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I enjoyed it.
I see so many bad reviews. I enjoyed the movie, it kept me interested so I had the intrigue for what was going to be the ending. Madeline did a great performance, and it's a different type of story. An original one. It has a touch of weird, uncomfortable and totally entertaining. It's a movie you'll definitely be thinking about it at least for a day.


Long. Boring. Unnecessary
I couldn't wait to get out of the cinema. I'd ask for my money back if I could. Boring and all of the times it happens the same. Yawn.


I watched all in 2 days
There was something about the serie, that kept me interested into watching it. Can't tell what, but all the time I was expecting something to happen, but honestly NOTHING happen. Some scenes were way too long without any reason, it was slow and I found out a lot of times talking heads. No interesting dialogs. Some actors were good but I didn't fall in love with any of them because it felt like they didn't even care about their role. Really predictable all of their characters. Also I got really confused with that ending because it really doesn't solve anything, so I guess there's gonna be a second season. I'm totally going to watch it hoping it's better

A Star Is Born

Every single moment is so emotional. I swear... it's one of the best movies I have seen in a while. Just don't read the negative comments


Love it. Hate it.
Ok... first of all I think it was a pretty cool idea but they didn't did it in the right way. Conversations are really forced... dialogues are predictable... well, script its bad. Now coming to the acting, I didn't believe any of the actors. But I could say Samuel was the worst one. Seriously I couldn't believe any minute of his speech. But gotta say that I finished the serie in less than a week so, it HAS something or I was probably really bored.

The Nun

I almost felt sleep
Well... where to start. The scary parts were so predictable. I knew when was going to supposed scare me. Acting was pretty bad. Story was boring and slow. Nun not scary at all. Well I can't recommend anything from it. In most of the supposed to be scary times I was laughing 🤔 don't recommend it at all

The Spy Who Dumped Me

I was waiting for the movie to finish so I could finally leave
Sorry but it was everything too predictable. I knew how everything was going to happen. Just laughed once or twice in the whole movie. Too long. Dialogues were poor... actress didn't even believe what they were saying. Waste of money and time ... feel bad because I truly like Mila kunis

I Feel Pretty

What??? A 4.7?!!
It's an original movie, we and all the cinema seriously couldn't stop laughing in all the movie. I can't get how this movie has this low rate.

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