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Black Widow

Enjoyable yet Predictable!
Well, I think it lived up to its hype and finally, Black Widow got a satisfactory movie and a kind of back story in an all 'family' way.

The story is about how Natasha running from the S. H. I. E. L. D after the Sokovian Accords deal, the fun fact is most of the movie takes place between the airport fight and escaping the raft scene in the Civil War. The movie doesn't linearly focus solely on the character Black Widow but also on the introduction of several characters and how it lays the foundation for the next phase. The family saga was very good at the beginning and they all had very good chemistry and the comedic relief was brilliant. The antagonist was like always the cliche MCU one where he has the picture of destroying the whole world and pocket it, the problem was the power of the antagonist was let down in a weird way. Had an okayish ending and a satisfactory post-credit scene.

I was really impressed with the directing, the acting was just superb(special mention to Pugh and Harbour), the comedy was spot on, and really great opening credits. The storyline was kinda flat and predictable but loved all the Easter Eggs and a good movie for all MCU fans.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

A Blockbuster regardless
Gotta admit, I really enjoyed this series more than WandaVision but it isn't good as that of the latter nor a good plot but got its MCU movies flavor.

The story is after the Infinity Saga after Steve Rogers handed Captain America mantle to the Falcon, Sam Wilson. Without going much into the plot, the series takes place in what I call a PTSD Saga i.e. After the blip, war, and whatnot. The series primarily deals with the aftermath of the blip returnees and how the governments are handling the situation. We see a set of new characters straight out of comics, let's say all the patriots are here, with a few callbacks, as usual. A good ending regardless.

The directing was good, the costumes were just too good, the chemistry between the characters and the comedic scenarios were on point. The premise was good and understandable but as the series progress, the characters let's just say were out of the role. The main antagonist and its team never felt a strong connection and their dialogues were pretty bad. An enjoyable watch.


A Wanda-ful Visionary Series!
Wow, this certainly was a visionary approach and I think we can say that it lived up to its hype.

The story is about Wanda after the Infinity Saga, you can say this as a PTSD saga I guess... cannot go much into the plot as it got a lot of surprises. The series starts off slow as the episode goes on the plot thickens, I have to say please don't scratch it off after watching 2/3 episodes as I can assure you from the 4th episode it's a bang. This is not like the Defenders characters kinda show it actually sticks to the MCU movies formula. Got really great characters, it got a really good premise, a banger in the middle, and a good finale.

The directing was just brilliant, it was experimental, weird, and very colorful. The acting was top-notch from every character shout-out to Olsen, Bettany, and Kathryn Hahn, got really great supporting cast. The comedy was phenomenal was delivered well, the dialogues were sometimes cliche, and the costumes were just too good. Really a great start to Phase 4, can't wait to see what happens next.


A Classic!
GTO has got it all comedy, romance, drama, bullying, delinquents... well you may think this is just another anime but I can assure you it's totally worth it and totally lives up to being a classic.

The story is about Onizuka Ekikichi, 22 years old and a bonafide virgin. He was one of the most feared gangsters in Tokyo before he decided to become the Greatest Teacher in the world. After a lot of hustling, he finally got to be the homeroom teacher of Class 3-4 of the prestigious Holy Forest Academy. Every character got a peculiar skill set that is used for both good and bad, the scenarios they come up with are too good. The story revolves around him and how he uses his delinquent gangsta tactics to overcome certain aspects of life in the most comedic way possible.

The first episode really clicks with everyone, the first episode has all the elements that are later gonna be used in other episodes, if you liked the first episode then I'll ask you to stick around the show no matter what coz of the life lessons you can learn. I'll outright say the story is cliche and they use the same formula, antagonist appears to seem legit unbeatable but Onizuka shows up at the perfect time with a dramatic entry and saves the day. The series deals with a wide array of topics some are way too serious and some are damn funny. I like how they deal with certain hard topics in a spectacular way possible and gives closure and solutions for all. The ending or the final arc seemed rushed but overall a good watch.

The animation is good for its time, the voice acting both in sub and dub is stupendous, characters were fun, the opening and ending songs were just too good, the comedic scenes were delivered perfectly. The anime works with any audience, since the ending seemed rushed I'll hop on the manga. Highly recommended!

