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Full record of the life of Anita Mui
Out of respect to Anita Mui, I watch the movie. It has not let me down. The casting is excellent. The costume and setting is good. It brings along the memory of the good old days when Anita and Leslie are alive.

I wonder if any producer would make a film on Leslie Cheung? I would be the first to watch it.

Namsanui bujangdeul

Not friendly to non Korean watchers
I remember seeing another historical Korean movie on people's riot. Same as this time, some story lines are hard to understand. Luckily as long as there is LBH, I have nothing to lose.

The Highwaymen

My time is wasted
Maybe only American audience could understand the story since it is an actual case.

To me it is utterly disappointing. Cannot capture my attention. So many boring scenes.

Knight and Day

Important scenes missing out
An average MI movie could be fair for my pastime on a signal no. 8 day. But for this movie, many of the rescue tasks are skipped because knock out drops is taken by female lead, with her waking up already in safe environment. 3 marks are taken because of this.

Tom Cruise is all along charming and masculine. His acting never fail.

The Guilty

Telephone call movie
A film based on telephone calls to tell the story. It is very difficult for the director to do it, but he manage to keep the audience's attention. This worth extra marks.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Handsome couple
The plot is not particular impressive, but a bit irrational as a matter of fact. But with Pitt and Jolie working together, and the many lavish fighting and explosion scenes, surely I will not regret watching it.

Zero to Hero

Go to cinema and support local film
Very meaningful story with extraordinary actors. Worth a watch to support HK film.

Keep Rolling

The movie is about the life of a very tough woman. Her passion does not lie in forming a family, raising children, having someone to love with, but in shooting a film. Her passion in film does not earn her fortune, luxirious mansion, stylish fashion, but, ups and downs depending on the box office of her production. A movie dedicated to all the devoted artists, to all fighters who spend their whole life doing and loving what they like.

Long live the cinema.

Jat miu kyun wong

Disappointed with the movie
Not as good as said. The story is not impressive. Very ordinary plot.

Loving Vincent

A gem to a drawing idiot
I burst into tears when the melody of Vincent flows into my years.

As a idiot to drawing, I am never interested in any painting. The movie presents to a whole new world that I have never gone into. It is to appreciate Vincent as a greatest painter and his precious drawings.

It is unfortunately true that people are foolish. They do not recognise gem which is just living around them. People just see things and judge someone on their surface. And their foolishness does not change by studying history. So we have to appreciate our own worth, rather than affecting by others' judgment.

Life is precious. Let us follow the shinning star to make our dream come true.

Tsure ga utsu ni narimashite.

Could I rate 20 out of 10?
Even though it is cloudy , it is still brighter than the night.

Things, I just do not want to do it, rather than unable to do.

Instead of asking why do I have depression, ask what is the meaning of it.

Above are quotes of the movie that are memorable.

Because of my work, I can tell that the story depicts accurately the symtom of depression, in a light way to make it acceptable and entertaining to audience. The moment the cartoon characters moving out from the book signifying the recovery of male lead. The scene is just so beautiful.

Male lead still cannot work in office. He is preparing to get along the possible reoccurence of depression by working at home. Whenever there is a problem, there is a way to solve it. Life, though sometimes miserable, will have bright side at the end.

For those getting along with depression, this movie is a must seen.

The Theory of Everything

Encouraging story
I heard some news about the nurse abusing Stephen. This is not shown in the movie. I rather it not showing. Let us all be convinced that life is full of hope if you believe in it. Life is tough. We all need something encouraging.

Well done overall.


This is a story about the growing up of a photographer. Loved by his elder brother and parents, male lead is free to follow his dream as a family photographer. He shoots picture for his family modelling after fireman, triad society..... His picture wins important award and he starts to shoot family photo as his career.

511 earthquake hit Japan. He went to the suffered area and begin his work to restore photo for the families. 80% of these photos went back to their owners.

He returned home to find his dad sick and has to be hospitalised. Instead of looking after his dad, he returned to the earthquake are continuing his job. Before his leaving, his mum slapped him for the first time for his carefree attitude,but ultimately let him go.

He finished his job in earthquake area and returned, finding that his dad is lying on the death bed at home.....

Overall a movie with heart on a real life person. Reflecting the present attitude and life of young people who are carefree and self centred. But the movie look at this new way of living objectively without any negative view. But as a mother of a young lad, I do hope that youngsters to take care of the elderly while persuing their own goal.

At times the movie may be a little boring, but still a picture worthwhile to watch on thw whole.


Out of focus
I think a movie is quite different from a stage drama. For the latter I expect a stronger storyline with a more stronger character leading in the story. In the present movie the focus is however shifting between Chirsty and Joyce, from time to time. I would rather the director give me more hint that she is telling two stories in one movie starting from the beginning.

I appreciate the effort of the director in giving her best. House of Joyce is decorated in a way showing the character of Joyce, especially the tower wall. Costume of female lead fits her character too.

I hope you would make more movie-like movies.

Hua jiao zhi wei

How to mend a broken heart
This is more or less a standard story on how a woman come to term with his father, who has form families with two other women. This let me think of Little big women, depicting the the meeting of the original and second wife upon the funeral of the husband. The latter is more attractive me. It may be because o the Taiwan custom which is newer to me,or for some other reasons that is unexplainable. Or I simply like female director.

The present movie is slow and dull. It always show scenes that how the father love his restaurant workers, how he helps Sammy Cheng with the school dictation, how he follow the match of his Taiwan daughter. All are praising his dad. I just cannot figure out how Sammy could forgive his father with this little trivial things. His dad is really a Xxxx that cannot be forgiven.

