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Chakushin ari final

This was NOT a good movie
The plot is ok and I could've enjoyed it, it had potential, but the horrendous acting killed it! Especially from the main actors, the ones we have to look at in close-ups: the dead-fish stare with the eyes bugging out, the hyperventilating laborious wheezing breathing, the screaming.....OH MY GOSH, the screaming, you can see it coming a mile away, and you just get ready for it....the same garbage that's presented in pretty much every D-rated j-horror films just like this one. This film has no substance, over 2 hrs long, that's just too much of the wheezy screaming and bugged-out eyes for me. Just another lousy attempt to make those pop idols into actors, so someone can make a paycheck. Pass on this one, or check Wikipedia to get the run down on the story, if you really must know. In my opinion, the first one is still the best, the second-a complete mess, and this one is just unbearable. I've seen ratings 10 out of 10, really??!? Well, it takes all kinds...they must the idols' fans.

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