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A Dexter with Happy Ending...
Just as my title says, a Dexter with Happy Ending. What more could You wish for? Like honestly? :)

Finding Steve McQueen

I haven't enjoyed a movie like this in a long time.
If You like early 70s (it's amotsphere), heist movies with loveable characters and slower tempo with finely/shot tuned scenes, You're totally gonna adore this movie. Especially the characters of two brothers. I thoroughly enjoyed how Harry treated his younger (and really simple, yet still devoted and loving) brother. I really enjoyed this movie, like no other in a very, very long time.


Made me cry like a little kid in the end, that's all I have to say. It's a must watch for everyone.

A Star Is Born

The movie is awesome, but...
Yup, the movie is worth seeing, it's really a great movie. It's just, the acting got me. I mean ** SPOILER ALERT ** as her husband pissed his pants on the floor when she's gotten emmy. I mean I nearly laughed my lungs out. This movies is great, it's just sometimes a very dark comedy.

Hunter Killer

B class story line, A class movie.
This movie had it all. Non stop fine tuned action, not too much noise, not too boring, perfect flow, ideal dramaturgy, optimal sounds & effects and not that all well known "I know how it'll end anyway" feeling. Lot of casualties, lot of dead on both sides, finally a pro-american movie, where russians aren't depicted like total morons and drunkyards. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. It was a time well spent for me. Strongly recommend.


Incredibly deep, perfect length, very enjoyable
It's really hard to find a movie, let alone a CGi movie, that has some deeper thought standing behind it/within it. I really can't remember the last time I saw something, that was so deep and enrichening as Smallfoot (2018).

Many people consider Wall-E to be the Golden Ark of deeper purpose and meaning regarding CGi movies, though, not me. At least not realy. I find Wall-E bearing a super cliché truth(s), whilst Smallfoot (2018) was something else. Something entirely else. Pointing out "the obvious", in an extraoridnary and "unobvious" way. I really loved it!

Besides the weaker animation quality, this movie has it all, that a good, or rather great movie has to offer in the past, or nowadays. Super songs - it's a musical after all, and I really enjoyed them, songs were not only deep, but also pretty hard to compose, those who understand writing songs will understand what I mean, very good atmosphere, an excellent animation - regarding motion, the CGi FX quality was pretty much sub-par, an excellent depth and a timeless message to all people, nations and enhnics out there.


Epic, simply epic.
A must see movie for both Marvel, and non-Marvel fans. A spectacle, funny, dynamic, fast, very shallow though, but who cares, Venom 2018 is instant fun, not some deep thinker movie.

Loved it!


Not quiet sure what people's problem with this movie is.
Really guys, I mean this movie had it all. Fine story, awesome CGi, really nice flow, pretty cool characters, and with some minor illogical moves (on the side of the afro american kid) it had it all. I'm a huge sci-fi fan and last "good" sci-fi I've seen was Blade Runner remake, which wasn't really that great, right? But this one, it ain't no AAA movie, sure not, but it has some great story to tell which made me hoping for a sequel.

The Meg

I've had a lot of fun watching this movie and not a single boring moment
Not entirely sure about the mixed reviews and stuff around. Seems like many missed the mark with this movie. This isn't a horror, nor drama. It's an action comedy, with an epic flow, some nice generic story development and a lot of laughs and fun.

This movie was never meant to be another Piranha, nor Jaws, no sir. This movie is a unique action/comedy flick, that's definitely worth checking out, if You feel like watching something easier and lighter for an evening.

Leaves Your mind rested, and keeps You well entertained.


Don't watch it, it's a disaster
Not quiet entirely sure how this movie gotten such a high score, on both imdb, metacritic, rotten tomatoes, everywhere. Not sure if the movie creators paid so many people to upvote, or it's somewhat, or somewhere good and I actually missed it.

Anywho. This movie is super shallow, super nothing telling, absolutely boring all the way through, acting is really bad, it's so bad it made me laugh out loud at plenty of times where I should've been scared. CGi is really weak, like 90s weak. There's not a single good thing about this movie. Actors are horrendous, both how they look like and how they act. There's literally no/totally random narrative, drama is very weak, scare factor is almost zero, etc.

If You feel like wasting 2 hours of Your life, feel free to watch this disaster, otherwise, You'd rather go and watch pokémon, or set Yourself on fire, it's definitely gonna be time better spent.

Oh, I almost forget, hail Paimon, or whatever.

