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La Casa de Papel

Starting out well, then becomes too predictable and repetitive
I started watching this since there were some recommendations about it. Also quite interesting with a Spanish series. Fiorst sesaon starts out well with thge staging of a quite clever heist. Season two felt just too drawn out without adding any particular to the intrigue. Season three basically becomes a copy of first season, a new heist in a quite similar setting. It would have been much more interesting if the story had been much more around their lives as fugitives out in the world. After a while I lack complexity, and the characters are very shallow and stereotype. Overall acting is quite average, no real stars to shine. I kept watching all three seasons and was a little disappointed in the end. I had expected more. No sure if I will spend time in the next season (which I am quite sure they will make).


Very enjoyable modern soap opera/ drama with many twists and layers
A very enjoyable dama with many twists. At first I hesitated wether I should watch this after having read the reviews here, but I am glad I watched the show. Zellweger is actually very good in her incarnation as Cruella de Vil of high finance. Very very different from Bridget Jones.. Story is multilayered and the connection of characters is revealed stepwise. A bit of a soap opera but very enjoyable to watch. Cast is also very good. If you liked Dallas and Dynasty in the eighties then you will like this show. The ending of the first season is very clearly opening up for a continuation and I look forward to the next season. This series is a perfect binge watch a rainy Sunday.

Game of Thrones

At times the best show of all times, but uneven and too many seasons
All that can be said about this epic show has already been said in all the reviews here. GOT is a truly milestone in TV history. All these fantastic characters, scenery and ruthless strategic and tactic powerplay. Also a great thing that the supernatural and fantasy is there in some context, but only very limited. Which makes it more "believable" and also more thrilling. All these fantastic characters and actors in the same show, that is really unique for GOT and has not (and never will be?) sen in any other show.

There are many episodes in GOT and the series is quite uneven. First seasons are outstanding, then middle seasons losing some ground and focus and later seasons getting better again. Now and then the pace in the show can feel quite slow bounding to boring. But then something unexpected happens and you sit one the edge of your seat again..

Last season 8 was a disappointment. No particular interesting development of character and intrigue. It was more a big epic ending battle with all bells and whistles. Anyhow the ending made sense and the final scene intelligently weaving it all together.

GOT will rank in the top 10 of TV series of all times for a long time to come.


Excellent dark comedy, fantastic characters
Each season is a separate story so no need to have seen previous seasons to understand the plots. Similar for all seasons that the environment is a often cold and dark Minnesota.

All seasons has been a very enjoyable watch. There is no adrenaline octane action, rather a quite slow burn forward with fantastic and weird characters. And once in a while grit and violence. Violence is sudden and unpredictably shocking. Dark comedy at its finest. I feels very original and interesting. Brilliant cast, excellent storys and also with a great amount of humour. This show delivers on many levels and is a real top quality drama.

I almost stumbled on this show since it is not so overhyped like many others and what a treasure to find. In the same league as Breaking Bad. Highly recommended!

The Kominsky Method

Fantastic, one of the best shows I have seen. Totally excellent.
The cast is fabulous and the lead actors Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin absolutely top class. Here I realized how fantastic actor Michael Douglas really is. Total masterclass. The show is basically about everyday life when getting old. All lead actors here are 70+. It is great fun, engaging comedy and also real seriousness and sadness. Funny, dramatic and touching. And this show also opens up a whole new genre: the living drama of getting old with its many facettes, ups and downs. Each episode only about 30 min and eight episodes total makes this a very easy and accessible watch. They are making a second season and I am so much looking forward to a continuation. It doesn´t get better than this wow wow wow!


Big disappointment
This is one of the worst films and performances with Mads Mikkelsen I have seen. I was motivated to watch the movie because of Mads playing here but what a disaster. I feel sorry for him to have let is name being drawn down the drain by this rubbish. Only good is some nice landscape photos. The rest is some sort of lowest level Tarantino-wannabe movie production. I regret I wasted almost 2 hours of my precious life watching this. Stay far away.


Very solid British detective drama
A very solid British production about a murder in a small sea town in southern England. The lead characters are excellent and there is this very uneasy combination about a murdercase and a small town where almost everyone knows each other and has some secret to hide. This creates a very intense drama with a lot of ambiguity and darkness. The first season is excellent and absolutely top class. Don't miss that! However seasons two and three is not as good. Especially season two. After season three I felt it had lost its magic quite a bit.

