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Ship of Theseus

A hidden gem which should not be missed - My explanation
This is what I u'stood from the movie. 4. The Cave Explorer (Climax was most imp so starting with that) Probably with the metaphor of cave exploring, the donor was exploring the real beauty and nature through his profession. Also, his body was the 'Ship of Theseus' which later got divided into 8 individuals.

1.The Blind Photographer The girl had seen the world through the pics taken by her and converted into brails. Although, through several frames, it has been shown that she used to reject many of those which she didn't find well enough. But when she gets eyes and look the world through those, she observes that the world is beautiful much beyond what she had seen through the pics. Hence with the Cave Explorers eyes, she is exploring the beauty of nature she was unaware of.

2.The ailing Monk The monk was a stubborn and egoist with his knowledge of soul and meaning of life. But, maybe due to his last interaction with Charwah, he introspected and by stating that he didn't know whether there exists soul or not, he found that there was a lot more he doesn't know, a lot more he needs to explore. Although we don't get to see the monk post Liver transplant, in the last frame at the museum we see a different person altogether. He is still carrying the same smile but wearing a shirt and pants instead of his dhoti. So maybe with his new life, he is too exploring different aspects of life just like the Cave explorer.

3. The stockbroker We didn't get to see this character before the kidney transplant, but it is evident from his interaction with his granny that he was a self-obsessed, money-minded person. Whereas we explore a new person who wants to help the poor Shankar by defying all the odds. He even offers him the money and with his last interaction with his granny, he learns a new way of life by helping others which she believed since long. Thus, we can say post his transplant he too has explored the new way of life just like the cave explorer.

So going with the theme of the movie, here is my take on the paradox of the Ship of Theseus. The ship of Theseus is not the old one who's parts are replaced, but those are still alive wherever those are found a new home. The cave explorer has died but he remains alive through those 8 lives still exploring the world.


Before Ratsasan there was 'Memories'...
Cinema is an art and this is proved yet another time by the master thriller story teller Jeethu Joseph. If I would have to make list of best serial killer movies in India then 'Memories' will definitely secure the 2nd spot only behind Ratsasan. The movie successfully gives you chills in many sequences throughout the movie. Although the ending could have been more gripping, the climax shot is quite intelligent one. In the first half one might get little bit irritated with the exessive drinking of the lead but there are lot more things in movie which will overshadow these aspects. Definitely a must watch for thriller lovers.

Take Off

Well written, directed n acted
Rescue of 46 Indian nurses from War laden Iraq is a story which had to be told. Since this one is from the Malayalam film industry it has the heart of the storyline as majority of those victims were Malayali.The first half of the movie also showcases the unexpected struggle of a single mother played by Parvathy. All in all Take off is a well written , directed and acted drama that one should invest into.


A 10/10 psycho thriller
Writing this review after watching this flick after 5-6 times. I personally love dark movies and this one is a treat to watch. Not the best one but stands strong definitely among Ugly,Ratsasan kinda movies. Unexpected amazing performance by Varun Dhawan and expected Over the top acting by Nawaz. Everything was so perfect with this movie but at the Sriram Raghvan steals the show with his direction. Twisting a simple revenge tale over 20 years with no nonsense attitude is just fabulous.


Watch only for Fahaad Fasil
Why this director even made this movie is the biggest question to be asked here. I watched this movie based on the reviews which majorly said that the movie's climax is awesome. Yeah it was awesome but what about the rest of the movie it was not up to the mark and that thing made the climax even less impactful as well. All of a sudden a naive looking IT Professional turns into martial art Pro just after a few lines of disgrace from his wife. It's like the movie takes millions of year to develop the last 20 mins of the movie. Watch it strictly for both the leads' honest portrayals and cinematography.

