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Light from the Tower

As Bad as a High School Student Film
Please do not believe all the 9's & 10's. I really hate it when the crew tries to make a terrible movie look great. This was beyond amateurish, on level with student films you see online. Acting was from people who acted like they were never in front of the camera before and could barely remember their lines. I think the movie they were trying to make would have been much better than this. If you ignore this warning you will lose an 1:15 you will never get back.

Hold Your Breath

Silly and horribly written
Guy has tree trunk shoved through eye and brain.... "You OK Son? ... Hang in there"... I think that sums this movie up completely.

The Viking War

Should be called "Viking After School Squabble"
I've seen much better costumes at Renaissance fairs. The actors themselves were pretty good, its just that putting dirt and mud all over ones face and acting like a child does not a Viking make. It actually had a decent story line. I dont see what constitutes a war here, there are like 12 people in the whole movie. In all it was just too silly.


Yes it was fairly Lame, But better than many others of this genre.
I really did not think it was that bad, the acting was not that bad for amateur actors, I felt they all really gave their best, and although not great, it was a good start for them. I think people just didnt like them using the similar monster from the abyss - But I dont see any issues with that. I guess this is based on some old Spanish legend, and it was pretty weak but I have seen a lot worse many times. It did hold my interest through most of the movie, and there were times I rolled my eyes because there were some stupid moments, but nothing that i would condemn this film for. For a low budget film, it was actually pretty refreshing. If you watch a lot of low budget films, this one might be worth the while. The actors were pretty good looking, the leading lady was pretty sexy too, which helped a bit too!


Really Terrific show that was going places.. except for CBS's inept thinkers
What a bunch of lunkheads at CBS, they seem to get a great idea, then if it is a smart, intelligent and really great show they cancel it. I though that the Globalists were trying to dumb us all own, but it looks like CBS beat us to it.

No sense is saying how great this show is (or was..), since it just ended even after it was really picking up speed, whoever the idiot was that canceled this show, he should be a working as a garbage collector, not making decisions for others. Totally inept people like this person in charge of entertainment is why entertainment is such garbage today.

If you want to see a really great show that no longer has an ending, this is the one to watch.


At least this movie gave some jobs to struggling actors!
I'm going out on a limb and giving this 4 stars. The story wasn't terrible, the acting was bad, but that happens a lot with nooby actors. I've seen a lot worse, so I at least appreciate the work everyone did, even if it turned out as poor as this is. There were some decent scenes that keep my interest, but not many.

It was just really funny how one guy could sit right in the line of fire, and 5 guys with guns were plastering the wall (and doing NO damage!) right next to him.....(While he cut a few of them down). Or the guy chopping up someone, and NO blood anywhere, even on the machete! hahahah!

Aside from that, if you can stomach low budget, silly scifi movies with really poor fight scenes and dumb lines, go for it!

Darkest Day

After watching this, I sympathize with the zombies
As everyone else said, poor everything..... I think a group of high school kids with a cell phone camera could do almost as good. But I give some credit to the actors for giving good try, guess you got to start somewhere! But watch this only if its the only thing left to watch..

The Sandman

It was a decent attempt, but very flawed
The movie has a crew of decent actors, but the whole Sandman creature was very lamely done, which really wrecked the movie. Also, throwing in superpowers was just getting silly. I give the 4 stars to the actors who really did a decent job in making a lifeless script come to some sort of life, but the really poor direction & shooting of the film, along with the silly sandman creature could not lift this attempt off the ground very far.

Future War

I can recommend a few good movies you should watch..
Definitely one of the worst of the "dino whatever" films. Not even worth a watch on a lonely night when you have nothing to do. However, Fear Not!! There are two other movies I can recommend in this dino genre to fill those lonely boring nights! "Cowboys vs Dinosaurs" and "Jurassic City" are both low budget Dino attack movies, but they are so far above this mess you will shake my hand when you see them! But definitely give this one a miss!

The Unspoken

I really like it. The ending was great!
As a ghost story it was a bit slow here and there, but it had a lot of tense and scary moments scattered throughout. I think Jodelle was a great choice, and did a great job in this film, and made it worth watching.

