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The Hot Chick

I just finished watching The Hot Chick and was greatly surprised that it was funny enough for a bunch of boys to watch. I am a great fan of Happy Madison Productions and have more or less seen all their films. The hot chick is about a stuck up high school cheerleader living a perfect life when after stealing mystical magical earrings swaps body's with a petty criminal. The funniest scenes are the ones where they forget they are now the opposite sex. When Rob Schneider seductively eats a cream drink to get it for free forgetting he/she is a now a tramp like 30 year old man was hilarious and Sandlers lil secondary character was also a joy to see on screen with the constant banging on the drums to add effect, even if that gag came up twice it was still funny. So i would say go see this film, but don't go to extreme lengths

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

What A rocking film
This New Pirates of the Caribbean film. rocks full stop. It keeps up with the standard of the original and doesn't do like most sequels and suck. The action comes thick and fast and the scenes on the waterwheel are just mind blowing and funny. As well as the action the dialogue is just as sharp with one of the best lines being. "we have a female stowaway and shes naked" at which half the ship run about and the undead monkey had us in stitches. And the ending, not giving anything away it leaves it open ready for the third instalment. All the original cast are back and not a single one out of character. This was a great film and a highlight on the movie calender. So Stop reading this and get out and see it. now.

David Spade: Take the Hit

Does Anyone know
Does anyone living in the UK, know if it is possible to get this great show on Region 2 DVD, here in England. Loads of places have it in Region 1 format but unluckily i cant play that. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated. Anyway i have previously seen some of his show and what i saw was brilliant. Spade is a good comedian even of loads disagree. in this show he talks about tshirts, McDonald's and airline attendants (remember BuhBye). This show is brilliant and i really want to own it, so if anyone has any details please leave them here, if anyone wants to know if they should see it, then certainly do as it rocks. yay.


Living in the Uk it took time before LOST came over the water and I'm glad it made it. LOST is absolutely fantastic, brilliant. It was so worth 25 weeks of my life. The characters are all perfect, the acting great and although its make believe it comes across as so real. I cant complement this show enough. The ending of season one was really good and i am in no doubt season 2 will be just as good. Some people complained that it took up to much of their time but i disagree. I'm so phsyced out by the show I'm like totally addicted it. So if anyone hasn't seen it. What are you waiting for. go and get it. i applaud ABC for commissioning it, its absolutely brilliant and now I'm out of breath. lol.

Urban Legends: Final Cut

Why Why Why Did I Watch This
After seeing this film i realised i had wasted 90mins of my life, and its not often i say bad about a film. But why was this film even thought of. it made no sense and only had one link to the original and even that was at the end. In my opinion they should have completely rethought the whole movie and done it differently. the original was creative and actually made good watching. But like most people i believe that there are way too many companies churning out teen horror slasher films where a bunch of photogenic teens meet there maker who is some nut case in a costume. The best teen horror ever (in my opinion) is Final Destination because there is no masked killer only death so anyone thinking of getting urban legend 2, think again.

Final Destination 3

The camcorder in FD3
Brilliant film, way better than FD2 (plot wise i mean), Anyway I've seen FD3 twice now and noticed something on the coaster crash, in Wendy's premonition Frankie Cheeks's camcorder falls and wraps around the track causing the first car to derail killing Wendy's boyfriend and best mate, but in reality when they get off, he takes his camcorder wit him so in fact when it does crash, the camcorder isn't there and wouldn't have derailed the car. I might have missed another point as i know its not always one thing in these films but I thought i would just get the word out. Anyway I think the film rocks and is an excellent end to the trilogy. "there is no accidents, no coincidences and no escapes" (especially 3 times in a row)

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