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Jennifer Tilly is so creepy!
I thought this movie was called "Hide and Seek". I saw this at a party with all my friends and it freaked me out! I had no idea what it was about before we watched it, but I understood it completely. I couldn't sleep that night (luckily it was a sleepover). All the actors do a great job; especially Jennifer Tilly's character Helen; you just want her to die by the time the movie nears an end. This is a must see movie for people who love suspense. There are a few gory spots, but if you are an anti blood person, you can probably handle this. I am not a scary movie person, but even for me this was super good! You will never get bored during the film because you want to see the end!

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

Fun and hilarious flick
I love Romy and Michele's High School Reunion! It's so hilarious. Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow both do great jobs as Romy and Michele. I love how this movie partially takes place in the 80's! Plus the 80's music adds a great soundtrack! The clothes that Romy and Michele wear are so far out, I wish I could wear them! Heather Moony, Janeane Garofalo's character, is so funny too with her smoking/cursing habits. My favorite scene would have to be when Romy and Michele both come back and tell off Christie Masters at the reunion. So, the truth is that it doesn't matter if you're a dork or weren't liked in high school, because all those people that gave you trouble, probably have it off worse than you. This is a MUST SEE movie!

Children of the Corn

The movie that changed my life...
Oh my gosh! Children of the Corn is my all time favorite movie and probably the only Stephen King movie that I'll ever watch.

I first thought of watching COTC when I saw it on vh1's I Love the 80's. It just looked so interesting! It is so not scary, although the first time you see it, it's really suspenseful. This movie gives you a creepy and lonely feeling when the young couple is driving through the deserted town that seems to be only populated by children. The music also adds the eeriness and the theme song is really catchy! Even though there's minimum gore, there's a few startling spots.

All of the characters are really likable; even the villains! My favorite character would have to be Malachai, the hot red headed killer. He is just so hot and since I've seen it so many times, it's just really sad when he dies. I also like Isaac, the really short leader who does everything He Who Walks Behind the Rows says. Sarah and Job are so cute, and Rachel (I think) she's hilarious! Sometimes I just want the kids to win for once, you know?

Ever since I first saw this, I became an obsessed corn kid. I love quoting lines from the movie. I even decorated the front cover of a spiral pictures from COTC. No matter how many times I see COTC, I never get bored. If you are just as obsessed as I am, you should buy the 20th anniversary DVD and I am very lucky to own it! Thank you Stephen King for writing such a great story! I would totally recommend COTC to anyone, but mainly kids and not adults because what I've noticed is that kids tend to enjoy it more. So, anyone who hasn't seen it should.

Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice

disappointing sequel & not for obsessed fans of the original
I believe the film makers could have done so much more with this film, than what they did. I love the first Children of the Corn movie. When I found out there was a sequel, of course I rented it; what a disappointment. I can't believe it took them nine years to make a sequel and with none of the original cast or characters. (They mention Isaac's name a few times and that's about it). Micah was probably my favorite character because he was the bad guy and you finally want him to win because you get so sick of the "protagonists". They had really annoying/corny love scenes too. I never thought I would say this about a COTC movie, but I seriously thought it would be better. This movie would probably be good if it wasn't supposed to be a sequel to something made a lot of years ago. Hey, I give the makers of this movie credit for at least keeping the "original town" of Gatlin and Hemmingford and mentioning Isaac. There's also another thing I do not get about this film, a lot of those teens in this movie would have been like 7 or 8 in the first movie, so how do they remember all of this? And, how does Micah remember his father if he's only a teen and the original Gatlin slaughtering was like 12 years before this movie even happened? If somebody could please explain that to me. Anyway, I guess if you like a little more "frights" you should see this, if not then I highly do not recommend this to you.

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