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Article 15

Excellent movie with a great social message!
Cast and creed still in India , hard to believe . Movie is work of fiction , however if there is a semblance of reality, it is shameful this kind of diversification based on caste and social status exists in India. Enjoyed the movie very thoroughly though it was gut reaching to watch at the same time.

Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui

Superb movie!
An Indian Hindi movie carrying an exceptional social message. We are all human beings irrespective of our sexual orientation. A film about equality and a strong message from the LGBQT community. Spread love not hatred. Exceptional job done by the actors . Let's move forward and remember this is 2022 and we re all equals . Kudos to Hindi cinema for tacking on a so called taboo topic!!!

Phir Wohi Awaaz

Superb Movie!
Indian Hindi movie taking on such a social matter is simply amazing! Every single person needs to be treated as human beings irrespective of their sexual orientation. Kudos to the actors for doing a fabulous job . This movie gives an exceptional message for the LGBTQ community. Spread love not hatred . We are all equals.

North Country

What amazing movie!
It is hard to believe this film is based on true facts. Fell sick to my stomach to see what kind of harassment and abuse women had to endure at their work place. Absolutely inhumane . At least good prevails at the end!

Last Christmas

Excellent movie!
Loved the movie. Bit of a sad ending , however excellent ending at the same time. Brings out your Christmas spirit. Helping each other is what makes everyone happy.

As Good as It Gets

One of the best!
In my opinion one of the best , I mean the very best movie I have seen. Jack Nicolson is absolutely sensational! Amazing amazing performance! It is very unfortunate that this move is not available in BlueRay in North America .

Narcos: México

One of the best shows in Netflix. Other than the fact the show is 96% in Spanish with English subtitles, simply superb. Can't take your eyes off the show. Specially knowing that this show is based on true facts regarding drug cartels in Mexico, made it even for engrossing for me. It was great fun to google every character to find out where they are in the present day.


Brilliant Crime Drama!
Absolutely loved the show. If any one looking for any crime drama, look no further. Monarch is here. Too bad Netflix did not thing it deserved another season.

Hit and Run

Awesome thriller!
Absolutely loved it . Very entertaining with different twists and turns.

The Family Man

Awesome show!
Simply loved it. Can't wait for season 3.

We want more shows like this. With shows like this Amazon Prime can compete with Netflix.


Great great movie!
Stellar movie. Really touches your heart! Loved every moment of it.


Loved it!!
Simply loved it . Exceptional love story. Very refreshing to watch.

Kim's Convenience

Loved the show!
What can I say, one of the best comedies I have seen after Friends and Seinfeld. Kept me laughing through out. Loved every single characters. Very very sad to hear the show getting cancelled when it's popularity is at its peak. Thank you for all the laughs!!

Coming 2 America

Extremely disappointing!
Had to turn off the Tele after 20 minutes. It is that bad. Hard to watch all these over the prime actors who were all great once upon a time .

Mango Dreams

Emotional roller coaster!
Enjoyed it very much. Emotional. Exceptional portrayal of Hindu and Muslim brotherhood.


Unique And Amazing!
What an unique experience. Simply beautiful to watch. Great story line. Must see!


Simply an amazing show!!!
Loved it , loved it and loved it. Really hope there are more seasons in the future. Too bad it is in Hindi. Needs to be in English, so it has a global audience.

The Capture

One word, brilliant! What a show. Edge of the sit thriller/drama. Must see. Thank you Amazon!

Bandish Bandits

Loved the show!
Very different . Loved it . Let's hope season 2 is happening.


Fantastic family show of love and togetherness
Watched the entire season in Amazon prime. Loved every episode and enjoyed every minute of it. 10 stars for me.

Made in Heaven

Superb show!
Really loved the show, after not being too sure at the beginning. Waiting eagerly for season 2 Thank you Amazon for a great show.

Little Fires Everywhere

Must see Drama!!
One of the best shows from Amazon. Netflix be aware. Reese Witherspoon owns this show . Can't wait for season 2.

The Lift Boy

Very heartfelt story . Very refreshing story of unconditional love in these day and ages ! Solid 10 stars in my opinion.


Absolutely Brilliant!!
What a show, Netflix best show hands down! Please go and watch , won't be disappointed. Hope Netflix can bring in more shows like this.

The Kominsky Method

Simply a joy to watch!
One of the best Netflix show out there. In my opinion a perfect 10.

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