The ending was a complete surprise and left me thinking, which is always a good thing!. I've often wondered if ghosts or other life might just exist outside our visual spectrum of light that we can see, thus there, but not visible to us. I feel this movie kind of played on that maybe a little and made it interesting and something to contemplate on.

Definitely a good movie for a spooky night in. Its not a high budget film, but if you don't require a lavish production, it will definitely be worth watching.

Good job all!

The Sand

A Fun Horror Movie if you dont expect too much
I still dont know why, but I really liked this movie a lot. I like the actors, and the simplicity of its script made it easy to enjoy. Plus Brooke Butler is pretty hot! I liked the monster itself, the egg was freaky, and the idea that some creepy creature can come up unexpectedly and do nasty things to us helped to make this a fulfilling horror. The idea of how the monster lived was compelling, as i can imagine a creature that can live under the sand down in the ocean and catch creatures as it did.

Nice idea, and pretty well executed. Recommended.

Russian Bride

Very Poignant and truthful about this subject.
I really liked this movie, it was slow, and at times seemed contrived, but all the reality of getting 2 people together for such a commitment from such different walks of life would really take a lot of compassion, patience, preparation and a very strong willingness to make it work against all the odds.

If you ever wondered about marrying someone abroad, this can really give you a feeling of what to expect, and some things you have to deal with. The ending left me wondering, as to whether or not it was actually a good ending or not. But it was really touching to see what it can take to make a mail order bride work or fail.

2036 Origin Unknown

Really Great film! But only for people who have some intellect!
You can tell the thinkers from the non thinkers by looking at the reviews. I am guessing most of the people who left anything less than a 5 probably only watch movies akin to the transformer movies, where thinking is not required, and no intellect is really ever used.

This was a very deep, and thought provoking film. I would guess (considering all the low reviews), that most people are too lazy or incapable to want to think about what this film represents, and its implications. This is really a very well done remake of 2001, although designed to fit in with our more modern interpretation of AI and our world.

Katie did a great job, she has lost nothing of what made her performances in BSG so great. Keep up the wonderful work!

Kudos to the writers and producers for creating such a great film that covers so much and keeps you thinking and deducing. Like The Man From Earth, this movie was done so well at such a low budget. I wish hollywood was able to make something as thought provoking as these films with their big budgets.

Only watch this if you are prepared to be challenged and provoked intellectually.

The Door

Well worth a watch for a spooky mild horror film
I really liked this movie, it was very soothing at the same time built up a mass hysteria kind of horror. It wont scare you, but has a lot real Hitchcockian feel to it. If you can watch well acted sleepy thrillers, this is worth the time!


I thought this was a very good drama.
As far as movies about drug lords go, this one was pretty good. I liked the ending, it was very satisfying! The acting was great and believable, and the story was compelling. Definitely worth a watch.

I really loved the song used in the movie, "And Away We Go" by "five star carni", but I cant find that song anywhere! There is no soundtrack from the movie, wish I could get a copy of that song! The band is on My Space, but not that song....

but great movie anyway! Highly Recommended!


Really Gross - will make most people nauseated!
With every kind of body fluid and some other gross fluids dripping around, this film is a total gross out flick. Very weak story and acting, everything is quite chaotic and little is explained. Definitely cant recommend this sloppy mess unless you love gross films.

Patient Zero

Was a smart idea and held my interest until the last 15 min.
Wow, a bunch of really good actors, who did quite well for their roles, and a serious bit of sci-fi in the 28 days later genre. But the last 1/4 of the movie just got really dumb, and totally lost it. As I always say, money ruins everything it touches. I guess they started running out of both money and time (time is money), and rushed the last part and totally botched the ending. I still say the movie is totally worth a watch and a thumbs up, dont wreck the actors career for a good attempt when the direction & post production really screwed up. Still, a lot better than most of the other garbage being released in the past few years, it held my interested for most of the movie, and it is really worth a lot more than a 1 or 2/10. I give it a 7/10. Good attempt all!

