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The Gene Autry Show: The Silver Arrow
Episode 3, Season 1

Autry Buttram head up a great cast
The first season was a great one for the Gene Autry Show. He had a lot of help from the most beloved sidekick, Pat Buttram. A not so funny thing happen on the way to the rodeo. They find a dead man killed with a silver arrow. Robert Livingston of 3 Mesquiteers fame demands the sheriff (Ray Bennett) bring in the most likely suspect (Jim Frasher). This should be a cut and dry case but Gene's got some other ideas and the sheriff is all too willing to hear him out. Famous journeyman actor, House Peters plays the banker who may be in on some shady dealings. The best man to play underworld thugs, Ben Welden is aiming to throw lead at the famed rodeo riders to cover his tracks. Champion is true to form roaming gracefully on the range and the greatest singing cowboy Gene Autry croons some memorable tunes.

Roe v. Wade

MASTERPIECE on every level
A star-studded cast delivers a magnificent film of historic proportions. Only a great talent pool like this can make a story like Roe V. Wade so captivating. Delivering the hard facts on such a somber subject is a daunting task, nonetheless this cast delivers in dramatic fashion. For the sake of our world and our future the task was crucial. Bless you forever Cathy Allyn, Nick Loeb and the producers for delivering a winner for humanity. Our pro-life heroes continue fighting the lies, murder of the unborn and racist eugenics of a corporation like Planned Parenthood that becomes so monstrous that evil becomes the only truth. When young women like Norma McCorvey are abused by their lawyers and led to death's door by the grotesque lies and perversions such as misusing the words 'planned' and 'parenthood' for untold malevolence. Also portrayed quite well was the heinous lies of the mainstream media ready and willing to deceive young women into a dystopian world of eternal ruination, whilst they mock them at their lavish cocktail parties. Stacey Dash as Dr. Mildred Jefferson was brilliant in her passion and presence. Joey Lawrence as Robert Byrn was a part he was born to play. Of great significance were the roles of Justice Warren Burger (Jon Voight), Larry Lader (Jamie Kennedy), Sarah Weddington (Greer Grammer) and Father James T. McHugh (Tom Guiry). The Chief Justices were portrayed by the legendary Robert Davi, William Forsythe and Richard Portnow. Great to see Steve Guttenberg and John Schneider who serve our communities wonderfully on and off the screen. The entire cast prevailed against an insurmountable task and made Roe V. Wade a masterpiece. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE!

Thunder Mountain

Holt in Zany Grey Thriller
Holt did his best work after his wartime service and Thunder Mountain is proof of that. Richard Martin as Holt's sidekick Chito Rafferty spills the beans that Holt is coming back and has to make haste to keep him out of harm's way. Trimble Carson (Harry Woods) and Johnny Blue (Richard Powers) have reason to drive Holt out of town. They get help from the unscrupulous Sheriff Hadley (Harry Harvey). Leading lady Martha Hyer and her brothers Chick (Steve Brodie) and Lee (Robert Clarke) have a long standing feud with Holt and his family. Virginia Owen is wonderful as the dance hall girl who helps the alcoholic lawyer played by Jason Robards Sr. Things reach a head at Knife Canyon with some lead throwing from Thunder Point. This is an excellent supporting cast and look for a great two-handed Holt shoot-out.

The Lone Ranger

Moore a tribute to everyday heroes
You don't have to be a Lone Ranger fan to love this movie. Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels do it all in this action packed western thriller. Moore also goes undercover with the guise of an old prospector. Lyle Bettger as the wealthy rancher has the creme of the crop of henchmen led by Robert Wilke. They fight to lay claim to the silver beneath the Indian's sacred mountain. If that's not enough Chief Red Hawk (Frank DeKova) is too feeble to stop Angry Horse from retaliation of the ranchers. Michael Ansara has a great fight scene with Moore to settle the score. An outstanding role by 'Lassie' Producer Bonita Granville as the long suffering wife Welcome Gilmore and Perry Lopez is true to form as Pete Ramirez the man with a price on his head. Other stellar performances are from John Pickard as Sheriff Sam Kimberley, Beverly Washburn as Lila Kilgore and Charles Meredith as the Governor. Kemo Sabe (trusty scout) Clayton Moore gave a Hi Yo Silver and a silver bullet with the William Tell Overture. Moore was a natural to play the selfless hero as evidenced by the people he saved saying, "I wanted to thank him." He is a role model to everyday heroes who faithfully do a thankless job.

