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Otsomae Bolkeun Kkeutdong

Great historical drama
I started to watch this drama just out of curiosity because it's very famous currently but eventually, I fell in love with this drama because of beautiful cinematography and strong chemistry between the leads. Nice drama.


I'm now suffering the pain for days after finishing D.P.
D. P. is a very realistic and dark series with excellent cinematography and acting. The way it tackles the sensitive issue in south korean military is mind-blowing and makes me think and reflect alot since such kind of issues are everywhere in our society in either direct or indirect way and the fact that if you want to make something change, you must at least do something calls out the people who normalize bullying and do nothing but ignore even if such happens in front of their eyes. The plot itself is interesting but the realistic acting skills of Jung Hae In make it shine more plus all the casts in the series did their great job. For me, it's the best series of 2021 so far.

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