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I feel like something's missing
This is a movie about the history of war that is quite fascinating. I like the costume design and hairstyling in the movie, and also the production design. In particular, the fighting part of the characters is too good. The combat between Hector and Achilles is probably one of the best fights in cinematic history.

However, apart from the fights, the film seems to lack connection. Especially at the end, I don't find the movie interesting anymore. I wanted the ending to be more dramatic. The dialogue between the characters is also not perfect. Some scenes feel like they're cut in the middle. Perhaps after Hector's defeat against Achilles is also the time when the film gradually gets boring.

Anyway, I still like this movie. If you like bloody melee and dramatic combat then Troy is the perfect choice, but if you require a tragic and emotional epic, this is not it.

Into the Wild

All parents should see this movie at least once!
Every line, every scene in this movie is blending into my soul. I don't know what this feeling is called, emotion, gratitude, a tinge of sadness, like my heart just can't contain all those emotions when they combine into one.

What a wonderful story, not only in the experience of a real person in real life, but also in thoughts about family and the message of freedom.

I think the actor Emile Hirsch deserves an Oscar nomination, he made me think it was the real Alexander Supertramp until the picture of the real Chris appeared at the end of the movie. Emile had to work very hard to transform into this character.

As for the movie content, it's absolutely amazing and realistic. Perhaps Chris's trip to Alaska was actually a relief for himself, for what the holy soul of a child could no longer bear to suffer anymore, with all the lies, abuse, violence all these years. Alex is not the adult Chris, but the boy Chris. And with the short days of little Chris living in the wild, I believe that, deep in his soul, that is true happiness. Many people say he is a coward who did not dare to face life, some say he is heartless for not being able to forgive his parents and contact his sister, some say he is incompetent and lacked survival skills and ended up dying in vain. I think those people may not fully understand this movie, or they are people who are used to living in wealth and happiness, do not know what suffering is, are the fake people that Chris is talking about and he could have become such a person. They are unaware of family violence and the psychological consequences of the people living in it. They are just adults but their souls are almost empty and pursue trivial and fake things. Sorry to say this but the truth is that I despise them. Chris has lived in that lie and violence for too long, and in part he has carried that burden on behalf of his sister, believe me because I have been through a similar situation, though not painful and heavy like Chris. Fortunately, Chris still didn't lose himself.

Of course Chris is a talented, handsome and smart guy too, not everyone is brave enough and qualified to break the psychological barrier like him and find the person who has been abandoned in his heart. The truth is, when he took risks, he had to take risks, he gave up everything to have peace of mind, and when he found out that "happiness only real when shared" was also when God called him back. It's sad but it seems it's fate, the family didn't deserve him. It's furious and sad that we all know that somewhere in the world, there are still parents like Chris's parents, who hurt their children. This is a strong message about family violence.

This movie is too perfect, both musically and visually. The majestic mountains, the music playing with the natural scenery, are so wonderful. This movie is so good that I think it should be used in high schools for psychological education.

Breaking Bad

The wrong redemption of an evil soul in a good person
There's no denying it, this is the most fascinating show I've seen since I was born. I just found out about this show in 2014, and every day I watch many episodes continuously, then watch it again from the beginning. BB is like a delicious dish that you can eat forever, never get bored. It was perfect in everything, the content, the music, the setting, the production design, the cinematography, the acting, the characters, the twists, and the ending. Walter White is perhaps the most memorable and distinctive character in the history of movie and TV show characters. He is special not only in his position in the film (as the main character's transformation from good to bad) but also in his transformation in psychological depth. He makes us wonder why we support bad things so much, and we find all sorts of excuses to justify them. Since when have we been hypnotized by Heisenberg?

As the title says, Walter is really talented. And he is a good man. But no one is perfect. Walter simply doesn't accept that. To be more precise, he was allowed by society, the law and the people around him to not accept his own incompetence. Given his ability and what Walt did, he deserves more than he has, he deserves to be honored and admired, and appreciated more than that. And he knows it. The problem is, the things around him, his friends, his colleagues and his wife, always give him the feeling that he is just a normal person like everyone else, even a bit shy and easy to bully. Or at least that's how he feels and accepts that reality. A person who is inherently talented and is always proud of it, what would he think? The man of the family, Walt accepts the truth, but his pride does not. And when he realized his efforts were being turned into the success and glory of others, this hurt Walt even more. Lung cancer is just a drop of water that overflows an already full glass. And that evil pride won.