Buffalo Bill

A role McCrea was born to play
Joel McCrea is a natural to play William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody. The film adds nuance and authenticity to the struggles of settlers against the lives of the Indians and their battle for survival. Thus the accurate "battle" lives in the annals of Fox studios and not the true West, however here lies an astonishing storyline with amazing performances. Maureen O'Hara plays a complexed character as a wife and mother consumed by a survival instinct. As the consummate artist, O'Hara performs to perfection in every way. Of course the cast is superb with Anthony Quinn (Chief Yellow Hand), Linda Darnell (Dawn Starlight), Edgar Buchanan (Sgt. Chips McGraw) and Thomas Mitchell (Ned Buntline). From start to finish Buffalo Bill is a first rate production.

Law of the Lash

Whip it good
La Rue tells Fuzzy St. John, "Your letters always start the same way, 6 plugs of chewin tobacco." In this one, a henchman gets a major role for a change as Lee Roberts plays Henchman Lefty. Roberts makes the best of it as the outlaw caught between La Rue and his boss Jack 'Blackjack' O'Shea. Mary Scott is the fetching leading lady standing up to Lefty which causes the first fisticuff with La Rue. Sheriff Rand (Charles King) is hot on the trail of the Decker gang and has an opening when Lefty exposes some key evidence at Dad Hilton's (John Elliot) store. Some great fight scenes with La Rue whipping things up as usual and a great 'telegaram' scene where Fuzzy tries to connect the wires with his tongue. Plenty of action, laughs and a good storyline with a wonderful cast.

Ghost Town Renegades

Best of Fuzzy and La Rue
The killing starts with an unsuspecting surveyor and his partner. "You never miss do you Waco (Lane Bradford) Most times you don't get a second chance." Fuzzy St. John playing the part of the 'desert rat' gets chased off by the henchmen but the King of the Bullwhip (Lash La Rue) is not far behind. Jennifer Holt is coming to town in style. Vance Sharp's (Jack Ingram) can't let that happen if they're going to control the deeds. Jonas Watson (William Fawcett) may be doctoring the deeds for Sharp who's trying to kill off the rest of the competition. Plenty of action by Ingram and his gang, beauty and style from Jennifer Holt and a strong performance by La Rue. However, Fuzzy has some of the best scenes, especially when he's chasing down the ghosts.

The Beverly Hillbillies: The Clampetts in Court
Episode 32, Season 1

Outstanding Courtroom Comedy
The Clampetts turn the judicial system upside down in the most hilarious way imaginable. James Johnson (Murvyn Vye) and his wife (Kathleen Freeman) make a big hit with the Clampetts when their car backs into them. No blood no foul until the Johnson's realize the Clampetts are filthy rich. Of course, the Johnsons have to turn the tables and sue for injuries. Roy Roberts as the judge plays off the Clampetts' antics perfectly and Dean Harens representation of his clients was hysterical. Kathleen Freeman well noted for her comedic timing is wonderful here. This episode proves you can't take Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas and Max Baer Jr. anywhere but where they go you'll always want to be. One of the best episodes of 9 great sessions of the greatest and most beloved sitcoms ever.

Walker, Texas Ranger: A Matter of Faith
Episode 12, Season 8

Praying for a miracle
Juan Santos (Adam Gifford) an ex gang member is a saved man and his mentor, Pastor Chavez (Luis Avalos) is also his closest friend. Gifford plays a great part as a man who is still haunted by his past and his past gang members. Chuck Norris and Clarence Gilyard Jr. are chasing down the desperatos who stole from the children's Christmas fund at the church. Whilst Judson Mills and Nia Peeples are on the prowl for some bad santas. With Avalos in the hospital, CD (Noble Willingham) knows what's in Juan's heart and the pastor wouldn't approve. Seem like there's no hope for a Christmas miracle. Gifford really shines in this episode and with a great cast and script this is the best of the best of Walker.


Wildfire set the range ablaze
The leader of the pack, Wildfire is blamed for some horse thievin'. Our heroes Bob Steele, Sterling Holloway with the best cowboy singer of all time, Eddie Dean may have something to say about that. William Farnum is the judge who wants in on the action and beautiful Virginia Maples is in the middle of the action. Some great suspense provided by Fanning (John Miljan) and Holker (Hal Price) who have a lucrative enterprise going on. Some great songs by Dean serenading Maples and an interesting plot of rustling and revenge. Real good action packed movie that Steele fans will be sure to love.

Orphan of the Pecos

Tyler, Lorch put on a clinic
Lafe McGee's famous last words before he gets lead poisoning, "So you're a thief as well as a gambler eh?" Tom Tyler is framed but ventriloquist and snake oil salesman Theodore Lorch may give him an alibi if he lives long enough. Jeanne Martel, Tyler's wife in real life has to save the ranch from Jess Brand (Forrest Taylor). Actual cowboy and rodeo man Slim Whitaker plays the sheriff throwing lead at Jess and Tom. Not much chance to showcase Marjorie Beebe's comedic skill in a limited role here. However, a wonderful early western with Tom Tyler and Lorch with a spirited performance.