Get Out

If a white director made this he would be sued for racism.
I have heard that a white person remarked when watching this in a theater, all the black people cheered when ever any white person was killed. This film portrays white people as evil racist schemers, while the blacks are heroic and so innocent. I always try to treat everyone I meet the same, with consideration, but I do not get the same in return. As innocent as this movie portrays black people as such benevolent heroes, the truth is far from what this tries to make you believe. Overall it was very well made, with really great actors, I just felt very uncomfortable while watching this that this is just part of the continuing racial war being fed on both sides. Regardless of the past, which shows that every country (including Africa) has had slavery, we need to really work on moving past this. I believe that black filmmakers are trying to keep awareness of the past alive, even though most people in the USA are not racist, its only a fraction of the most ignorant and hateful that keep this up. But the fact that this movie so blatantly makes whites look evil, only furthers the truth as to who is really the most racist in this country.

The Beyond

A really good film compared to what else is out there.
I have to say that when the ending came, I was very pleasantly surprised! If you like all things NASA related, and a more slower, intellectual movie, I think you would like this movie. Like a lot of people here said, it was moving pretty slowly, if you are expecting a Marvel or Cloverdale type movie, forget it. But if you enjoyed movies like The Man from Earth, this is the movie for you. I say to the entire team, Very Well Done!!


Proof that Aliens cant be as dumb as humans.....
I was pretty excited when I read what the film was about, and even more hopeful when I saw who was in it (I really liked Stephe Jacobsen in BSG Razor & Terminator series). But yea, as many people here say, it was very poorly done. I have to give the production team kudos for the attempt, it must have had a decent budget, but so many of the scenes had me cringing and face-palming. I wish they had made better material to replace a lot of these terrible scenes, it was just filmed so poorly, and edited worse. Like those 2 silly shots of the camera aiming down the gun. They missed! I guess they just didnt know how to do that! Still, a good try, i hope they will learn from their mistakes and come back with a better film!

Megan Is Missing

A Very Powerful Warning
I have to say this movie really threw me, but with so many children going missing every year, this makes a very strong point, if not overly exaggerated. But who really knows by how much? When you see the kinds of murderers that are out there, this may not be too far from what could happen. Look at Gacy, Bundy, Pichushkin, Jack the Ripper, stalkers in general, and this movie may not be that far fetched. I say well done, I hope this movie will wake up younger people to be much more careful. All the people who down voted this probably are very selfish people who really dont care about this kind of thing happening. Good Job Michael!

The Lake

Not that bad for a horror flick, but an overdone ending
I did like this movie, I thought Anja Knebl was quite adorable! Her acting skills were good, I hope to see her in more movies, she has a very likable face.

The story held my interest through most of it, the typical bully/revenge story with some twists. The antagonists were not that great, but they were effective enough to make it believable, and led to some good suspenseful moments. And yea, I think all the young women in this film were pretty good eye candy as well!

The last parts of the film got pretty weak, predicable and almost silly, the ending may leave you hanging, or saying "What?". But overall it was a decent B movie as long as you dont expect too much. Best of luck Anja, you are quite accomplished and I hope to see you do more!


A few good moments, but mostly pretty lifeless
I expected a good comedy and sci fi movie, but the film just never seemed to get anywhere. I was pretty disappointed at how drab the story became, although the acting was quite good, the story just didnt go that far, or had much interest or depth.

I did like its originality, but a very stupid way to solve the overpopulation crisis we are facing, even for a comedy. I had hoped it would have delved a bit deeper in this problem, or even explore other options, if not just to put them in the minds of people, most of whom wont care until they see their food supplies drying up.

Its a decent family movie, if you have a movie night and nothing else to do, but I feel it fell far short of its potential.


Thought this was slow, but a good ending
This is my 1st review, and I have no associations with anyone related to this film. I thought this movie was OK, the acting was average, although I really like Cameron Richardson. She made staying with this worthwhile. While the story was very slow, and sometimes quite awkward, it was a decent sci fi idea that could have used a lot more action or twists to liven it up. But I really liked the ending, it made the movie worth staying for. I guess people who are not hard core sci fi fans would not like this film as much, but from a story point of view, I do recommend it.

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