Sakigake!! Cromartie Kôkô

Smart Refreshing Comedy
This anime certainly is a one-of-a-kind in the world of comedy, a really witty comedy anime involving high school delinquents.

There's no certain story nor the narration is linear, but the series revolves around the main character Takashi Kamiyama who joined a high school named Cromartie High School which is a den for the Tokyo delinquents. Kamiyama who's a decent guy adapts to be in the atmosphere of the delinquents by actually being himself. The series is about the routine of the delinquents in Cromartie High school which involves many bizarre characters. Cromartie has many rival schools with whom they fight a lot like a real gangsta novel, which is too hilarious and well put.

The direction is good and the timing of the delivery of the lines is just perfect, the production is on a low budget, the voice acting is very good and every character was just too funny. Each episode is about 12 min long, it is a parody series all in all. I really loved the comedy aspect of the series as one character puts out, the comedy is entirely made on situations and the perspectives of the characters, not on the premature adult jokes. The anime is flat-out funny, recommended to the comedy-loving peeps.


Most Stylish, Virtually Pleasing Anime Movie
Wow, this is one of the most entertaining anime movies ever with a minimal plot and intelligent story. Race, futuristic, and adrenaline rush.

The story is about racing, the plot revolves around JP who's gunning for a spot in the Redline race and to win it. The cars and the futuristic atmosphere and the world are just sexy, to say the least. There are many characters each of whom provides a memorable, thrilling, interesting background. The movie has got it all love, cars, fight, guns blazing, bioweapons, futuristic planets, and aliens. Despite its incredible fantastical scenes, the movie felt actually well-paced and it ended with a bang!

No words to describe how beautiful the animation was, the direction was spectacular, the characters were amazing, the score was too good for the scenes, the runtime was perfect. I think the primary aim of the movie was pure entertainment and they pulled it off just fine with little to no plot and amazing clutching scenes and visuals. It was like Death Race on steroids, highly recommended.


A Novelesque, Justified Show
This will certainly be one of the best series I've ever seen, this is a modern western crime drama with slick writing and crazy characters.

The story is about Marshal Raylan Givens who returns to his hometown after some "disciplinary" issues. In his new office, he's asked to look upon the case of the delinquent Boyd Crowder. The series revolves around both these characters along with some crazy homegrown "talents".

The series starts off in a procedural manner in the first 4 episodes but soon indulges in the spectacular storyline once Arlo shows up. The story gets picked up quickly with the introduction of us to the world of Harlan and its terrors. What makes this series great is the slick writing with great monologues for every single character. Every character had its own traits and style, even the minor and the recurring character left their impact on the story. The comedy is spot on and is delivered well by all, some of these dialogues can come as quotes, it's just that great. The relationship between Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder is what makes this series a step above the word great. One of the best endings ever!

The casting was simply the best, the directing was top-notch, the score was just spectacular, every actor delivered the characters in the best way possible, the timing of the one deliveries and comedy is really a one to live for. Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins were just made for these roles, they just created one of the iconic roles in television history. Highly recommend it.

'We dug coal together'

Detoroito Metaru Shiti

DMC! Just Crazy
This is one of the craziest most bizarre comedy anime with a lot of vulgar words used in a proper and in a most offensive manner.

The story is about Negishi Souichi who sort of has a dual personality. He's a quiet person who loves romcom and melodious pop and on another hand, he's the frontman of the craziest metal band in the indie 'DMC'. The anime is about how he copes up with him being a silent person and how he gotta muscle up to be the craziest man in the whole universe. The scenarios and the situations he falls into are absolutely crazy and love his Krauser persona where his fans are just 'adorable'.

The dialogues, the characters, the music lyrics were some of the best and the most erratic ones. Personally didn't like the shifts in the angle of the presentation, regardless this is one of my favorite craziest anime. Highly recommended!

Black Swan

A Strong Intriguing Thriller
Wow, this movie definitely has one of those vibes of "perfection" no matter what. Really a mysterious tale.

