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  • I thought this was a great movie. Writer, Demi, loses her son and moves to a little Scottish village to finish the novel she is writing. She is extremely sad but feels she must move on. Moves in a rather isolated house near a lighthouse and strange things begin to happen. Are they real or just her imagination? A strong supporting cast and beautiful scenery and a lovely village with lots of quirky people living there. Demi does a fine job and so does her cast members. I thought is had a great ending. I specially liked the setting, remote village near the sea and the eerie lighthouse,quaint village and its unusual inhabitants.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this movie years ago and thought it was wonderful. An exceptional story and exceptional cast. I keep hoping some day the movie industry will put in for sale on DVD.There have been so many movies put on DVD that were no where near as good as this one,I don't understand the rational of which movies are brought to DVD and those that are't.Small cast of husband left for dead and greedy wife and her boyfriend keep returning to the desert hopefully to find a body but husband fights against the odds. With no water, may etc, uses his ingenuity to stay alive.All ends well, greedy wife and her boyfriend gets this their just deserts.Husband survives against terrible odds.