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Might be ok narrative
But the pacing and acting make it impossible for me to watch. Maja is excruciatingly, ploddingly, spectacularly BAAAAD



Frances Fantastic
Saw this after the preview of Michelle Pfeiffer's overcooked posturing in French Exit, Nomadland made her look like a pretentious tiresome try hard.

This film is simply flawless

Loved it.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

How the hell did they film this thing
An incredible feat Enthrals anew every time Cannot believe its two decades ago Love it so much


Well didn't expect to but...i like it
Played with straight up conviction & heart, the cast do really well here in a show that could have been ghastly

Blake Fallon Michael Stephen Sam Cristel all great

Alan Dale is the icing on the cake says an Aussie who remembers him from her youth, so great to see him as Anders.

BUT why did they cast a lined and raddled has been to play Alexis? So revolting and holds no sway at all... when she SHOULD!! She's Alexis Carrington ffs, but she looks like a tacky clapped out leather skinned drag queen

Hunter Killer

Ghastly schmaltz
So embarrassing with the forelock tugging between the kapitans

I liked the sub and the sea shots.

Some of the action was well done but it became too silly.

News of the World

Beautifully paced, filmed & directed, a story well told
Critical that the girl carries off this role with authenticity, and she does. Tom Hanks is like pulling on dependable comfy slippers. You know you wont be disappointed and all will be well, but thiught he was especially good in this. He's such a pleasure to watch, always humble, never bigger than his character. If you want fast action you won't like this, but it is quality work there's no doubt about that. Recommended.

Your Honor

Omg what a POS writing
This is a perfect example of zero skill exhibited in creating TENSION for your audience. That was why Walter White was such a success he was a POS too so often but he was OTHER THINGS AS WELL.


So here we have POS Adam, lame brained, mindlessly cruel, vapid, spineless but worse than that, not connected to US! YES he can be all those things and still be part of US but no! we watch the train wreck at arm's length, no rationale provided, 100% excluded from his process, just a being bumbling around a stranger to us who anticipate that surely before the final reel we will be given something ANYTHING to make sense of him.

But no! Thats not afforded us.

So POS Adam watched Rocco DIE, he hears his own gasping breath being mistaken for Rocco's in Court...he SITS THROUGH THIS AND DOES NOTHING, says nothing, gives US nothing and THEN he goes to the family after party WITH ROCCO'S SISTER.

SO this character is actually brain dead. BORING, zero tension in that, now we just detest him and only hope he dies (zero tension in that) we've just been invited into his empty hollow world as subscribers to a streaming service and treated with contempt.

So then his disgusting POS father gets frantic AGAIN!!!! over POS son and we the "contempted upon" are supposed to feel WHAT EXACTLY???

Im so enraged I invested 10 odd hours of my life to this garbage.

Laughed so hard at the last moments, at least that was entertaining.

How dare they then try to add gravitas in the dying moments of the puerile mess they duped us with, by injecting some soaring strains of glorious music.

Talk about delusional!!!

The whole thing was infuriating.


The Adventures of Tintin

Incredibly loud a frantic assault on tiny ears
Why are kids movies so overwrought? The intensity of destructive smash it to pieces scenes in this is incredibly bad for the nervous system. Please movie makers wind it down a bit. The art here is undeniable but sometimes more is less and this seems a very apt truism for most kids movies these days.

Harry Brown

Harry Brown is a good film
Despite Emily Mortimer's ever vapid presence, in no way suited to be convincing as a cop. Michael Caine is masterful as always, film gives him an opportunity to show off his incredible range credibly, from fragile pathos and sorrow to hard unrelenting man in the field you do not want to cross. It's hard to take any satisfaction though in the hunting down and brutalising of miserable wretches at the bottom of the have not pile. Well directed scripted and edited. Love seeing Michael Caine always, he's so damned good nuance by nuance it's spooky.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

So immediately
I see the dopey idiot is a white male and the sharp on point counterpart is a woman. Surprised not a black woman. Getting tired of this constant shameful unashamed shaming, it's even in my workplace training modules!

The Drowning

Seriously Seriously stupid
Do not waste your time on this

Worst thing I've seen in a very long time

The narrative is absurd


The Dig

People panning this
...demonstrate the change society has undertaken since those days when life moved more slowly, now nothing slow can be tolerated, and all precious nuance must be stomped upon with horror tag of "boring".


This is a splendid film. Ralph Fiennes, despite a few overly tended vowels, is perfect as Basil. Actors really are the most remarkable people. How can this be the guy in Schindlers List?

And where is his Oscar?!

Well i guess this film is not flashy enough to attract one for him, lovely to see his beautiful eyes again anyway.

Ms Mulligan did Edith proud, and young Robert gave a stout and spirited performance.

Thanks to all, loved it.

