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Kimbiseoga wae geureolkka

From the moment I read the synopsis I knew this was a drama I would LOVE - & I absolutely did!! I am extremely picky with kdramas & I honestly wish I wasn't since it's so hard to pick something that will grab my attention in the first few minutes of a drama lol but man oh man this was amazing!

If you're looking for a pinkish drama, light hearted rom com with a bit of suspense - THEN THIS IS FOR YOU.

This drama gave me absolutely every single thing I could ever ask for in a perfect drama - great chemistry between the two main leads ( who are incredibly attractive btw ) , lots of comedy and lots & lots of kissing scenes - which were adorable to watch *squeals* PSJ is an extremely talented actor & so is PMY, I was so impressed with this drama, the director did an amazing job and so did all the actors. Each week I was looking forward for each and every single episode & I was never disappointed or ever bored. Did I mention the chemistry was fantastic?

If you're wondering whether or not to give this a shot - I AM BEGGING YOU PLEASE DO. I wasn't disappointed & I hope you won't be. PSJ is quite the eye candy.

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