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Mission: Impossible - Fallout

A terrific movie from the great and handsome Tom Cruise.
Tom Cruise not only a handsome man,he is the best actor. Mission Impossible:Fallout is indeed a terrific family-action movie from the start till the end. Great Espionage movie.mesmerizing action,great acting and grand direction. I am not surprised if this terrific movie wins too many Oscars. See it and enjoy the enchantment in this masterpiece film.

Toul omry

A masterpiece Gay Movie.
All my life treats the subject of Egyptian gay men who have been oppressed and suppressed from expressing their attraction to other men. You will feel with the suffering of gay tormented Egyptian men who feel regret after having affairs with other men. All my life is a true movie from the great and daring Egyptian director who shows some scenes of full frontal male nudity and really managed to provide a fantastic gay movie aimed at the gay adult audience. 10 out of 10.


Surprisingly The Best Horror Turkish Movie.
Kafir is a true great Turkish Horror movie.

It tells the story of a woman who sees nightmares and a magician performs black magic on her trying to turn her life to hell and willingly trying to separate her from her husband. Hasan Gokalp is a talented Turkish director .Loved every scene in this perfect movie. The acting and the direction was great . A breathtaking horror movie Recommended For All Teens.

Dua Et Kardesiz

A Great Comedy Movie.
This is the best Turkish comedy movie I have ever seen. Great Acting,funny scenes & great direction. It will relieve your stress .

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