Patrick Melrose

Exceptional drama
This is an outstanding performance by Cumberbatch as an upper class junkie trying to carry through with a childhood trauma always clinging on his back. He is exceptionally good at portraying complex and subtle emotions creating a fascinating palett of emotional nuances. You are constantly being kept on the edge what next scene will bring. The overall production and the rest of the cast is also brilliant. This is high quality drama at its finest. A pure enjoyment from the first to the last episode. Possibly the best TV series production last year. Don't miss out on this gem!

The Americans

Total deception and manipulation in an excellent show
This is an underrated show and should be regarded in the same class as Breaking Bad, Sopranos, Mad Men etc. Absolutely top class scripting and performance. This is a never-ending rollercoaster ride about two Soviet spys living undercover in US during the 80s. And their neighbour is a FBI agent, and they become best friends.. You can imagine all twists and crazy moments this will create in the storyline.. The key actors are all excellent. Russel and Rhys are outstanding as the perfect partnership in crime. Basically everything about their lives are lies and deception. And they are totally ruthless to manipulate other peoples feelings and the world around them in their efforts to reach their goals. And at the same time managing to keep everything afloat. The storyline is sometimes so twisted and lacking of moral that I got seasick, it surpasses imagination, still it is a very enjoyable watch.

It is so intense and captivating that it is hard not to binge watch it. Some have criticised the show for exploiting sex, but this is perfectly logical in a ruthless world without any ethics or moral. And since the show is such a rollercoaster ride, it is impossible to predict what will happen next. That will keep you sitting constantly on the edge. What are you waiting for? Put on your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

Update 030419: After watching final season six this concludes an excellent series. Final season was a bit sad, unexpected and a elaborate conclusion to this fantastic show. The Americans is one of the best shows ever.


Brilliant Nordic noir crime show
Bron (The Bridge) is about crime investigators from Sweden and Denmark working together to solve cases. Each season is about a separate case so there are no open loose ends for the next season. The shows main attraction in the first two seasons is the intense dynamics between the Dane (Kim Bodnia) and Swede (Sofia Helin). Their personalities are extremely different, where Dane Bodnia is a trigger happy choleric and Swede Helin smart asperger with almost no social competence at all. This dynamic is also expressing the cultural differences between Denmark and Sweden in an interesting way.

It is also a deep portrayal of us as lovers, parents, sons and daughters, siblings. It is the humanity of its main characters , their pasts, their presents that makes you believe in them.

The production, plot and storytelling is absolutely top class. Complexity, twists, action and violence. This is probably one of the best Scandinavian (or European) crime dramas to watch. In season three Bodnia is out of the show and his character is really missing and that season really lacks from his absence. But all in all a top show.


Quite interesting show about the beginning of psychological profiling
This is a well produced show about how some investigators during the 1970s began to find ways to make psychological profiles of criminals. How they are entering new territory and need to also fight an internal war among their bosses and organisation to get approval to work further in this (at that time) mumbo-jumbo area of expertise.

There are some interesting encounters with interviewing convicted criminals in prison in this project. Still the show doesn't stand out or has anything special except a professional production about an interesting topic in the evolution of CSI. I lack an intriguing storyline, complexity and anything special. Now it is just another well produced show among many others.

I there is a season two I am not sure I will spend time on it.

O Mecanismo

Very good show about corruption in Brazil
It is very refreshing to watch a good show from Brazil as a contrast to the usual Anglo crime series. This show is about the big corruption scandal in Brazil the recent 10-15 years leading to the conviction and imprisonment of former Brazilian presidents. This is a very good drama based on actual history, still it is a drama so those criticise the show for not being absolutely accurate need to consider this.

This is a very well played and realistic drama about how the Brazilian society is rigged for corruption on all levels and how the system is so deeply integrated into all aspects of everyday life. Even the plumber. It also portrays well how Brazil is ruled by an elite of top politicians and businessmen that are used to control all outcomes to their favour by making, tweaking or changing the rules and laws in society.

For me as a European it gives me a new knowledge and insight into a country and system I know little about.

The show is well produced with good casting and it deserves more attention. And there is no overuse of action and violence, just effectively telling a good story. I very much like this show and hopefully there will ge another season to tell what is going today in this country.

Don miss this show!

Update 28 May 19: Season 2 is good but a bit slow. The story is based on real events in Brazil and it is replicating reality well. Seems like there is an opening for another season 3. My total rating is reduced to 8 (from 9) because of last season. Still a very good show.

