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Listen, if you are looking for a complex and edge of the seat drama then maybe this isn't for you. If you like a bit of light hearted and entertaining detective drama, with likeable characters then definitely go for it. I enjoyed it and will carry on watching it.

Doctor Sleep

Not only as a sequel but also as a stand alone too. The acting is great, the story is very different to anything I've seen. The only thing is its loooong, make sure you have plenty of snacks . Enjoy!!!!

Wild Bill

Love it
Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Great mid week entertainment. If you want something too accurate watch a documentary . I love the light numerous atmosphere, and the dinamic between Bill and his staff. Worth a watch.

The Silence

This has been done before in different formats. I loved the tense drama in this , as well as the family dinamic. There's more than one EVIL. Kept me guessing.

The Passage

I havnt read the books so I had no pre-conceived ideas. I found this both entertaining and enjoyable so definitely give it a go.

Broken Trust

Definitely a tv movie
This is definitely a pyjama day movie. . It's quite entertaining, the actings not bad either. Also a bit of eye candy for girls and boys. So put your feet up relax and just be entertained.

Ghost Stories

Could have been so much more
I'll start with the positive, the acting is great but the stories are a little messy and just over half way through I found it ridiculous. Although by the end it's clear I just felt it lost it's way a bit. Not really what I was expecting.


Love this show
I love the different stories every week with the underlying on going stories. All the characters are great apart from Harrows daughter Fern . She comes across as a sullen, spoilt brat with whom her parents fall over themselves to please. She needs a good dose of dissaplin.

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