kept doing is asking 11 year old type questions and saying mmhmm, ok. Didn't even really need the cast on their, only the real Central Park 5. Seeing them on stage, it becomes even more apparent of how the system messed them up mentally. Oprah interview gets a negative 8, Ava's presence a negative 4, the movie cast a negative 2, but the real individuals brings it up to a score of 4.

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