Bangalore Days

Refreshing movie with perfect cast and splendid performances
I am a native of Maharashtra having Marathi as my mother tongue. This was my first Malayalam movie. And I am completely in love with the Malayalam film industry. 'Bangalore Days' is just awesome. Don't miss this one. Pros: 1. Perfect casting- It seems each character is living the role for long. 2. Performances- Almost all the actors including the lead and supporting cast has done a splendid job. Although Parvathy is the show-stealer in every scene of her, her co-stars Dilquer, Nazariya, Naveen are too good in this feel-good flick. Fahadh's portrayal of Das is commendable as well. 3. Characterization- I just fell in love with Parvathy's character of RJ Sarah. Her voice and charm give so many positive vibes. Also, the dialogues and her expressions are priceless. 4. Plot and execution- Three characters each having 2 stories running, dozens of sub-characters, story going back and forth yet all this is tied together with brilliance.

Cons: Fahadh doesn't suit in the role of Shiva. I was not convinced to see the silent Das getting shown as ruthless rider Shiva. The relationship between Kuttan and Meenakshi unconvincingly blossomed in minutes which for a moment was like a dream of Kuttan.


Honest and we'll executed attempt
Arguably this might be the India's best answer to Inception. I will not be drawing any comparison between these two but since both are having a similar thread in common we can't deny the comparison. The movie is not for typical masala movie goers as it opens only towards its climax. The turn off events is unpredictable and that shapes the movie as an epic one. While two tales are going simultaneously, audience are kept guessing the next move but the direction is so perfect that we all fail miserably at the end. Please don't miss this gem from the Kannada industry.


Everything that glitters is not gold
I was hoping a fun ride with Amey and Sai with which we were introduced in the trailer. But but but the movie tested my patience on similar lines of Himmatwala. The movie is filled with utter nonsense especially in the second half. Can't watch anything this much messy just because it's in my mother tongue.


Another one falling in the league of 'could have been better'
The film suffers due to shallow execution of the main plot. The real drama starts post interval and ends abruptly. The scenes of climbing down are shot with perfection but the graphics used for animals are poor. The female lead has lived the character of Hirkani but the character of male lead lacks depth.


Raising standards for the psychological thriller genre
The movie has a really thrilling premise where the makers have gone one step ahead by testing the audience's fear quotient. A must watch psychological thriller for all those who love this genre. Cutting 2 stars just because of its length which could have been bit shorter and 1 mistake cum unanswered query. This movie reminds me of the hindi thriller Murder 2. But Ratsasan is better than the errotic movie since it has more chilling scenes and the victims are young girls.

The Tashkent Files

Strictly for those who have interest in political mysteries
The movie makes an honest attempt to unravel the mysterious death of Lal Bahadur Shastri. The movie is full of facts which are mostly narratives and speculations which are not authenticated thus will help the audience to form an opinion but not a conclusive one. The narrative could have been better by making it more entertaining and engaging like Madras Cafe. The director has also tried unnecessarily to copy the epic English classic '12 angry men' which was already poorly remade previously in hindi as 'Ek ruka hua faisla'. The Tashkent files has some awkward and irritating moments where the committee members seem to be anxious.

Batla House

An honest attempt to showcase the mental trauma faced by the Indian Police.
While interacting with media in a promotional event, John said, "There are very less or no movies in Bollywood who shows the real side of lives of Police. Movies like Singham, Simmba are good only for entertainment." I thought this is just his way to market the movie but that's the truth. Batla house goes beyond its original plot to showcase whether the most contraversial encounter was real or fake to shade light on the mental and emotional trauma faced by a high rank policy Officer. The director has tried his best to be un baised yet going with SC's judgement and the facts audience can conclude the truth. John has matured a lot has an actor and playing a no non sense cop is his forte for sure. Just like the lead actor's character movie is damn serious in its entire run of 2 and half hours. Except for a joke at 'prepaid to postpaid', audience's teeth will be busy with chewing nails only. However, the drama between John and his wife in the beginning could have been edited properly. Also the courtroom drama at the end seems ridiculous in some moments especially because of the irritating Judge.

Judgementall Hai Kya

Best one after Andhadhoon
The movie will remind you of the underrated masterpiece Shaitan in parts. But JHK definitely would leave behind Shaitan due to the creativity it has and the messages it delivers. Jaw dropping performances from both the lead actors, which were equally supported by others. The movie is definitely not for regular moviegoers due to its crazy and very dark premise.

