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Q & A

You f**k with Michael Brennan, better you p*ss a kidney stone through your hard-on
I very much enjoyed this little Sidney Lumet gem from 1990, it certainly exceeded my expectations. Timothy Hutton and Armand Assante are first-rate, but the real thing that had me fixed to the screen was the powerhouse performance from Nick Nolte as deranged police Lieutenant Mike Brennan. I've seen scary cops before, but not like this. He is like a rabid dog. He is what GG Allin would have been if he was a cop instead of a rocker. A 6 foot, hulking monster who would tear Dennis Peck (Richard Gere's slimy cop in 'Internal Affairs) a brand new a**hole. If you're looking for a vile, unrestrained and unpredictable villain who kicks ass, look no further. Lots of good twists, with a tense atmosphere and a cheesy albeit humorous soundtrack, give Q & A a watch if you come across it.

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