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Hunnam Jeong-eum

My beloved male and female lead
I must confess that the plot is not very impressive, lacking ups and downs. At times you will be a bit bored.

Well but I am simply addicted to the lead couple. Female lead is my favourite since kmhm. Male lead is one of my beloved oppa since Dr prisoner.

Male lead , however, disappoint me in the kissing scene. He is not a good kisser surprisingly. He performs better in genre other than love story.

Female lead is very pretty in this drama. Her costume is more beautiful than in her previous drama. Her blue dress in the kissing scene is very attractive. She says she will give the male lead the body. And she raises the topic of kissing. With Jisung, she is a shy girl. But in the present drama, she is brave to secure her beloved one.

But I am quite disappointed in seeing female lead in another of her new drama. Her face feature looks different from the past. Hardly can I recognize her. Apparently she must have undergone unsuccessful plastic surgery. But she look fine in the present one.

Hope for the best with female lead. Awaiting new dama from male lead

BG: Shinpen keigonin

Wo!!!!! Yôsuke Eguchi
What a great surprise! Yôsuke Eguchi is in the series. Love him so much.

Great plot. Terrific acting. Smart looking male leads.

Just cannot miss it.

Stove League

Very interesting genre
As in doctor prisoner, this is again a atypical story centres on sports management. It shows male lead's effort to choose plot that is new to ordinary kdrama.

I am living in a small city and never has resources to develop sports, like the scale shown in the drama. It is interesting to know the team behind a sports team.

The pace of story is at times kind of slow. But most of the time the drama develops with great stories. Going aboard to interview foreign sportsman, taking of illegal drugs, selling and buying of team members. All these constitute a rich story and well-developed plot.

It is just disappointed for male lead to lose the best actor in Baesang. He will have more chance to win if there is a love line with a more beautiful female lead. Hope he could win in the next round of award presentation.

The King: Youngwonui Gunjoo

Disappointed with writer Kim this time
Secret garden, heir, cityhall, DOTS, Mr Sunshine all Kim's previous drama impressed me much. But, this time, having finished 2 episodes, I would say the King is quite different from the feel I get from writer Kim's previous work. It is not like her past work. You may not understand the story in the first, but you will not quit the drama because the setting, costume, and script all are attracting you. This drama is just not writer Kim's style.

Anyway i will hope for the best and continue watching. LMH is really handsome and he is the only reason I am still watching.

'P' fung bou

Koo again.
It is tedious to see Koo in every of the HK film. Not that he has default in his acting, but we need some new faces to refresh our interest. Having said that I do appreciate what Koo has done to our society and in entertainment circle. He is the chairman of actors' union. He helps a lot of actors in need and in sickness. His contribution to society is beyond doubt.

Come back to the movie, its plot is ok. Acting of supporting lead is satisfactory. Not a bad time killer.


Excels in sound effect and shooting
Winning in Oscars effectively reflects that the movie excels in sound effect and shooting. However, the story is a bit dull, lacking story twist to attract my eye ball. Anyway, it is a ok time killer.

Cui mian cai jue

Unable to finish the watching
The story is illogical. Cannot give a high score, even though the actors act well. The jury members can be hypnotized just within a few second to change side? This is totally unthinkable.


Male lead is so funny
Male lead acted in Descendant of the Sun as a stern army officer. In the present drama, he is in a completely different role, a hilarious lawyer. He acts so well and is in par with his Japanese counterpart.

Female lead looks innocent and fits her role perfectly.

My only complaint, that makes me delete 3 marks, is the plot. It is copied directly from the Japanese original. I prefer new law cases.

Rigalhai: Episode #1.16
Episode 16, Season 1

Male lead is amazing
Seeing this drama did I realise that male lead can be so funny. He is a stern army officer in Descendant of the Sun. His acting in the present drama is really amazing. To me, his acting is nearly in par with his Japanese counterpart.

Female lead is equally terrific. Her look is innocent and fits her role perfectly.

The biggest weakness is the plot, which is copied from the Japanese original. Hence 3 marks is deducted. And because of this the drama is low in my priority list.

