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The Last of Us

As good as game
If they're making all episodes like pilot it's gonna be awesome. I love how they kept the originality of the game in the show. Effects are good, they did justice with the casting. Background score gives you the game vibe. Let's hope they don't change the story trying to get better. I believe they can do fine even if they copy the whole game shot to shot.

The two famous game of thrones actors are doing justice with their characters in this show also.

If you're fan of this game, you'll definitely gonna enjoy the show. If you're just for the hype then it can amaze you with the story and concept.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

It's not bad it's incredibly good
I just think the low ratings are due to because if they're explaining everything in so much detail why few of things remain unexplained. This movie is worth watching despite you love logic or not. A teenage story beautifully told.

Friends: The Reunion

The One With the Reunion
A treat for fans. It's great to see the cast after so many years and Phoebe still being Phoebe. They'll be there for you definitely to entertain you. Some of the table read brings back the old memories.


TVF nailed it again
Personally I love to watch Naveeen Kasturia in anything. He is a gem and in this series he acted very well. The direction is amazing and music compliments every frame. Even if you're not an aspirant, you will definitely enjoy it. Let's watch it.

Zack Snyder's Justice League

This is not a movie this is art
And DCEU breathes again, this was the movie everyone was looking for. Thanks to fans who ran campaign like #ReleaseSnyderCut and the result is amazing. This is a must watch movie.

The Girl on the Train

Even Hollywood version screenplay was not this bad
The book was great no doubt but this movie seems to be based on the movie. The only good thing in this movie is Aditi, otherwise you can skip this for sure and watch the original one.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever

This is actually good
It is quite good. Cheesy maybe but hit on spot for the school love. As they're evolved from letters to text messages, this ending is expected. The leading lady did a good job and her cuteness is what makes this movie watchable. Happiness is everywhere in this movie and it's good.

Our Friend

The story is amazing
I think when a movie is based on a true story, the chances are you will expect a lot from it. This movie meets that, I think the timeline chunk they created is because you can be happy in between. Otherwise the other half of movie will make you only cry and that's not good. A good attempt and must watch.


Well you're in for an amazing treat
This is the perfect comedy based on middle class family. It gives you perfect vibe and characters around you. You will laugh, you will cry and you will definitely suggest this to everyone you know.

Leaving Las Vegas

This tells you lot more than you want to hear
This movie is quite good, when the movie ends you can feel the power of love. The acting is brilliant by leads and it's a powerful movie. I think this will remain one of the best movies based on Vegas.

Mystic River

This is good
This film leaves you with a void. The void you can understand if life is unfair to you and problem about life is it is unfair to all. This movie is not about surface meaning it's about how deep you can dive in that river of sorrow just like Dave Boyle was diving in whole movie.

Fighting with My Family

Feel good film
It's a nice movie, One of the underrated movies of this year.


Pankaj Tripathi Nailed it Again
The story and direction is good but it gets better by acting of Pankaj Tripathi. The story grips you till end and the humor is perfect according to the situation. This movie is must watch.

Cobra Kai: December 19
Episode 10, Season 3

The perfect ending for a new beginning
Well this is how you end a season and I think season 4 will come early. What a way to start a year by binge watching this series. Cobra Kai Never Die.

AK vs AK

It's a Vlog not a movie
Instead of showing DVD library with iconic movies they could've shown much better cinematography. The problem with the movie is only Anil Kapoor is doing acting, all others are just part of a vlog. They're just standing there and doing dialogue delivery. That takes the soul out a movie. Even with this kind of movie the supporting cast is important. They give reference of Taken in the movie, well Taken was much detailed and full of thrill. This movie is a story not a script, the idea was definitely good but execution missed everything. It's hard to believe that Motwane who once directed that iconic chase scene of Udaan can't show an iconic actor running for his daughter's life. AK vs AK can be a lot better than this.


Ruined for those who watched Dark
I think if anyone watched Three seasons of Dark they are in good position to predict the end of the movie around halftime. It's not the first time there mind is seeing this. Probably Dark ruined the movie for me not the sound effects.

Der Zorn der Bestien - Jallikattu

Worthy of official entry for oscars
I'm happy that this movie is finally going for Oscars from India. At least we have a chance. This movie is pure art as you will enjoy the scenes and madness of whole village amazing background music.

The Kissing Booth 2

So Marco was use and throw
I think if they're giving happy ending, it should be for everyone. Marco was not a villain in this movie. Better than first but still lot of loopholes in script.

Chaman Bahaar

Nothing to Offer but still good
It's a one time watch as this movie is not giving so much. Ending is good. The beautiful thing is the song by sonu nigam. Overall a one time watch with no expectation.

Gulabo Sitabo

It's so boring you even don't want to know the end
This problem is with the length. The movie was stretched for 2 hours. Even fine actors are wasted. Glad the movie didn't get Theaterical release. Don't try to watch.

Chintu Ka Birthday

The base is not clear to appreciate icing on cake.
The movie is good no doubt but how do you get Nepali passport and didn't even realize till you are inside Indian Embassy. When you can speak good english in front of soldiers but can't find out about your tempered citizenship. Why the landlord was running is other issue but how come 2 children at your door to eat the cake when soldiers are waiting for route to clear. Overall a movie to watch because of short duration.

Defending Jacob

Good Defending
The show will satisfy you with the slow storytelling. Amazing cast and Chris is doing good. Definitely gonna enjoy the future episodes also. Must watch in the times of lockdown.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Yo Science!!
I think this is what Jesse deserves, Aaron did justice to pinkman even after so many years. He nailed his performance and the humor in this movie reminds the good old Breaking Bad time. Even though people were satisfied with the show ending this movie did a justice to what happened with Jesse. Cinematography expectations met with show level, transition scenes are best.

Dream Girl

You will laugh that's sure
The film is focused on the punches and one liners that will make you laugh for sure, the story is not written to bind you but the comic scenes do well to keep you out of the seat.


It's better
The backstory is amazingly told in this movie. You will laugh and you will get emotional, the machine and human relationship evolved in the movie. You can watch it if you're a fan of transformers or not.

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