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The movie insults our intelligence
One of the crappiest war movies I've ever seen, if not the worst!

Firstly: No story, no real plot. War is almost over, maybe in 2-3 weeks and there are just 5 guys driving around in tank and fighting still resisting Germans. And than suddenly everything depends on them. Namely unit with cooks is left defenseless and if they got beaten whole division would be lost. OMG!!! And we all know what could happen then. The war would be lost! Luckily for mankind there is this Sherman tank equipped with Brad Pitt eager to do whatever it takes to hold the Germans and save the cooks.

Well, to this point it wasn't so bad. Battles were OK displayed. It was interesting to see from tank's crew point of view how it looks to fight. But then, we have most ridiculous and naive war scene since "Rambo 3".

They got stuck on some crossroad in the middle of nowhere. Tank can't move and 300 SS troops are approaching towards them. Typical cliché scene where everybody (normal) wants to abandon tank and retreat, but no, Brad just won't do this, even if he must fight alone by himself. Naturally the rest then decide to stay(and to die like idiots).

When battle starts, man just starts wondering how Germany managed to beat anyone and occupy anything with so dumb soldiers. And this is SS company, not some regular soldiers. Even they are so retarded, so they are attacking tank only from the front side practically running to the bullets. Sure they have bazookas, but why using then?!? Let just shoot the tank with machine gun. Then one blind SS soldier with IQ over 80 came to side of the tank with bazooka to try to hit it from 2 meters distance.... AND MISSED IT!!! OMG, if they are not stupid, they are totally blind.

Epilogue: Long story short. Brad Pitt & Co. resisted until they are out of ammo. Brad got shot by sniper 3 or 4 times in chest, but it is just not enough for him to die. He still has time to chat with Norman then to kill one more German, more chatting... Ordinary men would die instantly, but this is Brad Pitt for God sake.

Anyway acting was pretty good (3 stars are for this), but script was so awful. Cliché scenes, cliché characters. I'm truly sorry, cause this could be descent war movie.

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