Watching Walter White transform into Heisenberg was truly magical and made me think alot. Does he love his wife? Yes. Does he really want to earn that money for his two children? Yes. But it seems that it is the conscience of a good person, which has long been swallowed up by that evil pride.

Breaking Bad is proof that a movie or TV show can become a classic without spending too much money and creating all sorts of fantasy things and monsters. The more I watch the last seasons, the more I see that the darkness in Walt is stronger and more reckless, at this point the good conscience in him has given up, but it still tries to find something to survive, like a redemption, Jessie-Pinkman. Walt sees him as his student boy, a testament to Walt's talent, Walt also sees Jessie as the son he wants to have, at least from Jessie's personality. Walt has always wanted to protect Jessie, just as the part of Walt's soul wants to save itself. However, even that is not enough.

It can be said, Breaking Bad is a gem of movies and shows, the greatness of the experience, the thing that can turn pride into tears, and turn those tears into emotions filled in the heart. You don't cry, your heart cries.

And I mean, Walter White is both a victim and a villain, a strong man, a weak one, an inspiration and a sinner. What a character! What a show! I don't want to say anything more. Should we sympathize with Walt and give him love? Or will we judge him for the evil things he has done? Maybe it's one person's point of view, or it's two streams of thought in each person. I respect all those thoughts. Anyway, I love this show very, very much!

Game of Thrones

Welcome to Westeros!
I remember when I first watched GOT a few years ago, I had to watch the episode while looking at a map on a website and a wiki about the races and generations of lords of each region. The names of the citadel and landmarks are also too many. Because I'm not a fan of books. And for someone who hates History at school like me, this is a miracle. Lmao. Yet I've made and remembered all (almost) the names in this series. That proves how great GOT is. There are dragons, there are knights, there are fortresses, wars, terrifying intrigues within and terrifying encounters outside, adventures, tales, fantasy things, impossible imagine a more fascinating world like that. And there are blood, gore, nude things that are completely real in history. Family feuds, subversive plans. It would probably take a week to list all the interesting and fascinating things about this show. It's scary, crazy, fierce, full of obsession. But it is also beautiful and admirable. This is also why we watch movies and shows, right? So many messages and experiences from fluttering in the heart to the horror of fellow human beings. Unfortunately in seasons 7 and 8 everything fell from Westeros into a stinking sewer on a street corner somewhere in the present day. And I don't like boring ending shows. There's no other way. We have to look at the truth. This show was destroyed midway through. Like House of Cards. With all the effort, time, and money that made up the previous six seasons, this is a real humiliation, for the crew, cast and fans alike. Anyway, GOT is also one of the classics that have been made in the history of TV shows. I admire that. It's a pity and disappointment for fans, but there's no other way, it's life, we have to move on and accept that. It is impossible to ask for something that is both great and complete and perfect. Such miracles appear only once every few decades. And here, history chose Chemistry professor Walter over the King of the North.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

When I watch this movie, I can return to being a child at any time!
I've seen this movie quite a few times, and of course I would love to watch it again in the future if given the chance. It's great to be a kid again. I will never forget the characters in this Hellboy series. The makeup & hairstyling team in this movie deserves an Oscar. The characters are very interesting and realistic. It can be said that this movie is the dream of every teenage boys. Too attractive, beautiful action scenes. Of course, in the development of the story, there are still flaws in plot and logic. However, because the movie has so unique characters, all of these mistakes don't affect the coolness of the movie. The uniqueness also comes in the relationship between the characters. It's hard to believe that in a movie full of monsters and so many fight scenes, Guillermo del Toro is capable of creating such a romance, I mean between the fish guy Abe Sapien and the princess Nuala . I love this couple because they are so cute. It's a pity that this series has not appeared part 3. The actors are not young and healthy anymore. Anyway as a fan, I'll still be hopeful. Or at least they should let director Guillermo del Toro take over the role of directing the film. After all, this is not a perfect movie in terms of content and emotions, but without it, cinema would not be cinema anymore. This movie, like the Star Wars franchise, is the reason why we love watching movies.

Gone Girl

Good movie but hard to watch
I have never read the book. Maybe that's why I had to watch it more than twice to understand interesting things of the movie. The first time I saw the movie, I didn't understand what was going on, whether Nick was a good person or not, Amy was crazy or not, it was quite confusing. Until recently when I watched this movie again, things were a little clearer. It's hard to ask for anything better than what David Fincher did. He did an excellent job. Converting books into movies is not easy. The combination between the present, which is Amy's disappearance with the past, and many complicated and fast-paced dialogues, makes it difficult for viewers to keep up with the film's progress at first viewing.

