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Yes Man

Underated comedy
Great underrated Jim carey movey, funny, great pacing, great cast a hidden gem for sure, I'm glad Netflix reminded me of it

Amateur Night

Surprisingly entertaining
Wasnt expecting much from this movie especially since I'd never heard of it until I was browsing through Amazon prime but I was surprised at how entertaining it was, its not gonna be up there with comedies like super bad or the hangover but it has its moments. Jason biggs is funny if course he will always be jim from American pie especially when making movies like these but all in all a good way to spend a few hours


Great movie
Grew up watching this movie, great cast, great writing a gem amongst 80s movies

The Boys

This show is awesome!!!!!! Reminds me of the comic "Powers", only on episode 3 and already stuck!

Live Free or Die Hard

Good stand alone movie
Yes McClain can be replaced by any other action character but the movie is still a good movie, action is solid, the humor is good and addition of justin long was also good so give it a break lol


Good kids comic book movie
Great for kids 8 to 15, vizuals are ok CGI could have been much better... Story felt rushed and we are not Given enough time to believe the closeness between the children. All in all.... decent

The Rookie

Finally a new good show
Wasn't sure what to expect but so far this show delivers, episode 1 down and ready for episode 2

The Predator

I saw a few negative reviews before watching it today and had low expectations but I can now say it's not as bad as people say, my 12 year old son and I both liked it and I grew up with the original and of course it's not as good as the 1st one but it's definitely better than part 2 and all the AvP movies. The acting is good, special effects are great and I wasn't bored while watching so I say it's worth going to the theatre to watch

The After Party

Not bad but could have been better
I am a big fan of Kyle the rapper and might become a fan of Kyle the actor but not due to this movie.... The movie is entertaining but feels rushed.... The romance in the movie feels rushed and doesn't flow, he goes from being a dorky little brothers best friend to legit love interest in like a few hours? Nope not having it aside from that the movie has you believe that the 2 friends are in high school..... Kyle does not look like a high school kid at all!!! Lol those are my only 2 negative things about this movie everything else is enjoyable and it's a fun ride

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