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Sardar Ka Grandson

A good film overall!
Has it all, emotions, comedy, drama. So overall a good experience you never get bored. I am not sure why it is under rated here. However, a good plot and well acted film.


A beautiful, well written and directed film
Nicely presented, directed film. Keeps you interested from start till the end.

Wonder Woman 1984

Not that bad, but pretty good
It is a good movie not at all as bad as some people here are whining about. A one time watch kept me binged from start to end. Gives a you a lesson that greed doesn't always bring success , and lies can get you somewhere but necessarily not keep you there forever.

Lovely Da Dhaba

lost side of Punjab!
This series shows the lost good side of Punjab, a side which is still there however is hardly visible due to its image of party sharty, nasha. Good concept and to the point series with new short story in each episode. Loved it!

London Confidental

Well Directed one
A movie which shows what countries are upto during the current Pandemic situation and to what extent they can go to cover up. Good plot and well worked upon by all the actors.


Good plot, Nicely executed
A good plot, you will be binged from the first episode itself. Took care of each and every small small things and does not let logic slip away in all eight episodes. Season 2 is on the cards for sure, since the ending wasn't conclusive. I will recommend this.

Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare

Certainly not for current India!
Film is good in its own way, but for sure the Indian minds are not ready yet to accept such an idea. A unique concept and I would recommend every feminist and who respect women and their feelings to watch this once. Not as bad as reviews say here.


One time watch.
Not as bad as people are claiming it to be. A healthy one time watch is what it deserves. Story is quite okay, acting of Bipasha is up to the mark. Not much flaws in the scripts unless you decide to find only flaws than get entertained!

Class of 83

Unnecessarily Under rated!
I don't know why people are under rating this movie, it has a good script and also a proper ending. I know not all events shown in this one are true but this is a movie not a biography or a documentary. I would suggest people to watch it atleast once and enjoy the 80s era of Mumbai.

Appa Ani Bappa

A must watch!
I still don't understand why very good Marathi movies like these go unnoticed. This is one of those movies which every Maharashtrian and fan of marathi movies and Devotee of Ganpati Bappa should watch along with his family.


Good script and well implemented
A Marathi film having a good script filled with emotions, a little comedy and drama. A work well done by all actors. I will recommend this as a one time watch and worth your time.


Well directed Marathi masterpiece !
I saw this movie in the ongoing lock-down just by checking the ratings here, however it turned out to be well directed and implemented Marathi masterpiece which is based on True events. Very good acting by all the actors including Urmila Matondkar as the lead actor. A must watch if you are a fan of Marathi films and thrillers.

31 Divas

Well directed and a good script
A very well directed and acted. Script is good and also implementation of it has been done perfectly. A must watch marathi film with family. Don't know why it has been rated so low.

Bho Bho

Awesome Movie !
Good Direction, good script and well implemented. Good acting by veteran star Prashant Damle. A must watch Marathi movie. Such movies are made very less nowadays in marathi film industry.


Very Good Plot !
Exception plot which has all the tools to keep you hooked to the series till the very last episode of it. I don't know why other reviewers here have lost their patience... Watch it, its quite better than the stereotypical web series. Its a combination of Drama, Thrill, Comedy, Love. Ending was a bit shocking though, but worth it.

Good acting by Vir Das and Ranveer Shorey.

Yeh Hai Lollipop

Over-rated Seriously !
This film doesn't even deserve Five Starts here. Complete waste of time watching this.

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