No Problem

A brainless yet good comedy movie
I don't know why people are bashing this movie so badly. I was in 10th when I watched this flick in theatre. Being young, I used to like the typical slapstick genre comedy thus I liked this one also. Years after today I watched it on YouTube and still found it funny. I know there is not story in the movie, scenes are also bundled up without any sense, performances are average but the one area where the movie scores is its comedy punches. The movie will definitely give u several moments of laughter especially the scenes between Anil Kapoor and Sushmita Sen. Kangna Ranaut is the most irritating character in the movie. Can watch the movie for a little laughter.


A half baked tale which could have been a better one
The movie starts on a high note but fails miserably towards the end. However, the director has potential which his evident from his unique yet brilliant direction. Screening multiple tales altogether and crossing them in between is an art which very few directors have mastered in India. Out of all the three tales, the highlighted one is of Saif,who has acted very well throughout messy night. But unfortunately this story which had the best content was left midway by the director. Deepak Dobrial and Vijay Raaz have delivered great performances and got good execution of the plot as well till the very last moment of the former's role. Overall the movie could be watched once for some light moments.

Kabir Singh

Unnecessary half baked tribute to Tere Naam
I went for the movie just because of all the hype and negative publicity due to its so called 'Toxic Muscularity'. I don't mind a lead smoking countless cigars, drinking pathetically or even doing drugs because we have seen that before in Indian movies and now gradually in our surroundings as well. The real problem which I found with this 'Masterpiece' of Sandeep Reddy is the fact that 3 hours long tell of true love is not that entertaining. It was all okay till the end of first half. But soon when the protogonist looses his cool even before the deadline set by himself and starts doing self destruction I lost all the respect for him and eventually the interest in his story. Towards ending I was so bored with his 'Ramkatha' that I was actually sad with its happy ending. Shahid was good and so was the guy who played his best bud. Overall the movie ends as a typical hindi movie where the entire family reunites, the antogonists feel guilty about their actions and ta-da "Happy ending". The other good thing which happened to me because of this movie is that it made me remember 'Tere Naam'. It is a classic which I had watched when I was a kid and will still rate it a better version of true love Vs Anger management/Ego problem and a more realistic one as well.


A joyride indeed
It's been long since I watched the epic animated version of Aladdin. Though the memory of that never faded, I found this one more entertaining may be because of its indianness because if too many songs. Watching the charming and Funny Will, more than gorgeous Naomi and naive Ali in 3D was a great eye-candy. A joyride full of entertainment.


Not for faint hearted
The film's opening sequence itself tells us that this is one raw and gory piece of work. Pros: 1.Large frames shot in several angles make the film an eye candy. 2.The movie talks on numerous topics like Child sexual abuse, Women suppression, Caste discrimination besides beautifully depicting the emotions like fear,regret,anger. 3.Acting performances are just too good. The actors most of the times don't need dialogues to tell us, their eyes say it all. Ashutosh Rana and his eyes will hunt you back home. Manoj Vajpayee had very limited screen presence but he has excelled well in that. All of the other acting performances are also delight to watch. 4. Sudden humor: The movie has some great comic moments which will give you laugh for sure.

Cons: 1.Not for everyone:This one probably had more gunshots than wasseypur combined and URI as well. Some frames are crafted even better than most of the horror flicks coming nowadays. 2.No songs

Anandi Gopal

Lovely piece of art
The movie is a brave attempt to showcase the struggles of the couple from that era against the narrow minds of the society which are not entirely vanished even today. One must praise the leading man for his stand to go against the society and his determination towards women education. Overall the movie is good. Good character development, brilliant acting performances along with good narration as well. The movie educates you not only about the value of education and determination but also about the value of one's health.

Ek Ruka Hua Faisla

A gem in its own for off beat movie lovers
Content is the king after all ...But the character of Pankaj Kapoor and Annu Kapoor could have been better. No doubt that they acted well but their portrayal was irritating to watch. Hats off to KK Raina.

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