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Leave It to Beaver: Beaver's Crush
Episode 8, Season 1

Teacher's Pet
(*Beaver to June quote*) - "When do I get to be grown up?"

7-year-old Beaver Cleaver has got a big crush on his second grade teacher, Miss Canfield.

To prove to his pesky classmates that he isn't the teacher's pet, Beaver puts a pop-up toy snake inside the top drawer of her desk.

Later that evening Beaver and Wally sneak into Grant Avenue School to try to remove the snake from the desk. But their plans fail.

In the morning Beaver tells Miss Canfield the whole story.

Leave It to Beaver: Brotherly Love
Episode 6, Season 1

Brother For Brother
(*June to Ward quote*) - "How can you sit there calmly with 2 brothers fighting upstairs!?"

These days Wally and Beaver seem to be doing a lot of fighting between themselves.

June makes the 2 boys sign a friendship pact in hopes that this will encourage them to get along better.

Both Wally and Beaver find it difficult to keep the peace between them.

Leave It to Beaver: New Neighbors
Episode 5, Season 1

Beaver Meets The Donaldsons
(*June Cleaver quote*) - "I just don't trust a 13-year-old boy (Eddie Haskell) that that's polite."

The Donaldsons are moving into the house next door to the Cleavers.

Wally, Eddie and Beaver are all watching the activities from their bedroom window.

Eddie puts the fear into Beaver that Mr. Donaldson is a big bully.

Beaver gets invited over to the Donaldsons for a small party that includes their niece, Julie.

Beaver runs and hides when Mr. Donaldson shows up.

Adam-12: The Adoption
Episode 18, Season 4

Missing Child
(*Officer Malloy to Officer Reed quote*) - "You know, I always thought you were my buddy."

The Wilkinson's baby is missing. Its disappearance is a mystery to the police since they are told that the child is staying at its grandparents.

At Alimain College. Trainer, Harry Rustin is assaulted and the medicine cabinet in his office is ransacked.

It seems that coach Stobie is giving his football players barbiturates to help boost their physical abilities during important games.

Adam-12: Backup 1-L20
Episode 21, Season 4

The Con Game
(*Sergeant MacDonald quote*) - "You know, it was a pretty good bust if I do say so myself."

Sergeant MacDonald hits a pedestrian (Norma Hosteller) who suddenly steps out onto the road.

All 3 witnesses to this accident say that Norma was in the crosswalk when MacDonald hit her (but she really wasn't).

MacDonald is put on probation while Internal Affairs conducts its investigation.

In the meantime, Officers Reed and Malloy check into matters in hopes of clearing MacDonald of this wrongful accusation.

Adam-12: Wednesday Warrior
Episode 24, Season 4

Xray-25 On Patrol
(*Officer Reed to Officer Wells quote*) - "Just give him an even break."

Albert Porter is on his first day of police patrol. He is partnered with Ed Wells who has a very cynical attitude towards Porter and his job performance.

In the meantime, Officers Reed and Malloy evict a group of youths who are planning to set up camp in a city park.

There's also a bank robbery taking place where the suspect is wearing a bomb that will explode if he doesn't cooperate with the man behind the controls.

Adam-12: Eyewitness
Episode 23, Season 4

Malicious Mischief
6-year-old, Gary Colvin is missing. It is believed that he has been kidnapped. But it turns out that Gary's father, Terry has picked him up.

Frank Slater has taken his son, Chris to the hospital to have his head injuries taken care of.

In the meantime, there's the matter of a seeing eye dog for Reed and Malloy to look into.

There's also a robbery at a local liquor store.

Adam-12: Who Won?
Episode 22, Season 4

And The Winner Is....
(*Officer Reed quote*) - "What's the matter with those knuckleheads?"

Officers Reed and Malloy want to stop drag racing in the streets. They believe that a special drag strip is needed and it must pass all safety regulations.

Officer Ed Wells challenges Officer Jim Reed to a drag race which turns out to be a real highlight of this episode.

Gunsmoke: Letter of the Law
Episode 5, Season 4

No Room For Sentiment
(*Doc Adams quote*) - "What's the matter with those dunderheads back there?

Judge Rambeau from Wichita has sent Marshal Dillon a court order for him to evict the Teeks from their land on Wagon Mound.

Dillon goes to Wichita to try to dissuade the judge from enforcing the order.

Deputy Sheriff, Jim Haley is sent to Teek's farm to carry out the eviction.

Landowner, Lee Sprague stands to benefit from Teek's removal from his land.

Adam-12: The Tip
Episode 16, Season 4

Stop For Pedestrians
(*Officer Malloy quote*) - "Get back behind the police car!"

Over the past month there have been 4 armored car hold-ups in the area. These heists have all taken place in broad daylight and they have the police baffled.

Meanwhile, Officers Reed and Malloy tend to a dangerous driver and a fist fight in the Suds Factory bar.

Adam-12: Log 111: The Boa Constrictor
Episode 11, Season 1

Approach With Caution
(*Jane Tipton quote*) - "This town is full of nuts."

Jane Tipton is a flake and someone has stolen her car (while she left it running when she went to buy some cigarettes at the store).

In the meantime, Officers Reed and Malloy rescue two men from inside a burning house.

There's also a neighborhood feud going on between the Rankins and the Fensters.

Gunsmoke: Thoroughbreds
Episode 6, Season 4

As Bold As Brass
(*Marshal Dillon quote*) - "Say, now, that's mighty strange behavior, isn't it?"

Jack Portis has himself two fine looking thoroughbred horses. They both have a wine glass brand on them.

Keller and Burke come to Dodge and claim that Portis stole these two horses from them.

Marshal Dillon gets involved in this aggravated situation and tries to iron things out.

