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Had I not seen & loved the favourite? ........
Giving a 7-rating because of yorgos.... but, OMG, this movie is something else. I was expecting a weird but, an artistic one.... I was disturbed by it, I don't want it to happen in real life my gosh but, who knows. I won't be able to unsee what I just saw, it's sick , AF.... but, I forgive you yorgos! This was a movie you've done in the past so I won't blame you if you were still in your so-called "experimental years".... I still love you because of the favourite and I will continue to watch all your movies in the future.

The Possession of Hannah Grace

It's good actually.
I was skeptic at first because I had no idea what this movie is all about and then, I just focused and quite enjoyed the startling scenes (it has several believe me). Not bad, you can watch this and not feel totally bad after. Can't say it's an unforgettable one but, u can kinda enjoy it really. You'll be fine watching this. There's a aprt two..

The Hole in the Ground

Pretty good
Watch this with no expectations at all and you'll find that it's quite good for a low budgeted film. It's not a waste of time.

The Favourite

I can't getover this film! I now look like a badger haha
"Who did your make-up? You look like a badger & let's shoot something" ......OMG, I won't be able to forget this film easily! I watched without refreshing my mind about this historical drama but, I finished the movie with more than what I expected to know! Superb actressess; colman, stone & weisz! I love how you'd give each of their characters sets of emotions, it badly got me really hooked and I feel miserable (as miserable as the queen) right now that it had to end so soon. Haha! Oh my! I really can't say a lot, all i know is that I won't be forgetting this movie anytime in the near future. I also love the costumes, location, the dialogues and to add up, the direction was great! Yorgos is now a favorite director!

Bohemian Rhapsody

A beautiful movie!
I love you Freddie Mercury but, I love you more Rami Malek!!! There are some parts of freddie's life that were missing in this movie but, I still love how great it was made! I was in awe of Rami Malek's performance, he's the next best thing in hollywood! There was'nt any dull moment while watching it, could be one of the best movies of the decade?! I hope!

The Haunting of Hill House

Bravo, bravo!
I just can't wait for the next season! Loved every minute of this series. They're all great!

The Grinch

More like, the cringe....
I appreciate the movie but, I really think they got the wrong voice. Plus the dubbing, it's quite a disaster, I cringed a lot while watching this. Grinch's lips and the voice don't match at all! I've got nothing against benedict coz he's a brilliant actor but this movie just didn't work for me and worst, my niece didn't like it either. Sigh.

Bird Box

Unexpectedly awesome movie!
Netflix did it again! After the "a quiet place movie", This is again a unique movie that has all the elements that you probably want in a story. I love it, it's bittersweet, dramatic & suspenseful, just enough for me to fall inlove with love sandra bullock again. This movie reminded me as to why she's one of the great actresses of hollywood....

I higly recommend this and you won't get disappointed!

The Equalizer 2

Unlike the ist one
I like the first equalizer than this one. The first was unexpectedly good. I was hoping this one is the same but, it's slow and the plot of the story isn't that good and very predictable too.

I like Denzel, though.

Would I still recommend it? Sure. We all look at things differently anyways. Why not.


Oh my, apostle
I liked the movie a bit, it's sequencing is good and the cinematography is at its finest but, i gave it a 7-rating, why? Because I find it too long that induced a sense of boredom and while you're at it, you'd always check the clock and wonder if it's about to end. There were lots of unnecessary scenes that contributed to it being sooo long... It wasn't as predictable yes but, it's quite confusing that you'd only somehow piece the puzzles together during it's last 40 mins or so.

Would I recommend it? Oh yes, they should still see it plus, Dan Stevenz is quite nice to watch. (Fr fr fr)


Love this!
Why did I give a 9 rating? Because I don't understand it if not with the subtitle! Haha... At first I thought it was corny but, then I realize that this is a korean movie so once again, it didn't disappoint!

If you haven't seen this movie, please watch it! You'll have fun, for sure!

The Dark

I was kinda "in the dark"
I got curious when I saw this movie on youtube. My first impression was, it could be like the movie warm bodies.. Well, it tried. There's this level of excitement when the two characters first met in the movie but, somehow it was lost. There are lots of loopholes on this one, lots of questions went unanswered. It just ended. Just like that. I'll give the benefit of the doubt by saying, it's okay.. You should see it for yourself and judge it. I wanted to like this but, I just can't. Ok maybe, k from the word okay!