Yip Man 4

Story too straightforward
War scenes in the previous Yip Man movies are more attractive to audience than the present one. This one is too straightforward without twist. The final part, showing the scenes of previous movies, however, is an enchanting way to end the series.

Choegoui Sarang

Love it
I do not particularly like the female lead. She is hot in Korea. But she is by no means pretty by my standard. However, almost every drama she is acting has a good plot and rating. It is ok that is love, master's sun..... Her acting is, however, ok though in every drama her character has much breakthrough.

Male lead is musculine and handsome. But his acting is kind of too exaggerated. I like his acting as a politician though in city hall. The second male lead, now the lead in Chocolate, acts well. He should have been cast as male lead much earlier.

Having not so favourable comment on casting, I should say the plot of tbe drama is outstanding. The story naturally develops without bugs or nonsense.

A very sweet drama that worth following.


A chef and a doctor
I did not believe my eyes to see Ha in pigtail in a drama with a fancy name Chocolate. It is for years since I have been waiting for Ha to act in drama in par wirh Secret Garden and King2Hearts. Chocolate does not let me down.

I have seen 3 episodes so far. Cannot keep myself waiting anxiously in front of the TV for the new episode.

The writer is very aggressive to incorporate kitchen with a hospital. Both genre are my favourite. The writer tries his very best to make the story logical. I would say he has done a very good job.

Choice of male leads is another amazing point. 3 handsome second leads, from Good Wife, Girl friend, Vagabond. They are to me, with great potential when I first saw them. The first male lead is not the type that that impresses you at first sight. But you will be in love with him as time goes by.

Together with the great scenery in Greece, amazing shooting and beautiful soundtrack, this is simply a drama that could not be skipped.

The Blind Side

Sentimental and touching
A movie based on a touching true story. The male lead is a tall, well built kid. He makes me think of my son, who is of the same appearance. It is interesting when he appears with the little and short son of his adopted family.

In addition to the female lead, i think the male lead is also worthy of an award. His role is a quiet boy with not much facial expression. But he is cute and innocent even in such a role. His acting, to me, is more captivating than the female lead.

The movie is like a male version Snow White, proving that the world is still full of hope and love.

The Devil Wears Prada

Meryl can be so pretty
In spite of her age, Meryl's costume makes her so smart and trendy. The plot is not particularly amazing. Somehow it is monotonous, lacking ups and downs. With Meryl, acting is captivating of course. But personally I am fond of any movie with the theme of fashion. Hence a rating of 8.


Ok time killer
I watch this drama because of the male lead. I run through it though as I find the plot a bit not sensible. The tennis champion can so easily be killed by the female, or the male lead?

Anyway the acting of all the actors are amazing, particularly the female lead. It is reported that the male lead did not know he was the murderer when acting in the first ten episodes. The director did this purposefully???

Chui lung II

Up to my standard
With 4 Hong Kong Oscar winners, the acting of male leads are beyond doubt captivating. Its story is not bad. The plot is sensible. I particularly like the look of tycoon Lee and his son, which resembles the real figures.

It is a film worth watching, only that it is a bit boring when you see Koo appears in every Hong Kong film.

60 Il, Jijeongsaengjonja

Climax comes late. Don't miss it.
I decided to give a rating of 10 after the 8th episode. Till then did I realise how terrific this drama is.

Almost all male actors are handsome looking. The lead Ji, the secretarial general, minister O, the blue house speaker. I appreciate very much the acting of secretarial general actor Sun. His acting skill is the most captivating. His facial expression is rich and cute. Hope he will soon a male lead.

Male lead Ji is very handsome. But it would be better if he acts more expressively. Anyway his type suits the role of a president.

The plot is execellent. It is closely tied, imaginative yet logical. Plot twist is abundant to make you feel excited all through the 16 episodes. Credit must be given to the screenwriter of the original US drama.

It makes me think of D day and Descendants of the sun, where buildings breaking down into bricks.

My only query is why Ji stays in hospital for so long after the assasination. He could have turned his office into a ward, as long as he is the president.

Thanks all the production team and actors for your efforts putting into the drama. It is long before I come across an impressive drama as this.

Craving for a second season to come.

