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Seulgiroun Euisasaenghal

The Drama of Life
A few of the reviewers seem to be turned off by the fact that there is no "central " storyline but i would argue that there is no central dramatic storyline is the very thing that appeals to me about the show. It is a story about an enduring friendship and the everyday lives of those in a hospital told with humor and compassion. There is beauty and love and tears and laughter and triumphs and failures to be found in all of our daily lives. What is wrong with trying to capture that in a drama? I really enjoy the ensemble acting and the mini-stories in each episode. I hope to be treated with as much compassion as these doctors show if I ever find myself in a hospital needing surgery.

Seulgirowun Gamppangsaenghwal

A Must Watch
If you had told me five days ago that I would be this enthralled about a series revolving around a Korean professional baseball player on the brink of being signed by an American Major League team being sent to prison for assaulting a sexual predator, I would not have believed it. Yes, I am a Korean drama fan and knew this series was well received in Korea but had dragged my heels on watching it. Who knew that this series would be chockful of so many funny, heartbreaking, happy, sad and truly heart-tugging moments? Each of the main characters has a rich personality and you quickly find yourself emotionally wrapped up in their stories. Each episode is about an 1.5 hours long with 16 episodes so there was plenty of time to flesh out the stories and characters, whether the prisoners or their guards. Of course, we know it is far from what goes on in a real prison but the humanity and character depicted in this show leaves us with hope that we will look beyond the prison jumpsuit or the guard uniform to find the human inside. Watch it, you won't be disappointed!

Itaewon Keullasseu

Good enough to watch but not in top tier dramas
If you have time on your hands and at a loss for dramas to watch, this should be under consideration. However, it certainly is not representative of the best dramas that Korea has to offer. I could never get behind the Yi Seo character. I found her annoying and obsessive in her love for Saeyori and while she might have a genius IQ, I found it unrealistic to think she was some business genius fresh out of high school. And her callousness towards her co-workers particularly the one who loved her was unforgivable. But as it is with all Korean dramas, acting was good with a little comedy, action and romance thrown in.

Arashi's Diary: Voyage

Incredibly revealing
I have been watching Arashi over the years, primarily through all of the dramas they have all acted in. And I've also seen the variety shows, their music and knew about their concert tours. But I never really thought about the incredible amount of work they must put in to achieve the success they have had. This series brings that point home. It is absolutely fascinating watching the group dynamics, the kinship they feel after being together for 20 years, the individual personalities but most of all, the dedication they feel for their craft. You might not love their music or dance or acting but you must respect their professionalism and the effort they put in. Only in Asia could you see five teenagers " giving up" their life to become stars and to work at it for 20 years. I wish each and every one of them well in the birth of their "second" life after Arashi.


Two souls finding each other
This was a very sweet romance about two individuals meeting by chance. Cameron who is a little lost and self conscious of his medical condition and Jasmine who feels abandoned by her father spend two nights together and first discover friendship and then romance. Through each other, they become stronger and begin to heal. Great dialogue and great food discoveries.

Sa-rang-eui bul-sa-chak

I'm in love
Fabulous love story. Yes it has all of the cliches of a K-drama with a woman and man, first disliking each other than falling in love, an evil and dysfunctional. Chaebol family, a jealous girlfriend but it is set in a most uncliched location, North Korea. Lots of action, laughter, intrigue and thrills. Hyun Bin is to die for as the intelligent, handsome, upright North Korean soldier. Son Ye Jin is the whip smart, beautiful chaebol daughter. Watching them come together is a joy to watch.


A bit slow moving
It is a love story that spans decades and at times during the series, it does feel a little like the story is going to take decades to tell too. It's a bit of a wonder that the two find each other given how dumb they act at times. But the acting is decent and the story is decent so overall, it is a good watch. Just not the best example of a well done Korean drama.

Eung-dab-ha-ra 1988

Envious neighborhood
Beautifully done series with lots of laughter, relatable moments but mostly about family. Not just family of parents and children but families comprised of friends and neighbors. I loved every moment of it including how they don't reveal who Doeng So ends up with until the last episode but I was a bit disappointed that it really didn't reveal what happened with Jung Hwan. Great clean entertainment though.

60 Il, Jijeongsaengjonja

Exciting, well written and acted
I am now watching Episode 13 and it is only getting more thrilling by the moment. I haven't watched the American version yet so i don't have a point of comparison for the storyline or script but have found the Korean one to be exciting and full of twists. The acting is first rate and what a joy to watch, what may be just acting, but intelligent people hard at work. I know governments around the world have very smart people working for them but reading the newspapers would not make me think that. This is a great adult drama to watch!

Sa-rang-ha-neun eun-dong-ah

Superb acting overcoming not as strong of a story
All of the actors did a superb job with their roles. While admittedly, there are some holes in the story line, I was thoroughly entertained by the series. And while many Korean dramas really let me down with the endings, I was actually okay with this one. He chose to leave the relationship in order to give everyone time to heal having faith that their love would endure the test of time like it had the times prior. I think Korean dramas more consistently offer great acting and stories than American dramas that go on endlessly. While I sometimes wish that Korean dramas were a bit longer, it is far better that they end than the American ones which go on and on with the main characters jumping into bed with yet another character.


Story is insane but chemistry is great
Sure, there is nothing remotely believable in this story but somehow you still go along for the ride cause it is fun. I particularly felt the chemistry between the two leads. Their back and forth bantering and the camaraderie they show with the real Lee Mi Do and Detective Park gives off a good vibe. Good triumphs over evil in the end and love endures. Good escapist fun.