Young Sheldon

An excellent show, when You're out of TBBT.
I use TBBT and now YS before bedtime. It's instant fun, very fast paced, I like the humor used in both TBBT and YS. There are close to no flaws in this TV show. I'm not entirely sure about bad reviews. According to what people wrote and expected, it seems to me like the lot most likely misguided themselves and expected another Dr. House, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, The Lost, Game of Thrones or something. No, You're wrong there. This is a TBBT prequel, none of the above ;)


One of the best mystery/thriller movies I've ever seen.
Not really sure about the low score for this movie. I'm watching Stranger Things S02 atm. and I've seen that directors are them brothers. So I checked their filmography and voila, found another jewel.

Atmosphere of this movie was top in the field. Perfect effects, superb environment, I liked the twist. In general, this movie had it all and is on par with some of the best movies out there overall.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Not entirely sure what the people's problem is with this movie
The movie had it all. We have so little movies like this nowadays. Transformers-like, Independence Day-like, etc. With tons of super effects, just fine shallow story and nice happy ending.

People are gonna kill the last of this type of movies, if they won't stop yapping about how bad it was and don't know what.

The Hurricane Heist

An excellent 90s 2018 action movie
This movie was a TOP NOTCH action flick. I really enjoyed it. It had some weak acting in some places, was too artificial, but the FX were a charm and movie as a whole was a lot of FUN FUN FUN.


Fun to watch, light to digest, easy to remember.
Not really sure what's the people's proble with this movie. Yes, it is shallow, yes, it is predictable, but hell, who gives?

I had fun watching this movie and when You're not expecting some Inception, or Matrix deep movie, this'll do just fine.

Suicide Squad

Not really sure about all the hate...
I'm not quiet sure about all the hate aimed towards this movie.

It was a "mediocre" movie, with "high-end" actors, some great music, scenes, there was close to no gore, cute happy ending, all You could want from a simple shallow movie, all of the Marvels/DC's are in the end.

I enjoyed the movie, I can show it to my family too, because there was no excess blood and/or gore, I really enjoyed myself.

The Dark Tower

This movie should've been a trilogy with a deeper character evolution
This movie wasn't good, nor bad. It was simply plain. They wanted to show too much in a very limited time and it shot back to their faces.

I could see how tremors and quaking could've been whole first part with better dramaturgy and more depth of mystery, with the end of revealing the portal.

Second part could've been whole in the Mid Earth, or how ever was called that place and last part could've been back on Keystone Earth with boss fight, that could've been more dramatic.

All in all, this movie had it all, except was too short, was very shallow, due to short time, and decisions of key characters were very harsh and unreal. As I wrote in the beginning, this movie missed a lot by it's short play time. Characters literally didn't have a chance to evolve and act accordingly to the situations.

There was no decision time, no wrestling with their own thoughts, nothing. Time came in the movie, at least in 5 events, where totally foreign people had to decide A and B without the ability to return to A (e.g. how those Mid Earth people sacrificed themselves for a complete stranger, etc.) and they decided without a whim of thinking.

Shot Caller

Breaking Bad reloaded
This movie is nor good, nor bad. It's average. Not sure what everyone liked so much about it. It reminded me weakened and old version of Breaking Bad. Though, if You like this genre, it will most likely fit You well, it didn't to me. Though, I don't find it to be a complete waste of time, but also not a massive thrill.

Iron Fist

Danny Rand is a dumb crybaby and mentally broken down annoying character
I really tried to enjoy this series, but I simply can't. All the (good) characters are trying to help poor little hurt Danny Rand. It's so super ultra annoying, that it kills the whole series. I'm not sure why the author drew out Danny Rand as such a despicable and shallow- mind ridden character.

This is a good filler series, but You might find Yourself in a situation, where You're gonna hate the main character for the sucker he's being and feeling sorry for his friends.


An excellent comedy, caught a lot from the original series, in the way it counts.
Not entirely sure by the low scores, but...

...all I can say is, that this is a great one time movie. Comedy, slight drama, but really, no big deal, excellent fun, cool actor performance, superb camera, I love it all.

This is a very light and shallow movie, so don't expect Inception or something. But if You want to clear Your mind, this is one of the best movies out there. There's the AAA quality mixed with funny B action. I couldn't adore this movie more :)


Not entirely sure, how someone could give this movie less than 8, definitely one of the TOP 10 movies in my life
Am not gonna write much about this movie. I've seen TONS of movies. I'm 33 years old and...

well, if You like sci-fi, romance, and a really good drama and a sort of an happy ending, with super-ultra high gradual and graduating - everything. Effects, acting performance, sounds, immersion, etc...