To me Amy Elliott Dunne is probably one of the most psychologically terrifying characters I've ever known in movies. Rosamund Pike is so amazing. She has transformed into the true nature of the character Amy. Perhaps what Amy thought and did came from her parents' upbringing. Many people may not like Amy and forget that her parents are the main villains. Her parents created the complete amazing Amy and she simply copied them. She thinks she is a perfect wife and wants to create a perfect husband. I still think she really loves Nick. But that's the perfect Nick.

Unfortunately, the relationship between Amy and Desi is depicted too quickly and simply, and some of the supporting actors deserve more attention. Not to mention some quite funny points like the role of the media in the movie seems to be very important. They decide everything and people are also always loyal to watching the news and being hypnotized by the media.

Anyway, this is a good movie. But maybe I'm not quite the fan of this genre. From the middle of the movie to the end I no longer felt awake enough to understand the movie. Everything in this movie makes me dizzy. The character Amy is great but I'm not interested to see what she does next anymore. She's like slapping viewers in the face who trusting her at the beginning of the movie. Does this make the movie better? I do not know. Maybe. Maybe not. Not better but harder to watch. It would be great if the director changed Amy a little bit, making her more likable and sweet, then the message of women's rights would be effective. Unlike in this movie, all people who watch the movie will probably hate Amy lol.


What can I remember?
This movie is really not bad, it can even be said that the film has a good idea and contains a shadow of religion. And I was especially impressed with the disaster events in the movie, the plane crash scene, the train derailment scene, and the scene where the whole city burned in smoke and fire at the end, they did a great job. But even with all those positives, the film is still not compelling enough for me and fully portrays the idea of the movie. I really want to criticize the music in the movie. It's nothing special. It's not an exaggeration to say that the music has degraded the quality of the movie. The plot of the movie is too simple. From start to finish there was no interesting plot or plan. And of course there is no twist. This inadvertently made me see the film as a UFO documentary. When the movie is given a lot of money but the quality is not worth the money then I will not give the film a high rating. I watched this movie twice and I don't remember much about it.

Where the Wild Things Are

The only thing wild here is my patience!
Let's be honest, I never knew the book or read it, so this movie should be viewed from a cinematic perspective, from a viewer not a reader. Based on that, this movie is just too boring. It made me sleepy from start to finish. I've always had to try not to close my eyelids as I watched the events unfold. The only thing that impressed me about this movie is probably the character design. It's rare to see a movie with so many big animals running and smashing. Of course, I knew the movie wanted to convey the message of the care that naughty and selfish children should give to their families. But clearly this is a failed message transmission. I don't see any beautiful message here other than threatening Max to scare him and run away to his mother. Anyway I understand Max is a boy with psychological fluctuations. His mother has a boyfriend, and his older sister spends time with her friends. Max's stubbornness and destructiveness only proves how lonely and in need of love he is. Perhaps Carol is Max's reflection in a mirror. When in contact with him, Max will experience a change in mentality and behavior. However, the movie hasn't shown us this yet. From start to finish, Max is still Max. And the information about the kingdom where Carol lives is also very sketchy and vague, while this is an important point that determines Max's behavior. I am quite disappointed in this. Even when Max ran away from home and found the small boat, the fact that he jumped in and immediately landed on an island full of huge monsters made me unbelievable. Remember this is a movie, there should be logic here. The dialogue of the movie is too boring. The music is also nothing special. And the movie goes on towards the end, and I just want to go to sleep, it's true. I don't want to remember anything from this boring movie. If there's really anything meaningful about the movie, it's probably the times when Max plays with his big animal friends. This young boy actor had a good time. There may be people who don't like this but I'll be honest, this movie is not for adults because it's a waste of time, except for fans of this book. As for children, they definitely should not watch this movie, because they will learn nothing but fear. Read the book, kids!

Mad Max: Fury Road

What more could you expect from a movie?
This is the magic of cinema! I have no words to express my personal gratitude to the film's director: George Miller, for making this miracle come true. It's hard for anyone else to create a similar masterpiece in this genre. The only regret is that this movie didn't make me cry more tears than James Cameron's Titanic. You know, sometimes in this life a masterpiece will appear, and it only appears once. Personally, I find Fury Road to be the best part of the Mad Max series. The scenes are epic, full of emotions. Full of madness, making you gasp out loud. I can say what happens in this movie is a longing that I wish I could one day experience in my dreams.

