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Nancy Drew

So Bad. Swing and a Miss!!!!
From the writing to the acting. this show was so bad i wanted to stop watching in the first 15 minutes. So much for the good old Nancy Drew. Show is a total let down. And all they had to do was make it some what like Veronica Mars and they would have had a hit. Big Miss!!!!

SnakeHead Swamp

so bad it wasnt even funny.
I honestly could have made a better movie monster in my toilet. and a 2 year old with an I-phone could have filmed a better movie.

Hudson & Rex

Could have been better if it were a comedy.
Could have been better if it were a comedy. At least then you could laugh away all the dumb stuff. like come on there is no way that a police dog this day and age wouldn't have a tracker in him. and all they would have had to do was track the dog. and would a k9 cop really sit there and let the woman draw and aim her gun at him.? i think not. he would have attacked before she had it pointed. and they couldnt hear the dog barking wile in the same house? Comedy would have been better, like K9 Cop, or turner and hooch.

Star Wars: Emergence

Do you even know what a Jedi is?
A " Jedi Apprentice " ? thats what you call her. If she had any kind of Jedi training at all. she wouldnt be lying around crying. Jedi are trained from a very young age to be masters of there emotions. Come on have you watched any of the Star Wars movies?

Avengers: Endgame

Comedy maybe a few laughs at most.
Good god what were the writers thinking. back to the future meets avengers? they made it so advanced that the story is hard to follow. they were only going for jokes. like hulk running down stairs saying " so many stairs " why the heck would Hulk run down the stairs? they were going for cheap laughs. nothing more. they just cant hack out a good story.


Dont waste your time!
Shazam! More like Shizit!

The worst super hero movie ever. What were they thinking when they made this. I dont even think kids would like it. for the bad acting to the worse script. 1 Star was being to kind.

Creed II

What a joke. Awesome. lol
If you want to watch and Awesome boxing movie. Watch Rocky Marciano (1999) This movie wasnt worth the 2 hours for the 10 min movie it should have been Creed 2 what a joke. Part 3 he will fight Mr. T's Daughter.


So Sad
Poor script, and a cast that couldnt act there way out of a paper bag.


So Sad
Poor script, and a cast that couldnt act there way out of a paper bag.

Ray Donovan

WTF Season 5
Seasons 1-4 were great loved the show till i got to season 5. WTF is this BS who ever wrote it this way ruined the series. i could not stand to watch most of season 5. all the flash back bs just killed it. worst idea ever. if i was watching it on live tv i would have given up on the show all together, but i was watching online so i just skipped threw most of every episode. they repeatedly flashed back to the same stuff over and over and over and over and over again. it would have gotten a 10 star rating just for season 1-4 but then i watch season 5 and couldnt do that. i would recomend just skipping season 5 all together. hopefully season 6 is better.

Beauty and the Beast

I just cant bring my self to waste the time of watching season 4. After watching 3 seasons of this. I can tell the Writers have no ideas at all past the first season. Because everything just repeats over and over again, and they try to just flip it a bit to make more. but from season 1 there is nothing more to the story to keep you going. Same story over and over again. They had no new ideas at all.

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