Adam-12: Log 131: Reed, the Dicks Have Their Jobs, and We Have Ours
Episode 4, Season 1

Pursuing Drug Dealers
(*Detective Jerry Miller quote*) - "Try not to trip out there on the pavement, Malloy."

Informant, Tee Jay tells Officers Reed and Malloy about the trouble going on at the Dorado Hotel where there might've been a stabbing.

In the meantime, Adam-12 deals with a runaway child, a family dispute and some serious parking violations.

Adam-12: The Parole Violator
Episode 17, Season 4

Another Busy Shift
(*Officer Malloy quote*) - "We're not having much of a day."

According to Kyler Johnson, Larry Ciprio is using heroin again. Officer Malloy and parole officer, Steve Hernandez confront Larry and try to get him to stop, Steve is shocked when his younger brother, Frankie gets into his stash.

Meanwhile, Bobby Coberly is the victim of a hit'n'rum accident. Adam-12 do their best to track down the driver.

Adam-12: Log 71: I Feel Like a Fool, Malloy
Episode 7, Season 1

Possible Drowning
(*Officer Malloy quote*) - "Maybe you should've handcuffed the wife instead of the husband."

Officers Reed and Malloy break up a serious fight between Norman Crane and Willis Jannery.

In the meantime, there's a liquor store robbery to take of, as well as the possible drowning of Cissie Franklin.

Gunsmoke: Snakebite
Episode 15, Season 4

Fang Marks
(*Marshal Dillon quote*) - "I'll see you back at the office."

Tough guy, Walt Moorman has callously shot down Poney Thompson's dog.

Poney goes to Marshal Dillon to help him find the person who shot his dog.

Poney gets drunk then goes out and slits Moorman's throat.

In the end, Poney is bitten by a rattlesnake and dies in a cave.

Adam-12: Log 132: Producer
Episode 10, Season 1

Who Wants A Puppy?
(*Officer Malloy quote*) - "What was that all about?"

It's another busy shift for Officers Reed and Malloy.

From dealing with a warehouse robbery, to helping a boy with his head stuck in a fence, to a late-night prowler - Adam-12 is on the job and doing their civic duty.

Gunsmoke: Lynching Man
Episode 10, Season 4

Dirty Lynchers
(*Marshal Dillon quote*) - "He was probably riding a stolen horse."

Homesteader, Hank Blenis is murdered by Ed Shelby and Bob Gringle who decide to steal his horse.

In the meantime, cattleman, Charlie Drain tries to get other men in Dodge to join him in the lynching of Gil Mather.

Marshal Dillon tries to dissuade Drain from carrying out his plans, but it all comes too late.

Adam-12: Log 72: El Presidente
Episode 8, Season 1

Unknown Trouble
(*Officer Reed quote*) - "I've gotta plan for the future, don't I?"

It looks like another busy shift for Officers Reed and Malloy.

From dealing with two battling neighbors, to a cab driver being robbed, to a sniper shooting at the neighborhood children - Adam-12's two diligent officers take care of business in the usual manner.

Leave It to Beaver: Beaver's Sweater
Episode 31, Season 2

Beaver Makes A Bad Choice
(*Larry Mondello quote*) - "Hey, Beaver, look at the neat tiger."

In the store window of Kirby's there's an Eskimo-style sweater put on display.

Beaver uses his own money to buy it and he's all excited to wear it to school.

When Beaver sees Judy Hensler wearing the same sweater he tries to ditch it at the movie theater.

In the meantime, Beaver plays a game of deception with his parents about the whereabouts of the sweater.

Leave It to Beaver: Beaver's Poem
Episode 1, Season 2

I Would Like To Be A Bear
(*Ward Cleaver quote*) - "After all, many hands make light work."

Beaver needs to write a poem for school. He has put it off for 3 weeks now and so he suddenly comes to his dad for help.

Ward ends up writing the whole poem for Beaver and when Beaver recites it at school, it is chosen to win a prize.

Ward objects when Beaver insists that it was he who wrote the poem.

Gunsmoke: Stage Hold-Up
Episode 7, Season 4

A Lucky Accident
(*Marshal Dillon quote*) - "I think that's one of the men who robbed the stage."

Marshal Dillon is on board when a stage is held up and robbed. The 3 masked bandits get away with over $2,000 worth of gold bars.

Dillon becomes suspicious when a man comes forward to show him where the gold bars have been buried.

Gunsmoke: Carmen
Episode 37, Season 3

A Pretty Big Gamble
(*Major Harris quote*) - "The cavalry can protect itself, marshal."

Jennie Lane sits by and watches as her boyfriend, Nate Brand shoots down 2 military men and steals the army payroll.

Major Harris arrives in Dodge. He tells Marshal Dillon that if he doesn't find the killers within 48 hours, then he will put the town under martial law.

Gunsmoke: Overland Express
Episode 38, Season 3

(*Marshal Dillon quote*) - "Get his gun, Chester."

Out in the prairie Marshal Dillon captures suspected murderer, Jim Nation.

Without horses, Dillon flags down an on-coming stage where one of the passengers is a bandit who plans to rob the driver of the payroll money, amounting to $20,000.

Jim Nation helps the marshal arrest the thief, Art Carp and this gives him the advantage that he needs.

Leave It to Beaver: Beaver Gets 'Spelled'
Episode 1, Season 1

Beaver Worries
(*Whitey Whitney quote*) - "A picnic is where you go out in the country and eat food off the dirt."

Beaver's second grade teacher, Miss Canfield hands Beaver a sealed envelope addressed to his mother.

This letter really worries Beaver after his classmates say that there's bad news in it and he's gonna be expelled from school.

Beaver thinks his teacher is being mean, but all she wants is for him to play Smokey the Bear.

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