...this is the movie for You.

Power Rangers

Just like old times
People who are giving this movie low score is, because they're probably dumb kids from 95+ - 2005+ or something. I'm 1984 and I grew up on power rangers. This movie kind of managed to catch up the atmosphere and all what was in the genuine series, so cheers for that.

Author had to do some stuff very fast, so the roles were shallow and...well, just like the genuine power rangers :)

The Mummy

Not quiet sure why all of the critics, most likely people mistaken their genre
Hey there. I'm not gonna write much about the movie, only that, that if You're a "The Mummy" series fan, this is the pinnacle.

It has it all. Action, music, a bit of a drama, romance, all in the light mood, no deep george clooney social critic bs :)

You like The Mummy series? You're gonna massively enjoy this Mummy.

You don't? Don't even bother. That's all I have to say for You guys.

Kong: Skull Island

not sure what kind of blind people gave low score (under 7/10) to Kong: Skull Island, but they must've been the special kind of blind
Hey there. I decided to write this review, because of following. I really don't understand the people, who gave Kong: Skull Island low rating. It's like, You, yes, all of You <7/10, You're super weird. Here, allow me to point out why.

1st. This movie was effing hilarious. It had everything You'd want from a commercial 80/90s styled movie blockbuster. It had perfect actors, excellent logic of people, funny homour, excellent camera, awesome sounds, very good script and many more.

2nd. This movie is intented for King Kong, Godzilla, Lochness and other type of movies fans. Not for You casual viewers. It's a classic. And after some decade, they remade it, into a bliss.

3rd. I don't like horrors and thrillers. It's easy, I don't watch them. You don't like the genre, don't watch it. It's not made for You. Simply leave the genre alone.

4th. Such a spectacular camera, colors, effects (both CGi and non-CGi), narrative, everything, I wasn't able to see for a long time (I'm '84). This movie is a bliss for my soul and made me a great day. Entertained me, made me happy, made me satisfied. Well spent 2 hours.

5th. If You don't like Kong movies, avoid this one. It's nothing for You. If You want some deep social critic George Clooney bull*hit, avoid Kong: Skull Island at all cost.

The Last Man on Earth

I'm not quiet entirely sure why this show suck, but it does...
Hey there,

First of all, I'd like to point out I'm not a newbie in the field of TV series. So far I scored Breaking Bad, Dexter, Dr. House, True Blood, Legend of Korra, Game of Thrones, Defiance, Mr. Robot, Justified, Jessica Jones, Stranger Things, Big Bang Theory, Arrow, The Flash, Sherlock, Walking Dead, Agent Carter, Daredevil, Sanctuary, Deadwood and tons of others I can't think of right now.

As for The Last Man on Earth. I was kind of looking forward for this TV show. I really was. Yesterday I finished Season 1 and...not sure what to write about this show, so I'll try my feelings.

I'm totally frustrated from the main character. I easy connect with main/likable characters, and all I did in the first Season was, that I suffered with Phil Miller (the main guy).

The flow of the show is awfully slow and there are only some repetitive mechanics used within this particular show. It always the same thing around. Phil is bad, the end, he shows that he's not that bad, but whole environment is punishing him anyway and we're suppose to laugh about it.

For example, in The Big Bang Theory, there's used the same model, same mechanics but...with one major difference. The "victim" of the punishment is always someone else. And the guy that gets punished gets kudos and the other way around. TBBT is really a great roller coaster of fun and some entertainment. TLMON isn't.

Environment is kind of plain in this series. I kind of understand why, it's almost in every sitcom, but this one. Well, it just yawns with emptiness.

Besides the fact that all that this show gave me was frustration and bored me, for it's duration (~20 mins/part) it felt like eternity. I remember when I was watching Lost, or Agents of Shield. It was like it was never enough for me, even though one part lasted for ~40-45 mins. I spent whole night watching these series, and I thought it was like 10 minutes tops.

TLMON is the exact opposite. I'm in the middle of the show and I'm already checking watch for whether it's not time for me to go to bed, or something.

In general, TLMON could be great, it has a massive potential and as soon as I recover from the initial shock, I'll give it another shot in Season 2 and I may change my rating after, but till that time, TLMON is definite 0 for me, thus 1 out of 10.

I hope I won't disrespect fans of TLMON, or rock-solid base, I never meant to, it's simply my humble opinion aimed towards this TV show.



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