We're the Millers

Good start, but gets worse later on...
Obviously, this is a funny movie with interesting content, and it is true. From the beginning to the middle of the movie, I relax and enjoy every moment, waiting for interesting things to happen. But in the end, everything got boring and boring until the end of the movie, it was like someone blocked my nose while I was eating. The only bright spot is the good message about family, the affection between members and the connection between people who lack things in their souls. However, I was expecting more drama than that, and the villain was just too boring. Forgive me for being too strict with comedies because if the movie can make you laugh from beginning to end, it is worthy for us to appreciate the movie.

Deep Blue Sea

This is always how a horror movie should be remembered!
99-2000s CGI aside, this movie is pretty good. Although the lines are a bit simple and the content of the movie is not too special, I still appreciate this movie in terms of the viewer's experience. The details that occur in the film are quite natural, which makes me feel that this is not a superhero movie, in this movie anyone can be in danger. The drama in the movie is done very well, viewers always feel the suspense and creepy atmosphere when disaster strikes. Unfortunately, they say little information about the sharks and many details happen in a hurry as if the viewer is forced to accept those details as happening. For example, when the camera was turned off, it was weird that no one reacted after that. They're only interested in sticking sticks into the shark's brain. And when our man swam out to anesthetize the shark, why did it all happen so quickly? In a blink of an eye, he brought the fish ashore. What the hell? We need to see how did he do it? Plus the doctor calmly smoked a cigarette next to the shark's mouth. Didn't he have another time to do it? Lol Overall, I still enjoy this movie very well and I think that's enough.

Jurassic World

Just making money and fan service!
The dinosaur fight scenes are also quite good, but other than those scenes, what can the movie do? There's nothing. The characters are so uninteresting and boring, the lines don't carry enough weight, everyone in the movie seems to just appear and then disappear. If compared with part 1 of the series, this part is less than half. I feel like they want to capitalize on the dinosaur franchise just because they want to get all the money out of the fans, instead of focusing on the quality of the characters. I want the people in the movie to be the main characters, not the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs only know how to scream and attack people. I want the villain to have intrigue, plans, betrayals, twists, and especially a message about humanity and environmental protection, which I didn't see in the movie. This is a better movie to watch once. Don't watch it again. For fan service, it did the job. For everyone who wants to remember this movie forever and feel satisfied after watching it, it completely fails.

Leonning maen

If this world takes something from your soul, Running Man will fill your heart with joy and laughter instead!
I have been watching this program since 2011, I was sad, I was happy, I cried, I laughed with the Running man members. It can be funny to say that they are no different from my family members. They hold a part of my soul, a part of my youth, a part of happiness, an important part that has made me who I am today.

If I didn't know about this show, I might have become a completely different person, I don't know if that person of mine is better than I am now, but I know one thing for sure, that person will be boring. I am so grateful to this show.

Running man is not an ordinary Tv show or Reality show, it's like a tonic that many good psychologists do not have. To drink this miracle drug, you not only watch the show, but you also need to understand the soul of the show and the communication culture of Korean people. Once you have that, and you were a young Hallyu fan in the 2010s, congratulations, Running man has chosen you to be a part of the best thing you'll ever experience on television in life.

SJ-JS-JK-GR-HH-JH-KS-JK-SM-SC-LZ Everyone understands the above code, right? :)

Ex Machina

Amazingly beautiful sadness!
Movies like this are extremely rare. I have never seen a movie where the gap between the number of characters appearing and how great the movie is, like this one. The film has only 4 characters, but it is not boring and lacking, on the contrary, the dramatic, attractive increase slowly makes my heart beat fast.

Especially the sound mixing and music in this movie is so good, so wonderful that I imagine I want to listen to it over and over again. The visual effects are of course also very impressive.

As for the content, it's great. I've always liked movies with an open ending, like "Inception". It always makes us think and feel the soul of the message in the movie. The only crazy thing about this movie is the character Nathan. If I was smart enough to create an AI in human form, I wouldn't foolishly confront two robots in a nervous state, like a gymer who likes to lift weights but is a bit dumb. Not to mention the fact that Nathan lives alone (almost) in a desolate place in the middle of the woods with no medical protection or emergency measures, what if he has a heart attack. The character Nathan at the end of the movie is like a gym clown.

