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An excellent cumulative of YEARS of waiting for this.
Here are my thoughts

#1. I have to note that I had reservations about this when I first saw the casting of Simon and other POC actors. As a black women I didn't know if it was pandering to my ethnic group or if it was for genuine inclusivity. And after seeing Simon on screen I must say that he is PERFECT!! I literally can't picture him otherwise (and I've been picturing him for over a decade. (I also have to say the same for lady D))

#2. I was surprisingly pleased with the Marina character (btw she's not new to the series. Just early). She will fit in like a puzzle.

#3. I'm enjoying how flushed out Anthony is. I admit he was a little 1D for the first book since he wasn't a main character so I appreciate that tv allows him more dimension and build up.

#4. The rest of the siblings are excellent too. The seeds of their characters are coming through.

5. The visuals, directing, and music reminds me of a TRUE historical romance book. This doesn't feel like a made for tv show. I love how they managed to make the colors so beautiful and vibrant unlike other historical romance movies/shows that have everything "accurately" bleak.

This series was my very first introduction to the romance genre of books when I was a little girl and I could not have asked for a better pilot episode. The characters, the chemistry, the intrigue, the intensity (this list goes on and on) is exactly how I pictured it and how I felt when I first read this series years ago.

To all those that worked on this series , everyone from the actors to the crew, your artistic talent has not just made beautiful period piece show. No, your artistic talent has magically translated all the beautiful things I love about historical romance books and the writing of arguably the most famous HR author of modern times perfectly to the screen and to that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The Expanse: Gaugamela
Episode 4, Season 5

I'm speachless
Please God don't let the producers ruin this show like they did with game of thrones. Cause this is the game of thrones of the Syfy genre! This was the "Red Wedding" episode of the series!


If I could give this show a negative review I would
This took everything that made the original amazing and destroyed it. This should've been a sequel using the charmed one's children but nooooo this PoS was what we got. This should be canceled ASAP

The Will

If you're looking to watch something that gives the same feelings as the book...keep looking.
The more I kept watching the more I felt like there was something wrong/missing. And then I realized it was the life behind the acting. The entire movie felt like it was some weird audition by the characters and not a final product.

Don't get me wrong, this Jake was HOT hot, that is till he opened his mouth. For some reason his voice dialed his sexiness down. Now for Josie, she also fit the description to the T, but my god was there no life behind her words. She was overacting too much and flat at the same time.

Also, the movie makes me realize that KA's book didn't have very good bones. Without all the internal commentary and the hundreds of pages covering clothing, well there's not much left. So the story felt like it was being rushed even though the producers had 300+ pages to work with.

Visuals are 10+/10. Everything else....we're talking negatives.


Refreshingly Unique
The story is original and I appreciated the adaptiveness of the Blind and how they've changed their world.

The acting is also pretty good as well. Only one I didn't like was the exaggerated Queen. She's absolutely terrible and it's painful watching her scenes. But the rest of the characters are pretty good.

There's some flaws (Queen being #1) but they don't hinder the enjoyment of the show. Overall I'm hooked and I look forward to continuing this show.

Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne
Episode 6, Season 8

Only For Drogon
I'm only giving this star for the amazing pain that a FREAKING CGI DRAGON WHO CANT EVEN SPEAK portrayed. That's it. Everything else was freaking garbage. ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.

I onced loved this show, but the disrespect that they just showed has made me loose that love. D&D, I hope your careers suffer greatly for this!

Avengers: Endgame

This movie is Stan Lee in human form.
Go into this movie with high expectations. The highest you can possibly have. And then watch as it complete blows those expectations out of the water.

You will love it x3000!

Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias: One Show Fits All

The entire show was pretty much this "I'm so famous I got to ___." + "I'm so thankful for ____." + 20 year old recycled sound effects
This one wasn't good at all. He kept setting up jokes but not finishing them. Also spent the last 20ish minutes thanking his friends and family and repeating his most famous jokes. All in all very disappointing. His last special was strike 1 and this one was strike 2. If he doesn't deliver for his next special I'm done with him.

Only reason I gave this 2 stars was because of Dave the bus driver and SnoopDog.

Charmed: Pilot
Episode 1, Season 1

This show is an insult to the originals, Not homage
This show took something that was beloved by many and completely stripped it of everything that made it special. It does nothing but ride on the back of the legacy that the original had. If you have any respect for the original characters, writers, plots, the whole charmed universe, you will not support this sacrilege

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