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Lie to Me

new and catchy
i just got done with watching the whole season,and i have to say i did enjoy it,the idea of this show is really new,acting not really bad,i think all of them did good job...so it did start off really good with the first few episode and then start getting little irritating for me and more predicable,tim roth is such a great actor,but i think he would look better and less irritating if he just kept his mouth closed,walking around with this look on his face with his mouth opened made him look an idiot and its shame cause he is really good actor,and there was really no need for that stupid look and the open mouth to make us convinced he can read faces...but anyway over all the show isn't bad,and like i said its idea is really new,like CSI but with different methods to solve problems and crimes

Hope Springs

Love it
OK i know its only 2 episode have been aired so far,and even though i still didn't watch the second one,and maybe its too early to know if this will be good show or not but you know what???......... I SO LOVED it,im BIG fan of the British drama and all their kind of shows in general and i have to say they keep getting better and better..but back to Hope springs,i just can tell this show will be one of those amazing shows where u will be addicted to it and cant wait to watch and know what will happen next... the acting was really good and was funny,and most important its not really predictable...not like these shows where you set back and watch and be like,yep i knew this coming.. so to sum it up,if you didn't watch this show yet, hurry and catch up,because you gonna miss a great funny cute show.

The Broken

stupidly awful
Horror movie??really???? i cant believe how bad this movie was,what the point of this movie??? the movie almost 1h and 30 min and the first 70 minutes of it,is just lena walking around with this stupid look on her face after she had an accident....not much talking at all,not even much actions at all.. i have to say tho,the last 20 minuets it got little tiny action.. and was still stupid....... and the end oh my god,i don't know where to begin,it also end up with this stupid look on lena face lol.. don't get me wrong i love Lena Headey,i think she is great actress,but i don't know what got into her to do this movie.. don't waste your time and watching it,because this movie has no story,has no acting ..and has no point...not to mention how slow this movie goes and it feels like you been watching it forever.

The Tattooist

an OK thrill movie
nothing much to say about this movie really.. was really an OK movie..everything was expected ...i thought the acting was kinda bad,or let me say kinda dull..Jason Behr looked to me like he was reading off paper or something..there was no element of excitement or suspense or anything..it was just one of these ordinary movies that u would only watch if you have nothing els to watch . i personally wanted to watch it because i like tattoos and im into horror movies and supposedly The Tattooist was classified as horror movies,so 2 things i like grabbed my attention about this movie so i was certain its going to be very good BUT the only thing was good about this movie is to learn never have high hopes about any movie by just reading the title :)

Witches' Night

good horror
i really wanted to give this movie 9 out of 10 but the end of the movie kinda ruin it for me..i was so enjoying it and in way things were not really expected ,and the acting wasn't bad ..and it had story in it,even tho they had to add some sex scene (which in my opinion i think its a lame to add sexual scene into horror movies)because most of the time there is really no need for that,no point at all ..BUT the night witch only had one scene and didn't really look like porn . i think its really worth watching even with the bad end..it was like writer got bored and just wanted to finish the movie as soon as possible ..or that he really ran out of ides to make a decent end for this movie.

anyway overall the move is really worth watching .

Rikud Mesukan

what the point of this movie??
if there was less than 1 i would have picked up -10....i really cant find any word to describe it...bad acting,story is boring ..nothing creative in this movie..if you want to waste time and really have nothing to do,still don't watch this movie.

but if you feel guilty about something and you wanna find way to punish your self then go ahead..watching this movie will be such good punishment ..

and again im going to ask,what was the point of this movie,what the message that the director wanted to tell us..was it "best way to waste your time" or was it"if you not bored yet we can bore you "

but i have to say,it might be worth watching to see the creative in creating boring movie .

Women's Murder Club

simple and cute
i would totally agree with you, i have to say something tho, i didn't like this show at first,but then one nite i was kinda bored and didn't have anything to watch so i decided to watch the rest of the Episodes i had,as matter of fact im watching Episode 4 rite now and i had to come here and say something about the show, since its new one and im sure a lot would like to hear some feedback about the show. i find it really entertaining ,and cute, and funny somehow...they acting is really good, and the stories also good. if i want to describe this show in few words i would say: simple ,cute with good stories in it. Laura Harris is my favorite in the show so far, she is sensitive and strong in same time..i didn't like Lindsay Boxe at first but when i watched more episodes i actually start liking her, strong and funny personality and so addicted to her work. i think you will have to watch it ur self and decide if you agree with me or not..but so far i really like this show and i hope u will too .

Family Guy

Funny entertainment show
i don't live in the state but im sure this show shows the American's life style in general .. i might be wrong i might be rite.. but this show is too good that even i can say i can apply to our life style here in JOrdan.. not everything of course... you know not every jocks they make will apply to us .. but in general i think this show can be applied by many people in the world and it will be easy to everyone to pick up the jock they make. Stewie is totally my favorite, its so funny to see little baby acting and saying an adults thoughts , its like he is the one who can speaks the truth but yet no one can really blame him for the things he says because we all know its true . if you looking for fun and a good laugh u must watch this show. I LOVE IT

Bad Girls

amazing show
i know this an old show, but i just started watching it last week and so far i finished the first 4 seasons and i cant get enough , things in that show can really happen and i think thats the beauty of the show, that its so real and realistic.it makes u sympathize with all the characters including the mean ones lol. the acting was really awesome ...overall the show is awesome and i assure you that you would love it if u try to watch it ...i personally if i could give it more than 10 i would ...and as English is not my first language, this show made me fell in love with the English accent , i used to have hard time to understand the English accent in general , but i guess because i was so into this show, it made me pay so much attention to be able to pick everything the say . Don't miss it, if you didn't watch it yet , go ahead and do :)

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