Dr. Rintarô

Just support male lead
This drama is a bit queer. I have watched 2 episodes. The plot development is not centered on a case of mental illness in each episode. Rather some scenes side track the main theme, like, male lead is cheated by a woman working in japanese restaurant. To me, this is quite disturbing and makes the drama not professional.

Jisung 's Doctor John talks about euthansia. This is a perfect match to a medical drama. Not like this drama. Personal life of male lead simply drags too long. House would also talks about personal life of doctors, but not so much. This drama simply cannot strike a balance.

My experience with drama of psychiatrist is that the lead doctor appears in the midist of a love story, with the other lead being a mental illness patient. A case of mental illness is difficult to be expressed in a way to make a drama entertaining.

Therefore I will put it in a low priority, finishing my present watchlist before seeing it.


My beloved casting
Male lead and female lead are both in my favour. Their acting is beyond doubt terrific. Action scene is captivating too.

But seems to me the plot has bugs. I do not think a terrorist attack could so easily be mistaken as accident. And between the exciting action scenes there are boring scenes.

The drama also makes me think of Iris, an extragravant production by LBH. It is also shot in Europe. In term of such big production the plot seems better and much closely tied.

Anyway I still have much hope on the series. Hope it turns out to become a memorable drama.

Hanzawa Naoki

Love and hate him
I am following the male lead since after legal high, and is simply addicted to him since i read his story to his stardom. I am a very biased person and once I am addicted to am actor, I would see his drama no matter what.

Male lead belongs to the stage. His exaggerated kind of acting suits perfectly the role of lawyer in legal high, but not in this drama.

Other than that, the drama is ok in other aspects, plot, acting of supporting actors, story twist.

Rigaru Hai

Not as good as the first season.
I would first comment on Legal High special 1 & 2, which is not on IMDB. These two episodes are the best of the best. Special 1 is on a bullying case inside a school. Special 2 is on a medical lawsuit. Special 2 is the cream of the whole series. I am still very excited hours after seeing the episode.

Male lead is on the side of the hospital. His case is doomed to failure at first. The defendant doctor is even dismissed by the hospital. The doctor even die of heart attack.

But the male lead studies the research record of the doctor, and successfully dig out important information to his favour. He concludes in the court, with the most serious attitude ever, that the plantiff should suit science, instead of the doctor, in causing tbe death of her husband. He successfully wins the case at the end.

It is so blessed that Special 2 is tbe last i watch for the series, and thus leaving me the best memory of the show.

Back to Season 2, it is not on par with season 1. The plot is not very logical. I even have difficulty finishing the episodes.

Anyway, I must thank for the production crew and actors on their effort to make such an atypical lawsuit drama. Special appreciation goes to male lead's super comical acting, making him the most outstanding lawyer in lawsuit drama, ever.


Asian would understand better the story
I am seeing this because of Jisung, who is the second lead. His acting is up to my expectation. His role allows him to apply his excellent acting skills. He acts like a crown when in a scene he is humiliated by a powerful minister. But as the story develops he becomes an aggressive minister who successfully let his son to be the king.

The first male lead and the young king both are ok. The plot is quite rich and enchanting. Jisung's son surprisingly becomes the king. And it ends with the first male lead, a fengshui expert, giving advice to Korean fighters where to set up the military school. It makes me think of Mr Sunshine.

The movie is centered on fungshui, where the location of ancestors' grave determines the well being of descendants. Fengshui can hardly be understood by Westerners. Hence the low rating.

Masukarêdo hoteru

Male lead looks young at 46
The movie itself is not very captivating, given that the story just develops within a hotel. The female lead is ok. But with the evergreen male lead the whole movie is lightened.

Lun lok yan

Surpisingly interesting film
I thought I would have felt bored at some point because of the genre of the film. Taking care of a handicapped old man cannot develops sopfisdicated plot that attracts audience.

To my surprise I feel not even a moment of boredness and the movie successfully captures my full and unbroken attention. And I can hardly explain why. It is just like the movie has magic power.

I will try analysing this magic power later on when I have time.

Chen mo de zheng ren

An alright movie
Male lead acts well as usual. A film worths to watch.

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