Black Mirror

Very smart and thought provoking about possible technology impact in a (not too distant) future
This is an excellent series, each season is quite short, and each episode is an entirely separate story, with different cast and producers, so you can watch the episodes entirely on their own.

The red line connecting all episodes is how technological advances in a possibly quite near future might impact our lives. And here the focus is on possible side effects and misuses of the possibilities of new technology.

It is many times a journey into the darker sides of humanity in a dystopic future. But also how good intentions of new technology conflicts with our aspirations as good humans to have a loving and meaningful life. There is a wide spectrum of stories in this show, from very emotional love stories to dark sci-fi horror. So there is a very big variation in the episodes. and everyone start watching should find some real golden nuggets to like.

Stories are well thought out and seems quite realistic. No overplayed action or violence, you basically just know it is there to take the story forward which is good.

The show is really addicting to watch, you just want more of this mind expanding, thought provoking and sometimes frightening and disturbing stories about us as humans in a possible future. An amazing show, masterclass of stories and actors. I really look forward to season 5.

Better Call Saul

Masterclass TV
This prequel to Breaking Bad portraying the evolution of sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman is another masterpiece from Vince Gillgan & Co.

If you, like me, watched BB first, this is quite a different experience. Not so much high adrenaline action and violence but an absolutely masterful storytelling about how Saul/Jimmy Mcgill is really struggling hard in every creative way to get ahead and make it in his life. It is a deep human and emotional journey to follow his way forward. Perfectly catches everyday, often slow and boring, life that all of us can identify with. And I think that is what makes this series so special, it is easy to seriously identify, and feel empathy, for his person and attempts move forward in this world. It is also a psychological story how his mindset and morals changes as he evolves. From the beginning it was all good and honest (almost).

The evolution of characters is also fantastic. It just evolves, piece by piece, in a slow but steady way. Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn and Michael McKean are all absolutely fantastic in their roles.

And the storyline is really well written, where all pieces comes together in season three and four and you can start see BB approaching on the horizon. And there are many complexities and loops along the red line to make it interesting and unpredictive.

I feel that BCS has set a new standard in production and storytelling in a TV series.

I recommend you watch Breaking Bad before you start with Better Call Saul. Very highly recommended, don't miss !

The Handmaid's Tale

Mediocre show with some very good cast performance
Efter watching first two seasons I am quite disappointed. From the reviews and popularity of this show I had very high expectations.

The good things is that Elisabeth Moss is brilliant as the main character here. She really proves her star qualities as an actress and to watch here performance in this show could be a good reason to watch the show. But that is about it.

The portrait of the religious dictatorship Gilead feels very overdone and unrealistic. It is like in a very few years, society goes from a modern Twitter, iPhone, selfie world to a world like living in the 30s. Old style interiors, dresses, no media, machine-gun guards in every street corner. Labour camp work colonies etc. It is all grey and uncomforting like in the old communist world. I don't buy this and it is typical Hollywood way to make it overdone black or with style. It had been much more creepy should the new dictatorship has been integrated into our current lives, and to make it more subtle. Only thing that seems quite believable are the parallels between Gilead and Deash cult in muslim world. Otherwise there are so many glitches in the description of Gilead so I cannot buy it.

The story is slow and non complex. Most characters are very stereotype with a very little depth. It is a shame that they didn't take the opportunity to do something really excellent out of Atwoods novel. Now it is only flat and stereotype.

Although the production is very slick with stunning visuals etc. But we are now getting used also to that in TV show.

I am not sure if I am going to watch season three next year. Depends on the reviews, I will read them first before I spend another 12 hours of my precious time.

Au service de la France

Classical satire in the legacy of Peter Sellers and Jaques Tati
A French agent drama set in the early sixties with a backdrop of actual historical events, in this case the cold war and Algerian liberation war. It is very enjoyable to watch, it is a very French kind of jargon and humour and I would describe it as a mix of Peter Sellers and Jaques Tati. At moments it is absolutely brilliant and hilarious.

The recreation of the 60s atmosphere is great and everything oozes a high class production. Mad Men in a French setting.

It is a funny comedy, no gore or explicit violence, that will keep you smiling and wanting more. Each episode is pretty short circa 25 min so it is perfectly digestible in chunks now and then.

A series that deserves much more attention. A hidden gem.

