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Halloween Kills

The movie trailer had more suspense..
No storyline spoilers, honestly there's no story to spoil.... What on earth?!? How did this get SO lazy & bad?! I agree with previous reviewers who said this felt like a filler movie for the trilogy. I will say one positive, I liked the idea of some of the original characters coming back but they kind of squandered them too. The script was so bad and literally nothing happened!!! Too many side characters/people shoved into one movie but we barely care about any of them because we don't know them! Where was the original actor who played Tommy Doyle? Don't think he should have been recast. The townspeople were so ridiculous and so was Anthony Michael Hall. Jamie Lee Curtis, was barely in here and deserved better. Don't even get me started on the 30 minute hospital stampede situation. So unnecessary, ridiculous & boring!

I seriously felt like the creators/directors/writers didn't care about the audience at all with this film, it was so halfway done. I wasn't scared. There was no suspense, no build up, no intrigue! Literally the movie trailer had more suspense than the actual movie. I'm so disappointed, there could have such a great thrilling horror movie with better writing. We can only hope that Halloween Ends (2022) has a better beginning, middle & end.

The Medium

I'm absolutely terrified
Spoiler Free: This movie has been on my watchlist and I was so happy when it finally came out! I saw some mixed reviews and while I can understand, I sit here purely and utterly terrified. I just finished the movie 15 min ago and I'm laying here awake, checking all of my doors and windows... Why, you may ask? Because I got spooked! The Wailing was a movie made by the same creators or directors and that is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen to date. This movie is definitely in the same vein of horror and similar vibes. The last third just goes completely bonkers!! But does not have quite the same punch in the ending as the Waling. I'd recommend this movie if you love the synopsis and or trailer so far. Get ready for a wild ride!!

Trigger warnings: Some scenes did go a little too far, in my opinion. Please be warned and read up on content listed before viewing if this may affect you.

The Night House

Original, eerie & surprising
I've been waiting and waiting for this movie to come out for the past almost 2 years I think and it's finally here!! I get so worried when highly anticipated horror movies, like this one, eventually do come out because more often than not I am left disappointed. However with The Night House, I found myself consistently terrified the last 2/3 of the film. The cinematography, the atmosphere, the sense of dread. But it doesn't stop there, you actually get to find out what is happening and why. Such an original tale on grief, life, death, friendship and of course love. The beginning of the last act leaves you thinking you know what happened but just wait, it's a much more profound and terrifying concept. Rebecca Hall was amazing in here and prior to this I was on the fence with her, but this film was hers and she was so great! Most horror film fans will probably like this for its originality and execution!


Horror, sci-fi, thriller, action, campy throwback ride
Okay I'm a huge James Wan fan all around, he always really wants to entertain his audience no matter the genre. I especially love his horror classics that he directed and the franchises he started (Insidious,Annabelle,Conjuring, Lights Out Etc) most of all the installments he specifically helmed & directed. You can't take every plot point in this movie so seriously as a viewer, think of old cheesy horror movies that we all loved growing up. All of the iconic ones all had some campy, cheesy elements at some point in their films. But it didn't make them less scary. In my opinion, this is no different! Honestly I really liked it, there was high tension the entire time. While I figured out some aspects of the plot during the film, you couldn't really predict all of the finale. Great acting by Annabelle Wallis as always, loved her in Annabelle. And nice to see a cameo by McKenna Grace! I love that James Wan took a new type of horror story and really got creative with it. A little bit of Lights Out, Insidious, Unborn, Mortal Kombat... Some sci-fi elements and cinematography that even reminded me of some Pensive scenes from Harry Potter. My millennials know what I'm talking about!!! I've been so let down by movies ALL year. Every single one has felt short. But I can usually count on James Wan to bring it home. Malignant was fresh, different, campy, psychological horror, a tad gory, and overall enjoyable thriller ride. Super entertaining!!!

A Classic Horror Story

Familiar plot but no less creepy
I was really entertained and scared throughout this film. I did guess part of the way through who wasn't being honest. Real horror. Similar to Midsommar and a little Hereditary, feels like an A24 movie. Good horror for Netflix. Keep them coming!

Dogs: Bravo, Zeus
Episode 2, Season 1

Amazing story of friendship and love
Wow this story really touched me. Every person in this story showed so much selflessness, kindness & compassion. Helping Zeus get home to Berlin was anything but an easy task and yet this amazing friends and people made it happen. Such a heartbreaking and heartwarming story. Must watch!

