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The Hows of Us

Definitely a must watch film!
The story and concept is simple which makes this film more interesting and remarkable in a way. How? Then watch it!

Kidding aside, the actors were great, ang galing ni Kathryn and Daniel! My God, best actress ang acting ni Kathryn dito and yung ibang cast nagbeblend in sa kanila. I love Miko! (Beki friend of Kath in the film). The scenes and lines were very relatable. Believe it or not, yung katabi kong guy na may kasamang gf umiyak nung pa-end na yung movie.

The 'hugot' of this film is not just the typical na hugot pagibig. It's a hugot about life, love, your family and friends.

If given a chance at may magaya, for sure panuodin ko ulit! Sobrang worth it sa ticket prize na 295 (ang mahal bes). I hope a lot of people will be able to watch this film. Pwede sa barkada, sa magjowa, sa buong pamilya (makakarelate si inay at itay). Go na bes, watch na. You won't regret it! Promise!

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