Very recommended watch if you are looking for an intelligent comedy

1,000,000 yen no Onnatachi

Artful and compelling Japanese drama
It is very refreshing to watch something else than the standard kind of series we are used with. It is a different kind of storytelling in a different culture. Very addictive and unpredictable story about a man, writer of crime fiction, housing five women and getting paid 1 M Yen a month for it while he is trying to understand and uncover what is going on. It is a really great series of twelve short episodes of circa 25 min each. It combines so many qualities: its intelligent, polite, complex, soft, scary, violent etc in a unique combination you don't get watching the standard Hollywood output.

This series increased my appetite for more quality Japanese drama, thanks Netflix for bringing it up on my recommendation list

Don't miss this artful and intriguing drama !

Who Is America?

Some brilliant moments but overall dull repetitive and cheap under the belt jokes
This series would have been quite brilliant if it had been condensed down to an hour or so. There are some fantastically brilliant and genius moments and SBC has a really great ability to create hilarious situations. Still it feels like there are many just time-filling episodes and it gets quite repetitive after a while.

And also, I have difficulty with SBC many times low and vulgar humour. It can be fun now and then but it just feels too much here.

If you are not a deep fan of SBC, spend your time with something else. Sorry, it could have been so much better if it was shorter.


Intense dark high quality drama
About a family that moves to a small place to launder mafia cartel money via building a casino. A lot of dysfunctional personalities around in the cast and basically everything that can go wrong also do that. As the family struggles, they are digging the hole constantly deeper.

Quality drama. Quite slow paced still very tense with well written quite complex storyline and very good development of characters. The action and violence is there, though it is not an overload of it, rather the threat and terror is lurking constantly in the background. And then suddenly it shows up now and then.

All actors are doing a terrific job and especially Laura Linney and Jason Bateman are a fantastic match in their partnership in crime and deception.

The ending of season two was perfectly ambiguous and open ended to leave room for a continuation.

However the color grading of season two is far too dark, in a muddy dark green and blue toning. I hope they change this for the next season.

This is a very high quality drama recommended to watch. Some have made comparisons with Breaking Bad. There might be similarities in the complexity of plot development, however Ozark is considerably slower, less violent and bit more subtle. Possibly the best on Netflix right now and a very highly recommended watch if you like these kinds of dramas.

I didn't rate it a ten, since we nowadays are quite spoilt with high quality TV series, but the nine rating is solid.

I really look forward to the next season


Mad Men of 2018 meet House of Cards
This is a series in high finance, investment banking and hedge funds in a constantly evolving cat and mouse game between billionaire Axelrod, excellently played by Damien Lewis and attorney Rhodes played by Paul Giamatti. Although both two are very good actors, Damien Lewis IS the show. His character is complex, ruthless, sociopathic and still somehow likeable.

Billions is like Mad Men set in our times and contexts. In a modern high tech environment of high finance. Having experience from this business myself, I can testify Billions is a fair replication of the business culture, jargon, attitudes and people in this world. The only things that matters is the bottom line and your pay check. Nothing else. This creates an environment for people with a all sorts of personal disorders and variations, which is ok as long as they make money. Great example here is the "Taylor", the first non-binary character on a main TV production.

The casting is excellent, and one very unlikely couple is the chubby attorney "Chuck" and his wife "Wendy" who is a dominatrix in the closet while also being an in-house shrink in Axelrod´s investment firm. A fantastic setup for all kinds of plots happening.

Still, the people and portraits feel shallow and stereotype. Same for the various business cases they are confronting. It feels a little too black and white, unrealistic or like a cartoon. And a little more depth of personalities and nuances in general would have made this show stellar. And at time the show also wanders.

Still, the script and story is excellent. It is impossible to predict what is going to happen next, keeping you on the edge wanting to see next episode. The storyline is intelligent, complex and constantly moving forward on many levels. The finales of each seasons are epic dramatic conclusions as well as setting the stage perfectly for the next season.

Billions is a very enjoyable high quality production and I really look forward to season four.

Update June 11, 2019: After season 4 I have reduced my total rating to an eight (from nine) After the first two seasons the show goes downwards. It now feels repetitive and storyline unrealistic and non-engaging. Very few series hold for more than three seasons and Billions is a good example off that. It should have stopped after third season. I will not watch upcoming season five unless it gets totally glowing reviews.


Intense action drama that will blow you away
Fauda is a very intense and rough show about the Israeli - Palestinian conflict. No side is a saint or hero. All means and methods are used from both sides. Sometimes with success and sometimes big failure. Terrorism, revenge, fight for injustice, all causes are there.