The Unholy

3 stars for Jeffrey Dean Morgan only
I really only liked Jeffrey in this movie, I'm a fan of his! And I'm a huge horror movie fan. I usually love movies like this and while I wasn't expecting a fantastic film, I use was not expecting this. This was easily one of the worst horror movies I've seen this year. It takes a lot for me to say that, I can usually find the good qualities and potential of semi bad horror movies. I was so bored the entire film, it felt so cheesy and so choppy. I wasn't scared nor was I intrigued. I didn't even care about the ending. They did Mr. Morgan dirty with this film.

Solos: Tom
Episode 2, Season 1

Anthony Mackie is exceptional
This is a 24 minute acting masterpiece of Anthony Mackie. He draws you in with his brilliant talent & emotional rawness. I've always thought that Mr Mackie was great but this is definitely his vehicle to shine in. I can't wait to see more projects that show us this side of him. I'm such a fan! Also emotional story that centers just on him reflecting on his family & his life. Beautiful!


Jean smart is supreme
This role was made for her and no one else. She is pure magic & I hope she wins every award! My mom & I both love this show. Also newcomer Hannah Einbinder (Lorraine Newman's daughter) is also quick & whitty, they have great chemistry. Can't wait to enjoy the rest of the season!


Wow surprisingly I loved it
This movie really took me by surprise, I was not expecting to be so entertained based on the trailer. But I absolutely loved the concept of this movie, so many themes in one movie. Reminded me of Gravity with Sandra Bullock and also a little of Chris Nolan's Interstellar but not as complex or confusing. Melanie Laurent is always amazing and this movie was no exception, she was phenomenal. Keep an open mind and don't read spoilers. You feel anxious, empathy, curiosity, so many emotions! If you like scifi thriller with excellent acting that keeps you on the edge of your seat, you'll like this film! Great job Netflix!

The Banishing

Loved Jessica Brown Findlay but disliked ending...
This movie was intriguing and had me hooked at first. Jessica Brown Findlay is a great actress, I've loved her since Downton. She's fantastic and pulls you in! The story was creepy, full of scares, secrets & had great cinematography! Loved this and was good the first 2/3 but last 20 min lost me. Did not care for the ending and felt it ruined the movie. Had so much potential!

The Toll

Okay hear me out, I liked this one!
Spoiler Free: This movie was on my horror watchlist from a few months ago and I was worried by the less than stellar reviews thus far...So I wasn't expecting much, but I'd have to say I kind of liked the story. It was familiar to 1408 and Incidents in a Ghostland, both which I loved. If you liked either of these movies, give this one a chance. I liked the theme of the movie of "paying the Toll".

Come True

Amazingly trippy movie, sure to be polarizing
Now I don't want to give away any spoilers. But I do want to say that the ending and some sequences throughout the film can all be taken differently based on what you think as a viewer. What each part means and what Sarah experiences. I do want to say that I loved the concept of this film, taking certain similarities to inception although maybe explaining less. Overall, great sci-fi, thriller, horror with an insanely odd ending. I will say I did guess some of the ending based on some hints throughout. This will definitely be a very polarizing film with people either loving it or hating it. I really liked it, my mom, and fellow horror movie buddy, not so much! LOL

Wander Darkly

Amazing, heart wrenching tale
Sienna Miller is just exquisite. She pulls you in and never lets go. This story was so beautiful, dark, raw, real and heart wrenching. A story of love and life. Also loss... Reminds me of the film, What Dreams May Come with the late Robin Williams. It's one of my favorites. I don't want to give away any spoilers. But it's worth a watch. It drew some tears from me throughout the movie and definitely streaming tears at the end. Beautifully done, great chemistry with Sienna and Diego Luna! Not sure why Vanessa Bayer was randomly in here? But other than that amazing film.


Powerful! Must watch
I knew I was such a huge fan of Toni Collette...and knew I liked Merritt Wever in Nurse Jackie but WOW did Merritt shine!!!!! She stole the show and I love how Toni played a supporting role and let Merritt shine. Incredible talent in this powerful piece.


Really loved its originality
I wAs surprised to see this with such low scores. This is such a unique and original film that also feels non fiction. Starts a little slow but the buildup was good in the second half! Don't want to give any spoilers but was a little unsure of the meaning of the ending. Overall pretty impressed by this film, the acting, storytelling, sense of dread and even displayed importance of family.