The story is about Nina a ballet dancer who struggles hard to become the main cast of her ballerina after Beth who is now retiring. Nina who is living with her mom has to compete with many ballerinas to get to the top. Her mom treated her like a child and takes good care of her, she lives in her own little world where the only thing for her to do is get on top of ballet and live the life and she is brought up in that own premise by her mother who is a former performer. Thomas, the instructor who has a reputation as a good teacher and a seductive person gives her a hard time perfecting an enigma of a character by often asking her to live carefreely and look up to Lily as how she gets on with her life. This gives us a movie of getting into perfection in the atmosphere of dark and eerie steps to overcome, ends with a banger!

The director Aronofsky really made the audience be the audience in the ballerina with exceptional scores, cinematography, and atmosphere. The acting all around the movie was some of the best I've ever seen. All the characters were strong and well put in the story, the plot is constructed in a mysterious way possible. A really great movie.

Sakamoto desu ga?

Cool, Cooler, Coolest SWAGmoto!
If you want to watch a cool character doing his swag moves in a stylish manner with precise technique and add ons like meaning and message then this is the anime you're looking for.

The story is about a high school boy Sakamoto who is the coolest guy ever and is stylish in every way possible. As it should be all the students especially girls are simps for him. Some guys and especially delinquents often stir up to him to see what's so special about him. Sakamoto will always remain stylish despite being in unfavorable situations most of the time. The episodes are in a linear manner with a good ending.

The directing, artwork, opening, and ending music were some of the best and was spot on. It got cool characters but barring Sakamoto, the characters were somewhat cliche. The plot is not of utmost importance here, the comedy was not hysterical but was smart. Overall a cool anime.

Gekkan shôjo Nozaki-kun

Funny with realistic background yet cliché
This anime is a refreshing and positive rom-com anime with a realistic background and atmosphere yet cliché.

The story is about Chiyo who has a crush on Nozaki, the story follows up through Chiyo with Nozaki as the protagonist with exploring characters that come with their own traits and talents. The characters run through the lives of manga-ka Nozaki and are shown primarily through Chiyo. The gags are derived from the ongoing bizarre relationship between the characters and the atmosphere at the schools.

The directing and animation were spot on. Despite having a brilliant premise and background, the characters are funny but one-dimensional, the opening and ending music was not good, the gags are sometimes not connected with the audience and felt repetitive nevertheless it's not your other shoujo anime it connects with both the audience. Hoping there's an S2.

Napoleon Dynamite

A witty well constructed comedy!
This movie is a genius comedy, very unique, not your typical teen nerd story.

The story is about a guy who thinks of himself as high, a loser, picked on by bullies, and has no friends. He has an older brother who's just a replica of himself but not physically, a jumpy uncle who lives in the past and he lives with his grandma. He befriends a new kid Pedro, who is Mexican and has an amazing bike and a mustache. They both befriend a hardworking girl called Deb, together they seemed like misfits to the school. The first half of the movie is about going to the movie and the second half is about Pedro trying to be the Class President, these arcs give us this amazing witted comedy with a perfect ending.

The casting was just spot on, the acting was just the best, the music was spectacular, just brilliant. Each character showed their own traits and was spot on with the atmosphere and the scenarios. A really funny movie, highly recommended.

Hotarubi no mori e

Beautiful Refreshing Movie!
This is one of those movies where you totally get into the life of characters, truly a magical movie.

The story focuses only on two characters Gin and Hotaru Takegawa with other characters just in the background of the things happening. Hotaru lost herself in the forest when she was 6 years old, lonely, and desperate for help. She finds help to lead the way out of this ancient forest by a masked man and this goes on to give a fantastical, lovely movie for us. Really great ending!

The directing, the animation, the soundtrack were top notch. Despite being a simple concept they pulled it off really well and though it was like 40 minutes movie, it felt like a proper 100-minute movie because of the dynamics between the characters. It's better for you to go watch this movie open-minded without reading the synopsis, really worth it. Highly recommended.

Gakuen Bebishittazu

Adorable, Cutest Anime
Wow, this anime really melts your heart with cute and wholesome moments with life lessons as extra baggage. If you want a heartwarming anime then this is the one.