The show is very well produced with a nerve and authentic feel that is not present in similar US productions.

The characters are strong and very well performed by actors and actresses, unknown to me but nevertheless stellar performances.

Key character is Doron, an undercover Israeli agent that is both prudent privately and ruthless as a professional. But he is often held back by his own emotional turmoil, impulsively guided by his natural instincts and careless maneuvers.

Also the acting and development of the character Walid, on the Palestinian side, is absolutely splendid.

The action is constantly there and it is impossible to predict what is going to happen next. This really brings an intensity and always keeping you on the edge. Still it feels natural and not overdone.

The show has been critisized for being Isreeli propaganda. It is an Israeli production so it might be a small bias here, but still there are good people and bad people on both sides. And both sides can be totally ruthless without any sense of moral and ethics. So all in all the show is a great two-sided portrait of this ongoing conflict. It is very intense and unique because you see both sides of the conflict.

A very refreshing alternative to traditional US action productions. Don't miss Fauda!

The Get Down

Nostalgic, idealized musical into the 70s
An extremely well produced and high budget show about the emergence of black music like rap and hip hop in the 70s New York. It is a drama and musical with fantastic song and dance numbers that are intertwined into the general drama storyline making it all come together in an elegant way.

It is also a very historical education about musical and cultural evolution.

Season one is smashing, absolutely outstanding, and season two losing some sparks and magic.

This is basically a musical so everything feels quite a bit idealized, almost like a cartoon with real actors wrapped in cotton candy.

The cast is wonderful, storyline excellent an original style of production and storytelling and the soundtrack is fantastic. This show is a real gem to watch and will probably be regarded as a milestone in TV production.

Absolutely recommend you watch first season, it is pure enjoyment and great entertainment.

Altered Carbon

Overdone Sci-Fi show without any substance
A high-budget show where the visuals, cinematic and special effects are awesome. And where the rest sucks, Acting is very shallow, predictable and stereotype. The storyline feels non-existent. Altered Carbon is a very good example what is wrong with many productions today, where a good thoughtful and complex intrigue and good acting with nuances is substituted with violence, sex, plot twists and special effects.

I am surprised by all the good reviews here. I have watched all big series and written a number of, hopefully, nuanced and valuable reviews. Keep asking myself what I have missed here by cannot find anything.

So, for me this is a pretty forgettable show with a confusing script and bad acting. It is hardly worth spending your time on this. And what a waste of resources to make this. Avoid.

Peaky Blinders

Fantastic, intense, original, raw and classy British drama
Peaky Blinders is very well well done. Acting and attention to detail is superb and you really feel to be part of the 1920s Birmingham.

I also think this is a highly underrated series, it deserves the same attention as the very known top productions as Sopranos and Breaking Bad. The main character, Thomas Shelby, played by Cilian Murphy, is one of the most encapsulating, complex, nuanced and frightening characters ever seen, well on par with Gandolfini as Tony Soprano.

The supporting cast is also phenomenal. I cannot find any bad performance here.

The soundtrack is also perfect. And of course, the haircuts.

The writing is excellent with many nuances, gruesome violence and fight scenes, family values and love, and many amazing surprises that keeps you on the edge.

Each season is 6 episodes, which makes it easy to digest and minimizes boring time-filling episodes that are common in other productions.

A very highly recommended watch, don't miss it!

Suburra - La serie

Great intense Italian crime drama
This is an action packed drama about the fight about some strategic land in a suburb, Ostia, by the seaside outside of Rome. It is a multiparty drama involving the Vatican and politicians , the mafia and local gangsters.

It is very well played and involves an interesting plot involving many parts and groups of the society. It feels very Italian in its appearance and execution.

It also involves insights into these various groups, and especially the Gypsys and the politicians feels both authentic and original.

The acting, although good, now and then feels a bit too overplayed. Anyhow this is a solid production and performance that deserves more attention.

Refreshing with an Italian production and I look forward to season two.

Update 270219: After having watched season two I will raise my rating to a nine. This is a very intense encapsulating Italian crime opera. It is absolutely excellent cast and the main characters fantastic. Especially Spandino who is constantly on a duality borderline that never stops to fascinate, and engross. A fantastic series that deserves much more attention. The intrigue, involving vatican, mafia, politics and business is believable and interestingly complex. I really hope they make a season three. Fantastic!

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