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Love, of Course

Contrived ?
Sure a bit, but it's fantasy and easy watching Hallmark so it's part and parcel. I was amused how Farmer Prof 'contrived' to be planting broccoli when the Winnipeg corn was already four feet tall and I have never seen a 'farmer' with a pair of brand new gloves or even with any gloves when driving a tractor's fantasy after all ! Loved this feel good movie. We all contrive to have this kind of life and romance.

Magnum P.I.

Not as funny as the original but still good ...except for the seriously annoying constant soundtrack ............ why??

Package Deal

My Canadian tax dollars helped fund this mess. I want a refund. Airing at the same time, 'Seed' was fabulously funny and was so much better written with much better actors and actresses. It really annoys me that even yet, Canadian shows have to pretend to not be Canadian to sell to Americans. American shows filmed in Vancouver or Toronto are acceptable to audiences south of the border to folks who live in homes that have wheels. Stop doing this !


Top notch viewing!!
I can understand some observers finding this show to be provocatively disturbing but cannot agree with them. This version is so much more adducing to North American life than the original English version. The situations are vastly different, in that the social situations are vastly different. Being from Lancashire but living in Canada for a long time, I am able to appreciate both versions to the fullest. This US version is superior and to my mind is the very best entertainment I have ever seen on this continent. The casting is brilliant,the performances are superb. There are almost no untruths the honesty is just amazing. The nudity is never gratuitous,the humour is both blatant and subtle. Achieving a production this controversial with so many youngsters in the cast,has to be a veritable challenge. Macy is a way better choice than Harrelson for this role. All the actors are convincing and that says it all. This the closest to real life in a scripted show that has ever been produced in the Americas.

New Girl

a tad iffy
I am a big fan of ZD, she's pretty, talented and funny and has the ability to pull off both quirky and disparate roles. I just find it odd that she signed up to do this show,not that it's too much out of her character acting ability. I think she has been let down by the quality of the writers. I hope that she is allowed to fly a bit in future episodes. I don't see a future for this show otherwise. The co-actors are really lame in my opinion, but that maybe because I don't recognise them thus don't know their abilities.......definitely better writing and better plots will help. Good luck Zooey! I can't get enough of watching you doing comedy !!

The Garden of Eden

Potential well wasted
Hollywood cannot make these European style movies yet, so why do they keep trying? The casting was quizzical to say the least.

Mena Suvari is not sufficiently sophisticated as a person nor as an actress to carry the role.Neither is she pretty enough although she was able to portray the mentally-suspect aspects of the role. A bit too young for an American ingénue with money,in the roaring twenties in Paris.

Jack Huston seemingly gave his best effort,but honestly! He hardly looked or acted like a post war American,let alone a Hemingway character.

Caterina, much better as Solange in her 'Bond' role,fair to say she added a bit of class,albeit a bit too subdued due to her confusing part in the play.

I imagine that some of the best parts of this film ended up on the cutting room floor.....sadly.

I read the book a long time ago and maybe I should revisit it. Had I not known before watching this film,that it was based on an Hemingway novel,my best guess would have been that it was based on an Hemingway wannabe's novella.

Final Sale

contemporary sad subject but very much real
I was so nice to observe the lovely and talented Laura Harris in so different a role from where I watched her quite superb captivation of a demanding of acting ability in ' Dead Like Me'.

This movie was not a great vehicle for her talent but she did an amazing job of it. Personally, I would like to see her get a role in one of those period/costume dramas that the British do so well.

Not a naughty demanding nudity type role but more like a semi-serious quirky seductive role with humour. I see her doing something not quite Dickensian but similar. Can't put my finger on what I have in mind as yet. Nice job Laura......better things to come I hope and expect !

The World Unseen

Just exquisite !
Cinematographically perfect,location likewise,casting could not have been better,the pace of the tale was brilliant. I loved this film,it was film-art. I loved it and was pleased that the ending wasn't 'Hollywood or Bollywood'. I couldn't have agreed more with the previous reviewer. More tastefully executed films like this please ! It is a must see and worthy of 10 gold stars by any standard. I have never seen a film that has touched on the lives and times of immigrant East Indians in South Africa,before and I found it to be an eye-opener and quite profound. I suspect that there must be a multitude of similar tales in need of being told from all British Colonies of the time.I'm not about to make excuses nor sympathies as I think it ridiculous to apolgise for the behaviours of past peoples. I endeavour personally to never repeat such practises myself! Nor should you.

Dark Woods

Oh my word !!
OMW! I must have watched the first third of a different movie from the first reviewer. One of the industry reviews described the film as 'Dark and moody'.... Well duh..that's because there must not have been any money in the budget for even half-decent lighting,yet,most shooting was indoors!!!!!Thank goodness the fireplace gave off some light. You know you are wasting your time watching this film,when the local cop shows up and gruffly shrugs off a witnessed home-invasion/sexual assault and doesn't even take notes or talk to the victim (who for some insane reason is observing from the staircase keeping quiet)and the victim's husband/witness simply shrugs his shoulders and accepts this??? You know that bit was a portent for even sillier unbelievable inaction.

The rape victim/waif....made no sound as she was being humped,however,when the husband of victim #1,inexplicably walks away from the scene,where he has just seen the same dude (since identified by the indolent cop as the local harmless half-wit)committing another sexual assault,the waif suddenly starts screaming.......right on cue !!

This movie was just awful and I didn't have to pay to see it but yet I still feel ripped-off. Bobby W

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