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According to Jim

Funny show
Sure it can be pretty repetitive and predictable (Jim messes up or lies, and he and Andy try to hide it from Cheryl), and I don't like how the characters don't have last names or much backstories, but it's still a really funny show. The things Andy and Jim say are hilarious, and plus Jim's delivery is great. My favorite episode was the one where Jim made up an imaginary friend so he wouldn't have to go to boring events with Cheryl. The episode where Jim told the teacher that Cheryl couldn't read to get less homework for Rubby was also really funny. I don't know why this show gets any more hate than any other sitcom out there nowadays.

Smart Guy

Cool show
This was a cool and fun show, and I'm glad I stumbled upon it somehow since I wasn't around to watch it when it was on the air. Definitely remids me a lot of Family Matters and other family shows of the time, maybe if it had been on ABC it would've lasted longer.

Everybody Loves Raymond: Home from School
Episode 3, Season 8

One of the most boring tv episodes I have ever seen
I wish I could get this 24 minutes of my life back. Possibly the most boring pointless episode I have ever watched, watching Ray talk with his own kid is like watching paint dry because they have absolutely no chemistry, and Ray always seems like he's making up his bad lines on the spot rather than having them writen in advance. I don't know how anybody could actually enjoy this. Most episodes of this show are very boring, but I think this one takes the cake for most boring. After the episode is over we are left with more questions than answers as usual with this bad show.

Everybody Loves Raymond

I can't with this show
If I had a dollar for every chance I've given this show, I'd be a millionaire. I've tried watching the reruns on T.V. many times, but could never make it through an entire episode without getting bored or annoyed. When I actually did finally make it through a full episode, it felt like an entire hour rather than 21-24 minutes. Every joke and line are just painful to watch, most of the time you already know what they will say before they say it. The most I've ever laughed to this show was when the kids read "The Angry Family" poem. The reason this made me laugh was because it was true. The grownups were very loud, and it hurt the kids ears, not to mention the watcher. I've been able to find a few clips of this show here and there that were kind of funny in a relatable kind of way, but nothing that made me understand why people love this show so much. The only character who is likable and not downright annoying is Robert. If it was the Robert show instead of Raymond, maybe I could watch it, but the main characters make it impossible to watch for longer than 5 minutes without going insane. Ray is a whiny, annoying, fumbling idiotic manchild who is married to the bitchiest, most useless wife in TV history. His parents are also annoying, his mom is always invading people's privacy and making rude comments on the way other people live their lives, and Ray's dad Frank offers nothing except a few off-topic comments here and there. In short, terrible characters make an already very mediocre show all the more cancerous and unwatchable. The only people who can relate or laugh to this kind of stuff are people with awful lives who are living in terrible marriages. I would recommend that if anyone's marriage is at all similar to Ray and Debra's, that they get a divorce this minute. And even if you were living that life, how is it funny? When you already live an awful life, why would you want to watch someone else living the same awful life on TV? I always thought TV (especially sitcoms) were supposed to be an escape, so if you are living a crappy life you can watch something more desirable to get your mind off of your own horrible life.

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