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Black mirror episode with no spice
The way this movie played out and ended felt very similar to a black mirror episode that felt like it's missing something.... there are a lot of great things in this movie (performance, cinematography, color scheme) but it doesn't make up for the one thing it lacks- excitement. Honestly watching this movie made me feel like I ate a big meal and I'm full from it but it wasn't what I was craving and overall bland. I have this feeling that the point of this movie is to make you feel like nothing. make you feel melancholy and/or depressed. It really makes you question your existence, your place on earth, if perfection is really what we crave and if life really matters, so it did achieve its goal however it probably could have been slightly more entertaining but then maybe it wouldn't have been as effective? It's a tough grey area. I probably wouldn't watch it again or recommend it to someone who's depressed. If you like unique artsy surreal films give it a go but don't expect too much. (Excuse my horrible grammar and spelling)

Horror Hotel: The Movie

This movie is not scary and the script is horrible
I give every movie a chance but almost all the stories in this movie are not scary and dialogue is terrible! It's legit a waste please watch something else

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