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  • Why Olallo is always complaining about everything? I mean, i have heard his podcast and its the same thing, its still funny but that is what he does: he complains about every little thing of the earth, even he complains of us like humans. I had a lot of fun with a few things that appeared in this film but after the first hour of complains and complains and more complains you just want to see another thing. Humans are for sale, that's what he say, we as humans are the worst thing in the universe, that's his idea, well Mr. Rubio notice this: YOU ARE A HUMAN and not because you pass your time telling us how to think, how to be and that if we continue our lives as we like we are going to be unhappy, what do you know about happiness? you live for cry about the world where you live, you aren't superior than us!
  • Actually my vote is a 7.5. Anyway, the movie was good, it has those funny parts that make it deserve to see it, don't misunderstand me, is not the funniest movie of the world, and its not even original because its a idea that we have seen before in other movies, but this one has its own taste, a friend of mine told me that this was a film for boyfriends... I think that not exactly but who cares? Also there is another movie that show us almost the same topic, Chris Rock appears in it, the name is Down to Earth, men, that one its a very funny movie, see both if you want and I know that you will agree that Mr. Rock won with his movie. I would liked that the protagonist male character were given to Ashton Kutcher, however, the film is good.
  • I didn't knew that Rob Zombie was a good director, I have heard his songs but this movie was pretty well, men it was scary, Michael Myers is one of the most scaring killers of the story, there is also Jason, but Michael is my favorite, and I will tell you why, Michael Myers never runs, he walk too fast but he never run behind you, and even he gets you. I really recommend this movie and also if you can watch the Haloween 20 years later movie it will help you to understand more, may be as many people you will fall in love with the story, and its OK because its well thinked. I have nothing more to say than if your looking for a good horror movie for... I don't know may be for watch it with your girlfriend and make her hug you in the scary scenes, then men, this title will complete the mission.
  • Let me find the words to describe this movie... May be the better word to do it is BORING yeah: BORING I mean, if you are trying to see that kind of movie where you don't even know what its about, because I didn't get the point. Was a war movie? or a film that talks about a man that can get money just by opening his mouth? For me it was a completely waste of time, I was believing that at the final the story was going to make sense and it was going to like me but no! I hated it, it made me loose my valious time. Until now I think its the worst movie that I have seen in the 2009 year. The name was translated to Spanish and it means "Game Of The Power" the title promised me entertainment and its the less thing that it has. Seriously I would prefer to see the Spongebob movie, or even a Barbie movie. Not kidding, and I hate Barbie.
  • 15 January 2009
    French movies.... why they cant be like American movies? Audrey Tatou is beautiful and since Amelie I realized she had potential, but men, both are very slow motion movies, those kind of movies that suddenly makes you feel that nothing is happening and nothing is going to happen, you need to have a very good patience to finish this kind of movies because there is a lot of people that if in the first 30 minutes they don't get the idea of the story they just leave, and there is something about the guy that appeared like the Audrey's friend, isn't there in France another better looking actor? Audrey she's pretty, she must appear kissing very handsome guys, but no, she appears in this movie with a very strange man that reminds me a lot to the new James Bond, the same weird eyes, but talking about the story, its not the better that I've always seen.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well, actually my vote is 7.5 But hey men, what happened with the Leelee Sobieski's character? (see Joy Ride's first part) I'm just kidding, the movie is good even when it have missed the Sobieski's character, but men, the Trailer's Driver is kind of inmortal, you can send him to a big hole and I don't know but he is going to survive, and he will get a new trailer to continue killing people, hey, I wanna be like him, a guy without fears and inmortal, sounds cool huh? If I have to decide between the first and the second part, I'm sure that the better one is the first part, it was a new idea of killing people, never seen before, it has a great dialog and... do I have to say it again? Leelee Sobieski appears in the first part
  • You know, this movie have that light comedy that I like to watch sometimes, its not that kind of movie that tries to make you laugh every time, but its still funny. The title in Spanish was translated and it means "How to seduce a girl?" I think it makes the point, but you'd better watch it. Sam Huntington its a very good actor, another movie of him that I consider a 10 its "Detroit Rock City" even if you are not a rocker you enjoy it a lot, the story is simply funny and original, as this one but you know in this case I gave to Home Of Phobia a vote of 9 that is still good. Note: If you are homophobic you better don't watch this movie
  • If you are a teenage girl full of dreams about your prince charming, and also if you don't caret to watch a movie with bad actuations and bad performances then I think you will probably like this movie. But what happens when you like to watch good movies? with good performances, great stories, fun dialogs, and you know, those kind of movies that doesn't make you feel like you have lost your time, what happens then? well, you might get up of your sit, turn off your TV and say mentally something like "oh God, I have lost me valious time, and I want it back!!" Well, you are probably not going to think that but you are going to feel like that, so the problem is that if your not a teenage girl that get fascinated with poor romance movies, then this movie will make you loose your time, anyway if you are interested in a good romance movie I recommend you "If Only" its....... wordless.
  • Actually my vote is a 8.3 However, dude, that was scary, believe me, this movie hasn't any monsters or ghosts but men, it makes you feel the adrenaline of the story, you better watch it. The performances of the actor were pretty well, the idea of how the principal actor meets each other its original, well, the movie is simply good, this guy Shia LaBeouf showed us his potential in the Transformers movie, and even more in the Disturbia movie, one of my favorites, so... you better give him the opportunity to impress you again with this title, the name was translated to Spanish like "Total Control" and I think it makes the point you know, The Eagle Eyes, that watches everything, that have a Total Control, yep!!
  • I don't know why I have lost interest in Eddie Murphy's movies. Since: Dr. Dolittle 2 The Haunted Mansion and of course the DEPLORABLE Norbit He only has been making movies that don't deserve more than a 7. Anyway I cant deny that Meet Dave made me laugh a couple of times but for tell the truth, I think we everybody knows that Eddie is very far of make the best comedy movie, people need more Intelligent Comedy Movies, like Jim Carrey's movies, Adam Sandler's movies, Rob Schneider's movies. Do you remember that movie called Showtime? with Robert De Niro and Eddie, what was it? a comedy? an action movie? a failed try to make laugh a few persons? I just say that Mr. Murphy should think about stop making movies that are almoust specifically directed to childs, he needs to loose the fear of be more rude!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    To be honest, I didn't understand how a machine could predict all those things, but anyway Winona's presence was perfect, why she doesn't look like that always? I mean, search for pictures of her in movie awards arrivals, or even street shots of her, she looks very different, but in this movie she was look like... man, I wanna marry her. Anyway the story was pretty well, it has a lot of sex, and may be now that we are talking about a seductor, wouldn't have been better that Dane Cook was the performer? I don't know, thats just my opinion, I think he is perfect for seduction performances, even much much better than this guy Jude Law, or one of the actors that I hate the most: Hugh Grant. Nooo men, Dane Cook is the men!!
  • 6 August 2006
    The movie was excellent, not only the comedy parts, also I liked the message that the movie have, until now its maybe the best movie of the year 2006. Also the Sandler's work was amazing, I hope that they continue doing movies as this one, I like the mixture of fantasy and comedy, also viewed in movies like "The hot chick" or "The Animal" great ones, I hope like that many people watch the movie, nobody cannot lose this cinematographic excellent delivery, indeed I'd like to invite you readers to watch it and find the message in it, not only the good comedy and the incredible fantasy in it, there is a lot more in that movie, there's a reflection topic that should be understood.