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Lída Baarová

Brilliant in 4K on netflix
Watched this on Netflix in 4K. Quality didn't seem massively different and couldn't really tell the difference was just surprised such a film was shot in 4K

Anyways first film I hAve seen telling the story of Lida and Josef goebells and I must say I was hooked. Its a very interesti g story it had me googling her during the movie..

The movie is well produced and not rushed or too long just about right..

Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter

Brilliantly produced loved it
Loved this watched it a few times know... once you get into it your hooked and will end up binge watching the 3 episodes

Tells a great story about 5 friends during the war. Spoken ingerman so you will be reading the subtitles but it's no problem.. worth a watch great German television this Best thing is it's on Netflix


Enjoyed this watched it a few times over the years

I must say that it felt too modern.. I think the producers could have done more to make it feel real. The movie is fully English and dosent really have an authentic feel.. however if your a history fan then it's worth a watch


Enjoyed it
Really enjoyed watching this movie!!! I watched it twice .. great actors and rgood storyline

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