Alhambeura Goongjeonui Chooeok

Loved the series but didn't quite get the end
It is a well done series with elements of fantasy, comedy, romance, mystery all bundled into one program. Hyun Bin plays the attractive CEO of a gaming company who wants a game created by a young Korean living in Spain who has disappeared. Park Shin Hye plays the sister of that game creator and who runs a hostel in Granada. Once Hyun Bin starts playing the game, there is no getting out and he becomes more and more drawn into the fantasy world. Each episode is exciting-moving between the fantasy world and the real world.

Bride for Rent

Will not tax your brain
Certainly none of the characters will win any acting awards. Neither will the writing or direction. To kill a couple of hours without taxing your brain one iota, it's perfectly fine.


Park Go Bum's smile will draw you in
Like many of the recent Korean dramas, the story really starts off in a foreign location, Cuba. The series has wonderfully captured the charm of Havana with its beautiful cinematography and music. Park Go Bum, expert traveler and amateur photographer comes to the aide of a hotel CEO who has lived a life dictated by others up to this point. Despite her reserve, his warmth draws her in and she allows herself one evening to really live. Fade away and they are next in Seoul where she is the CEO and he is a newbie employee. The friendship continues to grow despite her desire to keep him at length. No wonder. Who can resist his smile? You can't help but hope that there is a happy ending despite their differences in social class or wealth or age.

Sseulsseulhago Chalranhashin: Dokkaebi

Beautifully done
What a ride this series was! The series embodies the best of Korean dramas. Take what is basically a fairy tale, plop in into modern time and proceed to capture us with all of the magic. The cinematography, the music and acting were all top notch. It is not easy to make a fairy tale relatable but it was. You could feel the heartache, the loneliness, the friendship, the anger, the fear and the love. Beautiful production.

Nae Dwie Teriuseu

Super fun semi rom com
It is a lighter hearted spy thriller with lots of camaraderie and fun. It is hilarious watching how a network of ahjummas can beat the spies at their game. There's a little romance thrown in but the story is much more about the love in the community and how they all support each other. Son Ji Sub is his always very cool self but absolutely enchanting interacting with the Joon- Joon twins who he babysits as a cover. Highly recommended as an entertaining series.

Medal of Honor

These stories can never be forgotten
What extraordinary stories these are. They should be mandatory viewing of this series in high school history classes. War seems so distant to most of us and so easy not to think about the sacrifices being made by so many. Heroes truly are ordinary men doing extraordinary things.

Accidentally in Love

Teenage fare
Solidly a series made for the teenage audience. Lots and lots of fluff without much depth or emotion.

Jigeum Mannareo Gabmida

Sad but a feel good movie at the same time
This movie brings a lot of emotion. While you are sad that the mom died, you are happy to have her back but sad to know that she will be leaving again. But you feel the love, particularly as you see the boy grow up knowing he was loved by his mother.

Making Family

Really cute movie
Good family movie. Tae Bong is absolutely adorable and you can't help bot fall in love with him.

Miseuteo Shunshain

Please get past the title and watch one of the best K-drama's ever
I just finished watching the last episode and am already wishing it hadn't ended. The show was beautifully done, whether the acting, costumes, music or the best, cinematography. Episode 1 was a little confusing but you quickly settled into the story and characters in episode 2 and from then on, you are enthralled and transported to the turn of the century, Korea. I surely wish the title of the show was something a bit different especially as it had no real meaning. It may keep others from watching. It would be their loss.

Perhaps the story is somewhat biased in making the Japanese characters to be so evil but certainly from Korea's perspective, it is understandable. And that antagonism is critical to the heart of the story. Lee Byung Hun did an absolutely stellar job with his acting, in all three languages. But he is not alone with the acting. All of the main characters showed great depth, particularly when they were not speaking. Their looks spoke volumes. Congratulations to all those on the show and behind the show. It truly was well done. And a big thank you to Netflix for bringing it to us.


Ji Sung triumphs again
This was one of the best K-dramas in 2017. Ji Sung did an outstanding job portraying the prosecutor who was trapped by a brother-murdering chaebol. Ji Sung's acting was as intense as I have seen in any drama, Korean or otherwise. The story with all of its twists and turns kept me glued to the screen and as with most Korean dramas, ended on a very satisfactory note. I really wish American television learned from Korean television. The quality of the story lines and acting very often far exceed those on US television. Defendant is an example of this quality.

Kimbiseoga wae geureolkka

Wonderful pairing
An entertaining romantic comedy with great chemistry between the leads. Certainly does not tax your brain and while they did try to throw in a little mystery with the kidnapping story when they were children, it too was predictable as was the progress of the romance. I did enjoy the humor and the audacious ego of the main lead. If you are looking for fun and escapism, this will fit the bill.


One of my Top Ten K-dramas
A unique spin to time travel. Solid drama with detectives solving crimes in two time periods. With each episode, you learn a little more why it is that those two detectives are the ones communicating through this magic walkie-talkie. When this series ended, I was left wanting so much more!

Iriwa Anajwo

The triumph of love and good
This was an outstanding drama, from the cinematography to the music to the acting and writing. The story is an unusual one in that a serial murderer is one of the central characters. The actor who plays that murderer deserves the Korean equivalent of the Emmy for playing that character. He does such an outstanding job that it is hard to believe it is just acting. The main male leads, both the teenage version and the adult versions, wonderfully portray the tortured son swallowing the heartache he feels for being a murderer's son and wondering if he too may be like him. It's hard not to shed tears for him and what he had to endure.

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