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Annabelle Comes Home

First of all I wanna say that Annabelle could have easily gotten a 10 because over all I just love that doll. The concept is just insanely good, but after all it didn't because it didn't really have a story. The movie itself began really good and eventually got worse after the part when a lot of jumpscares came in couples of seconds. Because I like it when they build up to something insane. This movie had some really nice camera shots , which was super nice to see. So I really loved that. After all I'm not too dissapointed about this one although I think Creation was a little better. This movie is still plenty of fun and I'm giving it a 9 because of the concept which is just so good and the cinematography. Also the soundtracks haha. 9 well deserved

Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too
Episode 3, Season 5

This is not bad guys. Stop giving 1's
I understand this could be not your type Black Mirror but no way this deserves a 1. It was a decent episode but maybe not as good as the others , but it was very enjoyable. This episode was trying to give us a message and it did it's job. The beginning was very good , but slowly it started getting a little cliche. The ending was a little rushed but that is black mirror, but then don't make it cliche so you'll think it is going to be a slower ending. Just make it entirely black mirror or just cliche but enjoyable. But not mixed. Although the critic I gave , it was super enjoyable. I loved the song , I think it needs to be put on Spotify!!!


No just no
People are saying this movie is a good horror. I don't think so. I seriously laughed at some scenes because it was just bad at some times such as a unnecessary jumpscare that was just weird and kinda funny. The ending tho: Elizabeth Banks falls. Plays dramatic music as if that is needed and then suddenly Bad Guy plays from Billie Eilish. Doesn't fit the movie whatsoever. I love that song tho no hate haha but not for this movie I think. The only good thing about this movie is the core. Very nicely done. Some scenes are just super graphic so be ready if you go but don't expect a great horror movie which is clearly not.


This movie is like a rollercoaster. In the beginning you put your seatbelts on and you see the thrilling ride (opening scene in the snow) and you get frightened. Then the ride starts (first scene starts). You are going up and you see the beautiful view from out the ride (watching the dancing scene). This takes a while to actually get to the point where you are going down. After a while you go down and go through multiple inversions (some camera shots) and you get dizzy and nauseous (the lsd in the drink are the people now feeling) The rollercoaster gets even scarier and scarier and scarier (just like in the movie it gets terrifier). At the end of the rollercoaster we felt the climax of death. And let's us sink in what just had happened. You can rewatch this movie many times just like you would in a terrifying rollercoaster because of the adrenaline.


Dramatic movie but ending could have been better
Okay first off I have to say this movie had my attention the entire movie. It was really good and dramatic in a way I really wanted to help this dude or that he got saved. The movie itself is all about survival and that's what makes this movie interesting because you can also learn from it and because hes doing stuff you didn't know yet. The ending is pretty good because it just ends there and it doesn't show how recovered from it , so it not that casual in that way, but the part that the helicopter came back to save them is just casual for me. But although this ending I really loved this movie. It deserves to be a minimum 7 on averaged

Face 2 Face

I think this movie was very good because you get to know the characters well and how their life passes. You also see that this film is building up to the point where their friendship is getting much stronger because you see that T is feeling much more comfortable than before. And in the beginning he was suicidal and then you see him changing throughout the film in a more happy person. Somehow I hoped the ending took longer and that T wasn't gay because I really shipped them hahah.

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