The story is about two brothers Ryuuichi and Kotarou who just lost their parents in a plane crash, a stern chairwoman of an elite school who also lost her son and daughter in law in the same plane crash decided to take care of the two brothers who had nowhere else to go. In return, Ryuuichi had to take her off the babysitters club who had no club members and only one caretaker. He already had experience taking care of the kids as he took care of his brother Kotarou when their parents were on tour most of the time. Ryuuichi now goes to this new school in an unknown town with a job of taking care of his brother and the other kids in his spare time.

This anime had amazing voice actors, great animation, great life lessons. The storytelling was not linear they just showed us wholesome moments in their life with a very subtle life story in the background. The atmosphere was always heartwarming, got some great characters, this is a happy anime.

Shingeki no Kyojin: A Sound Argument
Episode 10, Season 4

V day, 69th episode, pregnancy reveal, MAPPA delivering it!
Another brilliant episode, a political episode to be precise. Dialogues were great, animation great as usual. Wish the episodes were longer.

Shingeki no Kyojin: Brave Volunteers
Episode 9, Season 4

Wow! Another Great episode!
A dialogue heavy episode, this episode slowly transitioned from the Marleyan arc, it was really great to see the introduction of the new characters.

Zeke and Levi's conversations are always great. Sasha being Sasha, there was a call back from S2, the blond girl.

Animation was just top notch, direction was on point, really great parallels.. loved it.

Asobi Asobase

A comedic relief, Finest!
This anime might look like your typical girl anime but it's not, this is the girl version of the anime Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou but with middle school girls. This reminiscent of the nostalgic memories of your school days which have your funny memories of it.

The story is not complex, the three main characters Olivia, Honda, and Kasumi who met in an uncircumstantial way formed a club called the Pastime Club. They're a peculiar trio each with their own traits and gains, we see a number of other characters too who come into the lives of these three main characters. The story comprises several sketches of different scenarios that take place around the main characters and their Club. There isn't a minute where these sketches are not funny, we see their daily lives in a most hysterical way.

The sketches were damn funny, it wasn't forced and the atmosphere had a great comedic presence. The voice acting deserves high praise those were some of the best, opening and closing music are lovely and mental respectively, the directing was great. Really loved this.

Shingeki no Kyojin: Assassin's Bullet
Episode 8, Season 4

Another brilliant 5 minute episode!
This episode was just full of emotions, it was like a layoff from the previous episode but not entirely. The storytelling, the foreshadowing, the emotions, the depth of this anime cannot be foreseen. The cycle of violence just never ends 🥔, heartbreaking. Voice acting was just the best, the animation was just top notch again, MAPPA deserves all the praises.

Kangoku gakuen

A Peculiar and Hilarious Ecchi Anime
This is my first ecchi anime and all I got to say is that I'm impressed with this genre and am looking forward to reading the manga. This is a weird anime for sure with a bizarre storyline and concepts but it never fails to make you laugh.

The story is about 5 boys who got admitted to Hachimitsu Academy, who for the first time is admitting boys to the institution. As you can guess the boys were all perverts and the guys were ratioed to 1:200. The boys got caught while pulling a stunt by checking out the girls changing room and they were all sent to school's prison, yep that sounds weird but trust me the fun starts from then. Got a brilliant final episode and an epilogue to set season 2 in the run, this was really a fun ride.

The story gave us more intense and gripping scenes than a crime anime, got strong antagonists with an evil plot, the bizarre comedy was all over the place, amazing characters, the animation was fantastic the voice actors were great, the facial expression and the weird sounds made it more hilarious. Looking forward to season 2 if they're making it and they totally deserve it. Totally recommend checking it out.

Shingeki no Kyojin: Assault
Episode 7, Season 4

MAPPA, really gotta stop giving us these 5 min episodes
This show gets better and better as each episode passes, BB & GoT didn't reach this level of sheer masterpiece. The episode was just God tier level, don't really think any episode can match this. Perfect CGI, god-level animation, epic comebacks, and those fight scenes and the sheer gore, DAMN! Best Episode Ever! Speechless.

Danshi kôkôsei no nichijô

Funny sketches which reminiscent of our High School days
High School, we all loved high school and never wanted it to end. We all had our time stacked with various activities and what not but we all have some fond memories of mundane things that used to happen in our daily life that still make us laugh. This is the anime we all wanted to reminiscent our school days, if you want to laugh for straight 20 minutes without worrying about any plot, characters, or timeline then this is the anime for you.

