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This is nowhere near as good as the original.
I am still shocked at how bad the acting is. This show and the acting reminds me of Disney's "Wizard Of Waverly Place." Except this show is worse.

Private Practice

Not better than greys!
Seems like each episode is the same, childish drama between doctors. Amelia is annoying and the show would have been better without her. Each character is so unlikable.

The Roommate

I would be embarrassed to be apart of this movie
I like the plot but the acting is so bad it's hard to watch.

Hello Neighbor

Bad acting and weak plot!
I'm writing this review as I finish the movie, this is the worst movie I've seen in a long time I thought it would be like the good lifetime dramas that use to play on Sunday's I was wrong, this movie was a real let down.

The Stranger

Decent plot
The beginning seemed promising but I learned early on this show would suck and it did. Maybe it was rushed? It's hard to say and this show was hard to watch

Schitt's Creek

It's so funny!
I love this show, it's everything most of us want for a funny heartwarming show. It reminds me of "Hart Of Dixie." I just wish the show had more seasons, David is my favorite.

3 from Hell

I'm glad I only paid 5.99 to rent this movie
As soon as the movie started I knew it would be a huge let down and I was correct. Worse movie I've ever watched and I'm a huge rob zombie fan. Baby was so cringey the entire movie I wanted her to die over 50 times but she never did. This was boring and played out. I think 2 stars is a bit generous

The Haves and the Have Nots

Not bad but not good either.
If you think of this show as a cheesy over the top soap opera then it's less disappointing, the acting is awful Seems like a teenager wrote the script I was confused as to why so many people were talking about it so much. I noticed a few awkward moments of silence as if he ran out of things to say. Overall if this show is bad and I hate how many scenes there are.


I'm usually easy to please but this show lacks good acting it's more of a poorly written soap opera. Watch it if you literally have nothing else to watch. I'm on season 3 I keep hoping it will get better but it doesn't.

Good Witch

It's okay...
It's definitely one of those I have nothing better to watch shows, it's extremely mellow dramatic, and some bad acting but the plot is good

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