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Challenging, thoughtful, disturbing movie
A great movie - the first third is electrifying, the second third is unnerving, and the last third, though more clichéd, is horrific and disturbing. Sara h Polly and Adrien Brody do a great job with a smart script that treats the subject of genetic engineering in a worst-case scenario situation. The whole atmosphere and situation of the inhuman child, which we see from an inhuman fetal stage all the way through to full adulthood, is nail-bitingly gripping. The effects and creature design are among the very best I have ever seen, and the combination of the animal and the human suggests deformity and aberration in a way that makes the viewer uncomfortable, which I think is the point. The actress who play the creature also does an amazing job bridging the unpredictability of an animal and the vulnerability of a human child. If you loved Cronenberg's THE FLY, watch this!

Super 8

Great, fun movie, a worthy addition to the legacy of the films it emulates
I really enjoyed the film, and am a bit surprised at the mixed reviews. Although clearly inspired and paying homage to movies like the Goonies, ET, and Close Encounters, the themes and production are woven together in a fun, engaging way. All of the actors are enjoyable in their parts, and I loved the very 'Stand By Me' vibe of the kids on a journey. The whole 'kids coming of age, giant mystery, the government is after them' plot, though common enough from other films, is fun and a bit surprising in the twists and turns it takes, particularly when compared to modern films that plot by the numbers. The pacing, the acting, the special effects, and the atmosphere of the film were all top notch. I highly recommend the film to anyone who liked the eighties movies I mentioned.

Iron Man 2

Solid action-packed funny sequel
I liked it a lot better than the mixed reviews I was reading would have led me to believe. It's not as fresh as the original, but the charisma and humor were there, and so were some great surprises. RDJ was amazing as always - it's hilarious that Iron Man is a funnier superhero than Spiderman, but the improv makes it work. Thumbs up! I think that anyone who enjoyed the first movie will like this as well, and enjoy a great thrill ride! And don't forget to stay after the credits for yet another Marvel movie tie-in that leads towards the inevitable Avengers movie in 2012! Don Cheadle did a good job - ScarJo was good, but not what I imagined the Black Widow to be like, but she *was* hot... And Gwyneth did her usual impeccable job. Mickey Rourke added weight to what could have been a cardboard cutout stereotype, and Sam Rockwell's character, though annoying, was well played.

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