The Cave

Putting the case into a movie
I am gracious of the director putting the case into the movie. I know it from news, but never know the details. It is like seeing a very long news report. Since the incident is happened not for long, I am very interested to see the details.

The movie is full of negative comments. Yes, all the comments are true. But i like to point out is that timing is very important. If a very good movie is put on the screen ten years later I would lose my interest no matter what.

For the present movie I am simply urged to finish it, despite its technical drawbacks. And it is so happy to know some actors is the actual person in the incident.

In all, the movie is ok to me, and I hope more of this movie, like one on COVID 19, could be put on big screen timely.


Deliberately finding fault on the movie
I have seen many pieces of positive comments here. Let us talk about its fault.

I am quite a pessimistic person. To me, it seems the present movie is destined to have a sad ending suddenly turns good. The turning is quite absurd and sudden. But I am subjectively overjoy to see a happy ending, so leaving the cinema with relief.

But I am still thinking about the girl who sells flowers. Where is she? In Sweden? Probably not? I would like to see her get saved by the director too.

And the one-year old boy is probably too fat and healthy leaving behind by his poor mother taking care only by Zain.

The Father

Not boring at all
For middle-aged and above, we would not find the movie boring, though all the things just happen within a house, and with just a few actors.

My mum has dimentia. My dad begins to have early stage of dimentia. Dimentia is my daily life, and I think is the intruder to lives of many. First we have to know it, before we can face it. I do not know if the writer has do some medical research on the illusion of dimentia patient or not. I hope he has. So, in a way, the movie helps us, as daughters and sons, to get to know our parents from thier point of view. It is simply educational.

PS. It is a blessing that before my mum died, she can recognise all of us. And we will keep my dad recognising all of us too. To some extent, they can be trained.


A easy plot to write
After I watched Anna, I come to see Lucy because some viewers comment highly on this movie. However, to my disappointment it is not to me comparable with Anna.

The female lead is much older. And there is no handsome men in the film. With a woman with super power, she can do anything and this makes the plot very easy to write.

The movie fails to capture my attention.

I cannot give a high rating.


Who care if the movie if is really authentic?
After seeing some of the reviews, mostly bad ones, I come to know that the director is actually the one of Leon and Fifth Element. No wonder he demonstrates in his shooting that he is an very experienced spy film director.

If you are the viewers who demand everything to be authentic, especially whether the use of computer and phone are actually of the age of the story, and whether a super model could possibly kill whole lots of men alone, I advise you not to see the movie. True, it is unrealistic. For me, however, as long as the storyline is reasonable and it is entertaining, I would not find fault on the movie.

The story is entertaining and audience-friendly in the following ways. The actor of Anna is well picked. She is beautiful and stylish. The costume she wears is smart and trendy. Since she likes playing chess, she makes me think of the female lead of the present Netflix heat Queen's Gambit, only that Anna is a much more charming girl. My only complaint on the casting would be choice of her two lovers, who are not handsome enough to be in par with Anna.

The fighting choreography is up to standard. I especially like his arrangement to repeat some scenes in order to show the behind scenes. This is friendly to the audience, so we will be always in catching with the intriguing story.

I confess that I have not watched many spy movies and I would not compare Anna with the rest heats. That may be why I think the present story is just awesome. But that's me.

Seven Pounds

An exceptional story
Hardly can I imagine Will Smith act in such a sad story. The story line is atypical, and we can only find the answer towards the end of the movie. And it is so surprising to know that he contributes his life to those need transplant of organs. His life is terminated by a jellyfish, the one his dad showed it to him when he was young.

In real life, however, so many people committed error but deny his fault, not to say to compensate to the sufferers of his error. If everyone is Ben, the world will be so much a better place.


A disaster for my English homework
I have to write a summary to my English teacher every time I see a movie. For movie with no ups and down, no stunning storyline and no twist, it is so difficult for me to write a long summary. And it is difficult simply to memorise the content.

Usually I prefer a movie with a clear storyline, and not those just like a virtual real life show, but for movies depicting life of a female, especially an elder one, like this one.

Female lead is 60. Her husband died and she regretted in the way the medical treatment she chose for him. She has a sister that invites the female lead to live with her in the house. But she refuses. A male nomad invites the female lead to stay with him, and she refuses. She loves the life being a nomad.

On her way in her mobile home she works in Amazon, cafe... to earn a living She meets nomads from all walks of life. Like a lady with cancer, a father who loses his son, a young lad running away from his parents. The nomads would gather together for a party, to hold a campfire.... They stay together in a site, leaving to step on their own ways, and may meet sometime by fate. Life of them is just full of uncertainty. But that is that way the like.

I will be on my way to 60. I will have knee pain as the female lead do. I admire her courage to venture. I admire the new way of life so many people turn to be - being nomads.

Enola Holmes

Like his sister rather than Sherlock Homles
I am not a fans of Sherlock Homles. I have never watched any of the Homles series. But friends recommend this one and I find it delightful to watch.

Sherlock Homles series is to me kind of horrible films, with murder scenes occurred at night. I am never motivated to watch. But Enola Homles is a completely different genre.

Tau man ji D

Jay Chou won the best new performer award?
I enjoy the movie very much. Every actor is well picked and acts well, except, Jay Chou. Of course it is delightful to see him in the movie, with Jay being a super singer. But this is utterly because of his fame. I do not think he is acting well, with his square face.

Having said that, the acting of Jay Chou is my only complaint. The rest of the movie is simply perfect. I just cannot figure out why I would miss this movie for so long.

To hok wai lung

Goodbye to Ng Man Tat
One of the best comedy by Stephen Chow in coperation with Ng. Cannot hold the laughter watching it thirty years after its production. An everlasting classic that last through generation to generation. Ng will not be forgotten....a for apple, b for banana.........

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