Would I recommend it? Sure. At your own risk.

Misseu waipeu

I didn't want to cry but, I did!
Seriously, what's with korean people that they keep on being able to make great movies?! This is a wonderful movie! I think everyone should see this! This is underrated but, I give it a sounding 10 and a 100x thumbs up! :)) Ps: don't forget to bring some tissues with you!

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

It's a netflix original, what more can I say?
So, I really didn't want to see this movie at first because I was like, half-hearted over it. I don't feel like the cast but, the only thing that assured me was that it's a netflix original movie and when it is one, you know it must be good. Ok at least 88% most of the time and that is not bad thing, right? (I don't want to overrate it hehe)

This is a feel-good movie and for those who discriminate at school? I think you should see this! This is a cute story about love & a friendship that could develop between a beauty and a not-so-good-looking-loser in school. This is not a serious one so don't depend on those reviews who take things sooo seriously that they find this movie disappointing! Hehe.. I highly recommend this, you'll have fun watching this! Believe me!

Juliet, Naked

It's a cute movie
I honestly don't want to like it but, there's something about this movie that makes you feel good while watching... Ok ok, I love it! So, go and see it!

Mata Batin

It is passable except....
I can only say that the movie is quite ok and have some scary scenes but, I don't like the ending. Once again this is the type of a movie that the makers were so busy with the 80% but, forgot the important 20% of it. Whew!

55 Steps

Oh hello, helena bonham carter! Says, The Oscars...
When I saw this movie, I didn't have an idea as to what to expect. I clicked it because I saw HBC plus, Hillary Swank... I mean come on, those 2? Who wouldn't be interested in a movie that has them as the lead stars... Ok so, Helena gave an award-worthy acting on this movie. She was impeccable! I couldn't say much about hillary because her acting here is just ok, her role didn't really bring out the best of her acting ability. All in all, you should see this film because of the powerful message it wants to convey! I highly recommend this.

Slender Man

I know why I don't like this movie
Yep, I gave it a low rating. Why? Because I expected too much. I didn't mind the 3.4 rating when I clicked on this as I beleived I was gonna be scared and I was in the mood for something creepy but, this failed me. Plain & simple. I'd rather that you, yes you, just watch another movie! I love Joey King by the way, I'm just not of this movie. ;-)

Feng huo fang fei

I underestimated this movie
Loved it! Though, it's a bit slow-paced but, I loved it! It's a simple and common story but, I appreciate the depth of the characters and in fairness, it is well made for a low budgeted film.

The Wife

I can hear Oscar shouting Glenn's name..
I watched this because of Glenn Close, I admire her body of work eversince.. You throw her any role and she doesn't fail to nail it! Always! The movie is for me, kinda slow-paced in the beginning till the middle part but, It turned good during its last 20mins + .. As always, Glenn is brilliant and Mr. Pryce is equally good in this movie. For me it's interesting and a must to watch.

Midnight Sun

ok ok, it's a love story
This is a good movie. I'm just not a fab of belle thorne....

The Toybox

Oh no, not again
I really thought that Denise Richards & Mischa Barton were actresses.... I was wrong. Now it got me thinking, could aging ruin your talent?? I'm confused upon seing this film... Aren't those producers supposed to know what they are shelling out their hard earned money for??? How many times should the moviegoers suffer with a movie like this... I should learn from now on....

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Oh my mamma mia!
I enjoyed this film so much... Seriously, what can lily james can't & won't do?! If you loved her in her past movies then, you'll love her more here! Hands up to her dancing, acting and singing! As always the other casts are good except that I expected too much from Cher's appearance, sad that her role isn't that visible in the entire film. If you want a feel good movie then you should watch this one!

Bel Canto

Oh my, what a terrible movie!
I like you julianne moore but, not on this movie. Everytime she sings here, I cringe to death.... I thought that one of the easiest kind of acting is lip-synching but, I was wrong.. She just wasn't able to do it well... It saddened me. And Mr. Ken Watanabe, what's really your role in the movie again? I almost didn't notice you! Waste of funds for this one and, talent! (If there's any on this one, sorry.)

The Children Act

Emma Thompson just rings a bell
I see her name in a movie and You bet I'll watch it. Plain & simple. Most often than not, I know that her movies are always time-worthy. Great talent, story + stanley Tucci, what more can u ask for?

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