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The Irishman

One of the best movie of the year
This year wasn't one of the best for the cinema, but this one where Scorsese make a come back is the most realistic movie of Scorsese. Goodfellas and Casino were fabulous but more glamour, I think that the 3.5 hour runtime is totally justified because the movie follow several years of Mafia. Including, the rise and the fall of Jimmy Hoffa. Absolutely worth to watch.

The Interview

The most underrated movie of the 1990s
The film is starring me Hugo Weaving and Tony Martin, we can remember Hugo Weaving, because he has notably played Agent Smith in The Matrix and Elrond in the trilogy of Peter Jackson's ring. In summary, this film can be considered as Australia's response to the success of the American film The Usual Suspects. I am quite pleasantly surprised by the acting and the atmosphere that the director was able to give to his film, therefore, it is appalling that the film did not enjoy a popularity that would have been well deserved given its complexity and the accuracy of its scenario. Indeed, although the film was a phenomenon in his home country, Australia, He only got six thousand votes on the very popular site in the seventh art, IMDb. To conclude, this very long criticque I would like to mention that it is totally an unmissable film that will certainly acquire notoriety in the coming decades as Blade Runner before him.


Excellent movie
Tonight, I went to see the movie Joker about the origins of Batman nemesis, as you may have noticed by reading my other entries in this diary, I had extremely high expectations for this film. With so many expectations, I thought it would be difficult for this work to touch me or surprise me. Yet coming out of the cinema I was completely dazzled, by what seems to me to be the best film of the decade. This film deals well with the psychology of the character, he approaches the character as never before, the end and the revelations that are made to me took my breath away. Finally, I hope that Joaquin Phoenix, the actor who plays the Joker probably achieved the performance of his life even outperforming his own interpretation of Commodus in the Gladiator film. In Todd Phillips' film Joker, he presented a performance that pays tribute to the great names in film. I am confident that his role will be honored at the Oscars and other major awards ceremonies.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The beggining of the story is coping the legend of Cyrus Le Grand wrote by herodote
The Grimm brother copied a part of the Cyrus the grand his legend. Therefore, the story is similar too a part of the book Artamene or the Great Cyrus by George and Madeleine De Scudery. To illustrate, the evil queen as the same psychologic caractéristiques than Astiage in the legend of Herodote. Additionally, the part where the hunter is faking the dead of Snow White is really copying the Born legend of Cyrus too proof it you can just check on Wikipedia or Read the Book ( Artamene or the Great Cyrus)


Not a war movie a survival movie
I liked a lot this movie because you can see a fell a human without liberty but this man can see his liberty near him. Christopher Nolan made with this movie a great accomplishment. he did a movie with almost not script but if the characters almost don't speak. They speak with their physical expression. i thiNk that is very ambitious to do a movie of a Britain story that American never heard about and make it a BlockBuster. Rare are the movie that show a story of a defeat but defeat are as important as glory.


The Shawshank Redemption

In my opinion the best movie ever made.
This movie is intelligent, based on an excellent book played by legendary actor as Morgan Freeman. Directed by a true artist ( Frank Darabont), I hope that this movie will be remembered for many and many years, Probably the best Picture ever made in the all history. You need to see at least one time in your life.


It'is the proof only one false accusation can destroy a life
I saw this movie at my tv it's one of my favorite movie because actually some people believe some fake news without any investigation and i think this movie was really ambitious to choose this subject. I really liked mads mikkelsen is acting performance it was deserve a nomination at oscar for best actor and for best foreign picture

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