Born to Battle

"190 Pounds Of Dynamite"
Tom Tyler hired to go after the nesters but goes after the cattle rustlers instead. An unusual role for Charles King in a suit and tie and not getting into any fisticuffs but some good battles between Tyler and Richard Alexander. Tyler from the beginning lives up to his reputation as a trouble maker. Jean Carmen and Earl Dwire have a runaway carriage and a Chinese laundry is wrecked as a result of his antics. A great scene with Justice Hiram McClump (Ralph Lewis) after Tyler is arrested and fight scene staged by Brownell (William Desmond). Pablo (Julian Rivero) and Blinky (Nelson McDowell) do a great job as dual sidekicks with a flair for comic relief.

The Rifleman: The Sharpshooter
Episode 1, Season 1

The Rifleman was the best of the best
The Rifleman was the greatest series in TV history. Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford had great chemistry and off the set had a wonderful friendship. Dennis Hopper was the best choice to start this series off to a booming success. Not to mention an all-star cast that's second to none. Leif Erickson, Sidney Blackmer, Charles Arnt, R.G. Armstrong and Mickey Simpson give outstanding performances. These people knew their craft and worked it to perfection. North Fork is on the map forever with The Rifleman. This is entertainment at it's finest with a wonderful life message with each episode.

Riders of the West

Rough Riders at Ma's beck and call
Before Rough Riders arrive on the scene there's a killing that wasn't supposed to happen. However, Buck gets a letter at Red Bluff from Ma Turner (Sarah Padden), "I smell somethin stronger than rosin but I don't know what". Tim is on the scene and Ray is coming on strong. The rustling operation is bankrolled by Miller (Walter McGrail) who teams up with Hollywood's 'all time meanest villain' Harry Woods, Robert Frazer and the sheriff (Lee Phelps). Charles King,Tom London, Bud Osborne and Kermit Maynard prove that they're the best henchmen in the business. Christine McIntyre, Dennis Moore and Milburn Morante as Joe the storekeeper round out a wonderful cast.

Stormy Trails

A brotherly brawl turns ugly
Love this Rex Bell action packed western. It starts out with a little brotherly brawl but quick turns to brother versus brother. An unusual twist in the plot when the sheriff (Murdock MacQuarrie) in a shooting he witnessed allows an inquest. Unfortunately the leading lady, the beauty queen Lois Wilde had short lived career. Earle Dwire never disappoints, this time as Rex's lawyer.

The Gunman from Bodie

2nd Go Round For Famed Rough Riders
Tim, Buck and Ray as the Rough Riders do some astute undercover work. Buck is very convincing as the notorious outlaw. Great opening scene with Buck saving a little baby orphaned when rustlers attacked their ranch. Charles King is none too happy at being replaced by Wyatt (Robert Frazer). However, it makes for some great fight scenes with Jones. Nice tune from Dave O'Brien as a lullaby to his sweetheart and the baby. Great to see opera singer Christine McIntyre who's also noted for her prolific work with The Three Stooges.

The Rifleman: The Mind Reader
Episode 40, Season 1

The biggest stars in North Fork
Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford host the best whodunit in TV history and Michael Landon and John Carradine round out the best cast. The question is, "Who killed John Hallager?" The plot ratchets up wonderfully in this perplexing mystery. The one and only Paul Fix arrests Landon as he is the only one with the motivation. William Schallert is just a knife salesman passing through, or is he? Does the town drunk (Vic Perrin) have a missing piece of the puzzle? The sheriff and Landon's girl friend (Lucy Hallager) are depending on Connors to sort it all out. Look for a great segment with Carradine stunning the town folk with with his spectacular mentalist skills.

The Man from Utah

Duke comes out singing not swinging
Suspenseful Gabby, Yak and Duke undercover movie with an action packed beginning. Then he gets hired by the Judge (Lafe McKee) to seek out the gang spiking the rodeo. His gorgeous daughter (Polly Ann Young) has her eyes on Duke in more ways than one. Marshal Gabby Hayes, saved by Wayne in the opening has put all his trust in him. Canutt as always is superb on both sides of the screen. Earl Dwire, although not in a major role did well as the rodeo announcer. Can Spike Barton (Edward Peil Sr). keep the scam going? See beautiful Anita Campillo in an interesting scene luring Duke away from Young and into a deadly trap.