Saint Maud

The movie ended 20 minutes ago, I'm still horrified...
After two years of hype in the horror community, I wasn't sure I would like this... That's a lot of hype! Usually when things have this much hype I don't like them. I'll start by saying I enjoy most of A24's horrors with Hereditary being my absolute favorite. The beginning of this movie was a little slow and I wasn't sure where it was going. Let me say without spoiling the ending is where you'll make up your mind about this film. You can view the ending and story from two different perspectives. Which I'll admit I loved! The last 5 minutes are still replaying over in my head. My mom aka my horror movie buddy did not love the film as much, she's a very empathetic movie goer. Wow what an experience! Great direction, acting, cinematography.

Wild Mountain Thyme

I get why people might be hard on it but I really liked it!
So I can see where some people might not like this movie. It's a little choppy and all over the place. Is it perfect? No. Is it critic friendly? Also no. But I actually really liked it! It was silly and chaotic but also heartwarming and charming. I love Emily blunt always and I liked Jamie dornan too! If you love quirky, silly love stories with some true heart, give this one a shot. Maybe it was my particular mood but I enjoyed it! Look forward to watching it again in a few months to enjoy it all over again.

Anything for Jackson

Unexpectedly good!
I wasn't really sure what to expect because usually with theses types of horror films, they're ridiculously bad and not scary at all. However, this film was quite impressive. It does have moments that reminded me of Hereditary (my absolute favorite) and also The Other Side of the Door & Dark Song I think it was called. Occult, bereavement, suspense, atonement, demons, etc. I was pretty scared throughout, so was my mom aka my horror movie buddy. Acting was fairly decent & good cinematography I thought. Give this one a watch!

Saikojiman Gwaenchanha

Get through the first few eps, it'll all come together, trust me!!
I had a little bit of a hard time connecting in the first few episodes because I had no idea what I was watching to be honest!! LOL! But trust me when I say that this series takes a complete 360 and becomes something completely captivating. An emotional, thrilling, heart warming ride! I was not expecting this series to become what it did. Such an amazing and wonderful series. Full of so much story, heart, emotion, trauma including childhood trauma, friendship, romance, family etc. The 3 main characters just grab your heart and never let go. The whole cast is amazing really! Give this one a shot if you love Korean dramas!

Zai shi jie de zhong xin hu huan ai

Kind of a mish mash...
This wasn't what I was expecting with this film. It was a little too all over the place for me. We were thrown into each mini story in a hectic & chaotic manner. I didn't have chance to connect with any of the stories or characters really. Had potential and some decent ideas. But It felt too rushed for me personally.

Sa-rang-eui bul-sa-chak

One of the best romance/comedy/dramas ever!!!
Yes this production really is THAT good! I can't even call it a series because it's more like an amazing group of consecutive films. My mom and I binged this in 3-4 days, missing lots of sleep because we could not stop watching. We HAD to keep going, it wasn't even a choice. I'll have to admit, this was my first Korean romance series! We needed a break from the tense political news & wanted to watch something we could escape to. After the first episode, I was not sure what to think as it was a bit slow. But after that first episode, things pick up and completely submerse you. It's everything all wrapped up into one: romance, drama, thriller, suspense, comedy. The acting is so amazing!!!! I'm in awe of this wonderful production. I laughed in the beginning & middle, while I cried and gasped in the last half. Watch all the way until the end, you'll love it! It's an intense journey of love, family, cultural difference, friendship and community. I'm praying and PRAYING for a season two!!

Well-Intended Love

Great quarantine binge!
My mom found this on Netflix one late night, she started the first two episodes and then hooked me in!!! We're almost done bingeing all of Season 1 which is super long but I love having so many episodes, it's the best!!! The main characters and supporting friend characters all draw you in! There's love, comedy, so much DRAMA, mystery, thrills... everything you could want in one show! Once you immerse yourself in their world you just have to keep watching to see what's going to happen next!

The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

Amazing film about The Bee Gees
Wow I'm so happy I was able to watch this documentary about The Bee Gees and their entire story! It was truly remarkable everything these talented brothers worked for and went through together. It's so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. So sad that Barry is the last brother alive and that Andy, Maurice and Robin all passed so early. What a legacy they have!

It Happened on Fifth Avenue

Movie about coming together
I really wasn't sure about this movie with the plot description. But I was so pleasantly surprised with how charming and sweet this movie is. It's a comedy with so much heart, about everyone coming together and helping each other. What Christmas is truly about. Love this!

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