Kim's Convenience

Love this show, I laugh out loud way more than other renowned comedy sit coms such as Schitts Creek. It never lags as SC does for me, there are zero weak spots in the characters. All great :)

Brick Lane

Likeable sop
Really ticked off not to see Karim and what happened between them. Of course a marriage would have been a disaster, what silliness, is that what we were supposed to assume? My goodness the husband was a statement wasn't he, carefully crafted so as not to demonise. That he would sail off all alone back home was absurd, but whatever. Christopher Simpson adorable.

Ulven kommer

This is a beautifully rendered, controlled dramatisation of the complexities and confusions that inhabit DV situations. Great performances with a knock out from the girl who portrays Holly, every screen of her face tells us the immense fear and conflict she has been silently enduring. Lars also terrific, loved Theo and Simon as well, good direction pacing and editing, well written. Not for the impatient action hounds, no doubt we will get the whiners on here grumbling about watching paint dry and "nothing happens". Ignore such vapid reviews if you have any interest in human psychology, family dynamics, human suffering. EDIT: to the person commenting that the mother wouldn't have been in denial ( for the children's sake ) knows nothing about the confusing nature of denial in DV situations or indeed...marriage

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl wears thin
Blake Lively's little girl voice, pouts and tears are bad as she looks about 22 years old, it's worse since she had the globes done and has them constantly in show. Why is her chest always bare? She looks like a hooker. And her voice omg. Don't even. UPDATE One season later and im done, i simply cannot watch/listen to Serena any longer, she's so so irritating it's unbearable, the thought of enduring it for another 4 seasons makes me nauseous...will miss Chuck & Blair both adorable, and Rufus. Xoxo

The Dry

Overblown melodrama for the easy to please
Eric Bana adds some much needed gravitas to Ms Harpers concocted feeling little boiler which does its best to stuff itself full as a Christmas turkey. I really did laugh out loud when we managed to fit in a gay couple alongside the indigenous and Asian spouses, the ultimately strangely disconnected, non- satisfying side story of gambling addiction and a man apparently gone mad to the point of losing all perspective manifesting in unfettered murder and self immolation, and of course, the incestuous murderous dad. A tawdry trite unskilled work. Open spaces very nicely filmed.

The Burnt Orange Heresy

What happened to that poor caged bird
Terrible, bored to death, "chief" and "pumpkin" characters felt written, phoney. She s not a bit convincing as a savvy languid disgraced "trying whoring now" ,( lol ) teacher from wherever it was, Sutherland had zero pacing also causing him to feel written, their D&M made me laugh out loud. Wasnt engaged in any of it, Lake Como gets 2 stars.


So i come onto imdb and...
Sure enough as i expected the picky little whiners complaining about character's dumb choices while completely missing the point of the film. This is a resounding depiction by Crowe of a male caught in toddler rage because in society today men don't have the run of the town any more.

Doesnt it SUCK?!?!

What a shame they can't take a step back and reflect ...THINK THIS "holy cow so THIS is what it's like, how did they (women) survive the pain misery grief torment cruelty of THIS TIMES A GOOGLEPLEX for the past 5 centuries? HOW?"...nuh, instead they go into enraged thwarted entitlement and start killing, maining, whining, flaming self / other destruction.

Yeah it sucks for you the tide has turned but what did you think? That the waves would just keep crashing your way for all eternity? Grow up and grow.

Thank you RUSSELL CROWE for showing what failure to do this results in.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Love this show !!
It's fast funny smart entertaining endearing and self aware.

Love all the characters.

Thoroughly recommended!!!

The Gunman

Wow Sean Penn!!
Muscles. He did convince in this film, the action scenes cliche but he pulled it off. I thought of I Am Sam (and others) ...pretty damn impressive character range. Saddled here with a chick he had about as much chemistry with as zero (and her acting was atrocious) and JB doing a mysterious turn. Not sure what the hell he was even doing in this film. The script was very bad, narrative awful, so basically all my stars are for Sean.

Low Winter Sun

Did not get past this absurdity

Made in Italy

Filled in some spare time pleasantly enough
At times cringy in it's trite mawkish mushiness, it was made more bearable knowing these two did lose wife & mother. And so on. And Tuscany.

We Are Who We Are

Very good ! The kid's a born natural
I thought watching him, he reminds me of Timothee Chalamet and there ya go, i see he played the young Nic Sheff in Beautiful Boy. Anyway he is imo better than TC , he is less self aware, it's just an innate talent you cant fake and he s got it in spades. You 100% forget there's a camera on him, i never really forget there's a camera on Timothee. He s also better looking,( sry Timbo). Hope he can hold his life together as he grows, and reach his full potential.

And to people "in the know" babbling on about this isnt a realistic portrayal of a military base, when people refer to realism/realistic in this context they are not talking about "this is how an OS military base really is" .. no one cares about that, it's about realism as in body mind feeling expression. So unruffle your feathers and just try to immerse organically in a different kind of experience, leaving your "but but but's.." in the outhouse :),


Stick to horror Ben....wait
Absolutely tinny ghastly ugly bugly mess... AH should have known to steer clear of this project abounding with potential to be a dud. Which it most assuredly is.

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