There is no story or any recurring plot, there are many characters but we're shown to have 3 protagonists in which one of the characters' life is not so funny. A reminder that they only show funny moments of the high school boys so don't expect the protagonist to show up in all the scenes. The show opens up hilariously with the standard anime and manga situations and makes fun of that. There are also some appearances by high school girls and their daily lives, they tease about how high school girls act all cute and all and how they deserve some screentime. They explore the 4th wall in very funny ways.

All the sketches are goddamn hilarious, the opening song is great, the ending song is one of my all-time favorites it really matches the atmosphere of the show and the music is high schoolish. Highly recommend it.


A Psychological Mystery Thriller
This is a very unique movie with a well-put story and mystery, if you need a brainstormer session then this movie is for you.

The story focuses on a single character Jess, can't really say much about the plot as this movie is a puzzle to decode but you gotta watch the movie from the perspective of Jess. The movie is very intriguing with a tight story and an interesting concept, it is mature, dark, a weird sequence which was all put together very well and you can actually decode the movie on your own without any help. It is certainly a psychological dark movie that creates an atmosphere like some of the great movies of that genre.

This is the first movie I've seen of director Christopher Smith and I hope to see more of him, the directing was good, the music was haunting and it added a lot to the atmosphere, acting was good. Overall a really good movie.

The Bourne Identity

A Realistic Spy Thriller
I've seen this movie in bits and pieces on TV when I was in my school days but I've never seen the whole movie in a sit until today, and I gotta say this is one of the realistic spy movies I've ever seen and it brings the nostalgic feelings of how I used to watch and imitate all those espionage movies. Imma watch all those Bourne movies now, I'm intrigued as I pushed it off as another cliche spy movie.

The story is about the introduction of the enigma Jason Bourne and the organization Treadstone and how they're conflicted inside the US government. Bourne was found by some fisherman in the middle of a sea and he has no memory of whom he is and what is he, he goes on a journey to find out about him whereas the US government is blamed for an assassination. The chaos in this gives us this amazing spy thriller.

The acting, the cast, and the pacing were perfect. The story was tight, it had the elements of surprise, espionage, thriller, and surprises. Really loved, highly recommend it.

Tropic Thunder

Best Satire, hilarious!
This is one of the best comedies I've ever seen, couldn't believe what I just saw, will certainly go down in history as one of the best Satire movies ever made. If I have to put it in a sentence it's a movie like The Expendables but got it right.

The story is about a movie where many great actors such as Action Hero one(Typical Rambo), a method actor guy, a rapper, a TV actor, and an upcoming actor star in it. The Producer urges the director to not make it a flop given the budget, so the director decides to make a movie in a more realistic way and this gives us our movie. Every scene in this movie is hilarious and relatable, this movie has got all the elements that make us laugh, had a great story, and ended well.

Ben Stiller along with Justin Theroux wrote this wonderful movie, this may be the best Ben Stiller movie as an actor and a director. With this rich set of the cast with splendid cameos and great dialogues, the movie got it all right on the money. Highly recommend it.

Hotaru no haka

Saddest Movie Ever
After a long wait and a lot of courage, I decided to watch this movie with high expectations and got to know why this movie makes everyone cry and not rewatchable. This movie seriously deserves all the credit and recognition it gets, a really heartbreaking honest movie. This is one of those movies that everyone should watch at least once, in their lifetime, and I really mean once. An absolute Masterpiece.

The story is about a young brother and sister who got caught up in the frequent air raids that were happening in Japan during WW2, they lost their family and home which results in a brutally honest and gut-wrenching story. The movie focuses mainly on our two main characters relaying war as the background and catalyst. It was more of a pride and its repercussions, decisions, and its result that kind of a movie, not a primary war-related one. The story opened up a lot of aspects of life and the very elements of emotions and the repercussions of it got an emotional and a touching ending.

The directing was the best, the atmosphere that set up the movie, the characters, and the detailing of the premise were outstanding. This movie should be shown to everyone who wants war as an answer to everything, it's that powerful. This movie certainly deserves to be in the category of all-time best. Highly recommend it, heartbreaking but gotta watch it.

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