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  • I must say, I am somewhat surprised that my favourite PS has allowed such an "arty" medium to be applied to a not very apparent replacement for the highly respected Morse detective series. The characters although new, remain totally impersonal and I really do not want long shots of many more car-washes, camera moves around cars with just a few words spoken,shots of railings with darkened views of walking main cast. Make this a proper sleuth show asap! gimme clues, gimme insider info on the characters, gimme some more anger/emotion, and gimme a hard hitting next episode that brings me back for more!. I know new shows need time to develop, to mellow the characters and give them time to make them their own, but this appears stunted, strained and cold with minimal vocabulary to give me the viewer and a fan of the more intelligent detective shows, much to hold on to other than modern but not altogether interesting camera work...come on Patrick, inject some pizazz!!!!