I strongly like to think that Kyoko's appearance caused Nathan to die, even though the purpose of creating Kyoko was to care for and serve Nathan. If you're smart enough to think you're a god, believe me, you won't want to indulge in debauchery or entertainment, for perversion and violence are only for ignorant humans.

In conclusion, this is still one of the most special movies I have ever seen. Every time I watch it, I find something new about it. And again, this movie only has 4 characters.

Drag Me to Hell

Like it but, Horror or comedy-horror?
This is a good movie. From start to finish the movie was fine. I just don't find the horror part scary enough and the comedy part funny enough. The psychological development of the character Christine is also quite weird. She seems to be a kind person and loves animals, so it's so unusual for her to want to kill her pet cat just because she's cursed.

On the positive side, even though the movie has relatively few characters and a simple story, it's still an enjoyable movie. The twist in the movie is perfect. I hope every horror movie has this. The film has completed the twist very well.

The Lovely Bones

Forget the book!
I know many people who compare this movie to the book. Please don't do that. Movies are not books. I have never read that book. I can experience this movie in a pure way.

Feelings when watching this movie always well up in my heart. Sadness, regret mixed with anger and like you have something stuck in your throat. That alone made me appreciate the movie. Although there are still some rather lengthy details, the film still conveys emotions to viewers in one way or another.

The only thing I regret is not being able to watch this movie more than twice in 1 year, because it is quite painful. There are few movies that are both realistic and poetic like this movie. Great visual effects, great acting. Good movie. Strong message.


Full of Action. Classic for fans of action genre.
This is a special movie. The visual effects are so unique. The plot is simple, but the dramatic action is the heart of the film. This is one of the best movies I've ever seen. Anyone can enjoy it with friends on the weekend.

Jiok: Episode #1.2
Episode 2, Season 1

Where's the danger? I just want to feel a little thrill.
There are a lot of thrilling and dangerous scenes happening in this episode, but I personally don't feel that danger. The director overemphasized the religious element that he forgot many things. The script was sketchy, and I don't like the cinematography and also the lines in this episode.

The scene where The New Truth president talks to the mother Park Jungja and the lawyer Min is quite interesting, but that's the only thing I like about this episode. If only the characters were taken care of more carefully, this show would be a lot better, and the show should last about 10 episodes, it would be nice. Also the psychology of the policeman and his daughter, the police spy, and even the characters on the TV channels (without appearing at all). Not to mention the ridiculous things that appear like a bunch of young men storming into the police station to fight without any problems. Ok I'm fine.

Jiok: Episode #1.1
Episode 1, Season 1

It should have been much better!
The idea of this show is like a fertile soil for plants to grow, but unfortunately they have fertilized it with dirty and poor quality chemicals.

The messengers of death look like gorillas who just get out of the gym, they look so fake despite the 2021 visual effects. They don't look scary at all to the viewer, and the people around them also look like unpaid mass actors.

The script is so deep in the idea of religion that it forgets about the characters, the police father and daughter, his past, the meaningless and powerless dialogue. Viewers can't empathize with anyone in this episode.

The only bright spot is the ending of the episode.

Ojing-eo geim

Only for Season 1
Content: ok. The creativity in the horror genre, depicting the dark side of society, human decadence.

Visual effects: nothing Music: nothing.

Emotions. Feeling scared by the killing scenes. Fear Level: 3/5. As the episodes go on, the fear decreases Feeling angry in episode 8.

Feeling sad and emotional in episode 6.

Feeling quite nervous before the games starts.

Average score of episodes: 6+7+7+4+5+7+4+8+6/9ep=6.

Good and positive messages and emotions: almost none.

Should this season be re-watched?: No.

Ojing-eo geim: Unsu Joeun Nal
Episode 9, Season 1

Dramatic but more like an Anime show
What a dramatic duel. Many people would think Sang-woo would sneak a knife and stab Gi-hun when he was about to pull Sang-woo up, but unexpectedly, everything happened unexpectedly. To Sang-woo, his mother is more important than life and in order to save his mother's shop, he commits suicide and trusts in the kindness of Gi-hun, whom he criticizes. In the end, we see the good thing about Sang-woo, which is that he feels sorry for his mother. His mother had high expectations of him, which made him somewhat of a villain.

