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The Secret Life of Pets 2

I really don't understand, why this movie is rated that low. Everybody with pets at home will enjoy this funny animation. The grahics are impressing with ist style far away from american style. And the characters are amazing in their interaction. I had a good evening watching this funny comedy and give 8 points.

Qu'est-ce qu'on a encore fait au bon Dieu?

I love french comedies
The humour obviously might be not everybodys cup of tea, but I love the s.o.h. of french comedies and especially of this director. In this sequel the actors are really hilarous again. Of course it is not as great as the very successful first part from five years ago but it is definitely enjoyale enough to be worth watching for everybody who likes french comedies. It gives you a lot of good laughs. Get some popcorn and have fun with the situation comedy and the running gags full of political incorrectness.

Marnies Welt

cute and funny
This european animated movie has fun humor and an overall great heartfelt message. I loved the character design of the four animals and their humorous presentation. Each of them has its own original personality Their funny relationship made the film. Marnie, the house cat is really cute and cuddly. She knows life only through television and she has to lead the group of different characters on an adventure that will test all of them. The dialogue sometimes sound a little like it's been translated from a foreign language - which probably has, considering this is a german-belgian co-production. All in all it is a nicely told, funny and family friendly film. For adults it might be sometimes a bit silly, but kids will love especially these parts and there are some adult jokes too, that really work.

Dave Made a Maze

not perfect but amazing
A movie must not be perfect to entertain me and this one makes the best of ist tiny budget. I really enjoyed this charming indie film. It has a very own style and is full of original ideas.

The Queen's Corgi

some good laughs
Some funny jokes and a cute queen gave me good laughs...I didn't expect more, so I couldn't be that dissapointed. The animation is quite good for a european movie and the queen and his husband look hilarous :)


visually great
As a fan of Tim Burton I was a bit dissappointed about this remake. It has not much to do with the original. Of course it is visually great and the animation is amazing but too many side plots and needless side characters complicate a straightforward story. There are a few nice moments of wonder but far too few to be outstanding.

Christopher Robin

lovely melancholic movie
This film is definitely not for everyone, but i really liked the melancholic story about the lost childhood. The animation is brilliant and especially i loved the characters.

Incredibles 2

it's fun
This is big xxl popcorn Cinema. I really enjoyed it. It's fun.

The Grinch

nice christnas comedy
Not the best of Illumination but solid entertainment for christmas. I generally like their humor :)

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