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Casino Royale

Incredibly weak plot, non faithful to James Bond series image.
Anyone, who states that the new type of directing and other "twists" favored the movie to be better, is terribly wrong.

I was fed up with the non-stop nude male body scenes, there were no decorative girls, which are essential in my opinion to a James Bond movie, and the dialog was absurdly bad. It was almost like a romantic B category movie.

I went to see it because the reviews were good, and i just realized halfway the movie that it is really, REALLY bad.

There were only two action scenes, worth mentioning, the rest is history... Is it a good James Bond movie? No.

Is it contains unexpected twists? No, you know everything about halfway through...

Is it well directed? I think no.

See for yourself, i'd say stay away...

The Nine

Thrilling at the beginning, can turn out to be sensational.
We have all seen movies about hostage situations over certain places, but The Nine takes it up where usually others stop. In the very beginning, the plot chooses not to start with the actual bank robbing event (well, it actually does), but after the robbers enter the bank, the next cut is the saving sequence. How come you ask? The next 35 minutes of the pilot travels through the repercussions of the event, seeing every character very deeply changed, and having meetings and grief together (about the only one person loss at the 52 hour event.). The story has considerable amount of questions hanging in the air, which will surely be answered in the episodes. If the audience is intrigued about what may have happened in the bank, they'll watch the season.

I think it'll work and we won't see another cancel...


Enjoyable, can be okay if minor changes are made.
If the lead character is changed... If they don't overcast the stars from other (mostly CSI) dramas. If the plot will be sufficiently twisty. And if the cinematographer maintains the quality it did in the pilot.

...then this show can survive, but as the other comment said, the main character is too, way too aggressive and he causes the audience to lose focus from the "good" story and other "almost there" characters.

The main plot is kinda straightforward at the beginning, there is the Senator, his wife, who gets kidnapped (you can't know for sure she's not involved in the vanishing, especially as the pilot progresses...), there are several loose ends and characters, who you just can't put on the bad or good side so far. After a few bodies here and there, everybody start to see that it won't be a quick retrieval of the senator's wife.

Keep an eye on it, decide for yourself.

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