I didn't like the conversation in the limousine between Gi-hun and Front-man, it was supposed to be a conversation summarizing all 9 episodes, but it turned out quite boring. And the camera angles for this episode are pretty bad.

Throughout all 9 episodes, we see the inequality in today's society, when the rich have a lot of power, and the poor lack attention. The gap is full of bitterness, people are becoming more and more selfish, insensitivity and have little love for their fellow human beings.

Obviously the last episode hints at a next season, but I see this show as an Anime series, quite attractive but also quite childish. Hopefully next season will be better and will have more special games. And hopefully they won't stimulate murder anymore.

Ojing-eo geim: Peulonteu Maen
Episode 8, Season 1

Only 30 minutes but that's everything!
I wondered what happened to the length of the episode or if something was wrong, but the truth is, this is a special meal.

I love everything about this episode, from the lines to the character development. Everything is perfect. I wonder why they didn't do the same in previous episodes, giving the other side characters time to show their own development.

The story of the character Sebyeok is so good.

I love the dialogue at the beginning of the episode between Gihun and Sangwoo, I can watch it over and over without getting bored.

There are still things the director could have done better, like the exploding glass bridge resulting in injury to our girl, it's not convincing. There's no point blowing up the bridge, or the masked guys want more work to do.

And so did our policeman, who swam to the shore but naively dropped his heavy wetsuit on the ground for the masked men to find out. His story is as bland as his own innocence.

I just wish our Front man took off his mask earlier (since the audience didn't know him) and showed more emotion. I feel like the director forgot about him in the previous episodes.

Ojing-eo geim: VIPS
Episode 7, Season 1

A bit disappointed
In this episode, once again the game is pretty well staged, from the setting design to the gameplay, unlike the fourth game, everything is clear and easy to understand. This game is also quite interesting like tug of war.

In particular, I quite liked the ending for the "troublesome couple", although the 212 character is quite interesting and still has chance for development.

However, overall, this episode is quite funny, in a negative way. For example, at the beginning of the ep, why does the masked leader try to scream loudly about him finding out about the cop, and then venture out alone to find that cop? Remember he is the leader. If it were me, I would quietly call my pink shirt accomplices to help.

Another absurdity appeared, that in the previous game, each winner had to give 20 marbles to the masked people, so why is the main character holding a marble? So that means the old man cheated? "Where did that old man get that marble?" The main character should have thought about it, or at least us-the viewer should have seen that scene, instead of hearing the annoying voice whispering in his mind. Ridiculous. And when the director arranges for Gi-hun to choose between number 1 and 16, it's ridiculous, again, as planned, too predictable. Nothing surprising.

Finally, I quite like the animal masks of the VIPs, they are quite eye-catching and sparkly. It contrasted with the actions and words from them, too stupid and boring. I can't remember anything about them except the masks.

An unfortunate stepback for the show.

Ojing-eo geim: Kkanbu
Episode 6, Season 1

Back to the track!
The psychological development of the characters in this episode is quite predictable, the supporting characters will sacrifice for the more important characters to live. However, the ending is quite emotional. This episode was pretty good after the previous few episodes were a bit boring.

I still don't understand how a cop can live so long even though he made the silly mistake of misplacing a desk phone.

Again, the director does a great job on the game. The game this time is very dramatic and grim, but viewers can't feel the fullness of that, maybe because this game is for children. Not to mention the rules of the game this time are not very reasonable when they let players make their own rules. Seeing the characters play the game at first and then get shot to death, I felt a bit weird.

The scene where player code 240 smiles at 067 (and cry a bit) at the end of the episode and then gets shot is not good, I think she shouldn't be too emotional like that because it's not this character. She is quite cold. I call that scene is the 'should have been an NG' scene.

Ojing-eo geim: Pyeongdeung-han Sesang
Episode 5, Season 1

Better than previous ep.
The character development in this episode is quite good, although the way the 'evil doctor' acts is a bit unreasonable but I enjoyed this episode. If the director wants to end the process of those dirty masked spies who trade in dead organs, I believe there is always a better way to do it. And I wasn't very pleased with the cameraman in this episode.

There are still some absurd points, why does this organization recruit men and operate for so many years and the police still don't know? Not to mention the absurdity of the small warehouse containing all the files that looked like a joke.

A lot has been revealed in this episode, but the emotions and reality don't match. I feel there is an unfortunate omission here.

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