Last of the Warrens

Tale of two ghosts
When Charles King and Blackie Whiteford come gunning for you, you'll soon be pushing up daisies. However, ghost numeral uno Ted Warren (Bob Steele) comes back from WWl left for dead as someone has been Steel-ing his letters. With Grizzly (Horace Murphy) at his side and long-suffering fiancée Margaret Marquis waiting in the wings, Steele has some motivations to rise from the dead. Enter prolific character actor Charles French. I can't forget great acting by Lafe McKee and a wonderful cameo by Horace B. Carpenter. Look for ghost numeral deuce in a dramatic scene toward the end. Writer, director and father Robert N. Bradbury comes in first with Last of the Warrens.

Western Justice

Ace, King, Jack and Queen are a winning movie
Bob Steele, Lafe McGee and Julian Rivero as Ace, King and Jack are outstanding in this pre Three-Mesqueteers western. The Robert N. Bradbury plot has the trio on seperate missions but meet up to confront the villain John Brent (John Cowell) from drying up the town. Renee Borden is the beautiful Queen who makes this movie a winning hand. Good to see close friend of Steele, Earl Dwire as Doc and prolific supporting actor, Arthur Loft.

Saga of Death Valley

Triple threat of Rogers, Gabby and Red Barry
The shocking opening sets the stage when Rogers Sr. (Lane Chandler) refuses to falsify an assayer's report on water rights and is killed by Ed Tasker (Frank M. Thomas). Toddler Don 'Red' Barry is a witness and is kidnapped and raised by Tasker. So it's brother seeking brother and lover seeking lover where Doris Day comes in. She's not as famous as the later era Doris Day but just as beautiful. Rogers ups the ante against the villains when he forms a vigilante group from among his cowhands. Great roles played by the best sidekick ever, Gabby Hayes and the best henchmen sidekick ever, Jack Ingram. Look for a great scene at the dam with Hal Taliaferro and a dazzling dance scene with Gabby and Fern Emmett.

The Red Rope

Steele Meets The Rattler
Rattler Haynes' (Lew Meehan) gang is gunning for Bob Steele. But Steele makes it interesting with his athleticism and ability to do his own stunts. Of course there's a great fight scene with Charles King. Stage veteran Forrest Taylor is great as Parson Pete and western favorite Lois January is an expert with horses but didn't get to show her riding skills in this one. Bobby Nelson put in a spirited performance as the kid who's at Steele's side. Frank Ball as Pop Duncan puts in another fine performance as the father of the bride. Great 'cat and mouse' action as Bob Steele is caught in the crossfire.

The Arizona Raiders

High Jinks Zane Grey Western
An unflappable Buster Crabbe seemed to have fun in this movie. With sidekick Raymond Hatton playing the notorious Tracks Williams, the comic relief was off the charts. The much performed 'My Melancholy Baby' sung here by 14 year old Betty Jane Rhodes was this best version ever. When Grant Withers told the Justice of the Peace (Richard Carle) to have 'Our Gang' alum Johnny Downs arrested for eloping with a minor, he wasn't kidding. The roguery commences when Buster saves himself then Hatton from a neck-tie party. The real party begins there with a very entertaining western.

The Milky Way

The Milky Way Gem Of The Universe
Harold Lloyd smashed through the galaxy of sound like the master entertainer he is most beloved for. The clever plot has the meek milkman Lloyd supposedly knocking out boxing champ Speed McFarland (William Gargan) at the opening bell. The unscrupulous media led by America's favorite killjoy Charles Lane totally mischaracterize this. Gee I guest times haven't changed. Adolphe Menjou and his long suffering girlfriend, Verree Teasdale take the hilarity to new heights in trying to promote Lloyd in the ring. Multi-talented Helen Mack is trying to fend off the advances of the champ, but who can blame him. America's favorite society lady Marjorie Gateson has a memorable boxing lesson from the milkman and Dorothy Wilson plays the best shunned girlfriend in movie history. All this and I forgot to mention the horse who had some scene stealing moments.

Uncle Tom

Please start on Uncle Tom 2 Now
I highly recommend this movie! Your fans demand a sequel! Uncle Tom is an extraordinary documentary that should be mandatory in our schools. I am a social worker and therapist who works in the black community and I will buy this film for many of my clients. All I can say to Larry Elder and everyone involved in this production is, "Nail Hit On Head!" Finally the truth is told in a concise, relatable and even entertaining way. It keeps you focused intensely while being impeccably produced which makes it wonderful to watch. The content is shocking of what blacks had to endure with the many lies of democrats and their all too willing media accomplices. Thank you Mr. Elder and all the voices who need to be heard.

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